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Ed FUntitled Comment

Ed F

Voted 10/10

Edit: Much Better.
Posted Aug 4, 2005 4:49 pm

granitepeakerUntitled Comment


Hasn't voted

Please take a second look at the Castle Mountain page. I've made changes to everything you suggested. Thanks for your constructive suggestions. Please consider giving the page a higher ranking.

Thanks, Jason
Posted Aug 4, 2005 7:01 pm

Ed FUntitled Comment

Ed F

Voted 10/10

It is starting to look better. To make this one a 4 star page, you should:

- Add a signature photo. Pick your best shot of the mountain, and use the edit function to add it.

- Add more detailed route info. What you have is ok, but specific info is better, such as mileages, elevation gain, and difficulty. "Moderate" doesn't really tell us how hard it is. Typically the Class system is used here, such as Class 1, Class 3, etc. Also, add info about the snow and glacier climbing. How steep is the snow? Is it present year round? Do people rope up for the glacier? Crevasse info?

- If you want to play with html (cutting and pasting from the FAQ), you can really make your page stand out with large photos, clickable links, and other embellishments. It's actually really easy using the FAQ. I don't know anything about html myself, I just cut and paste from the examples. None of this stuff will really affect my vote like climbing beta will, but it's cool to play with if you have the time.

Keep up the good work. The page is shaping up well.

Posted Aug 4, 2005 7:11 pm

SaintgrizzlyUntitled Comment


Voted 10/10

The additional images, plus the ones removed, help the page a lot. It's a nice mountain, in a nice area--good job! A bit more specifics on the differing route possibilities, and the difficulties of each, would help. In the meantime--glad to raise my vote!

Looking forward to future submissions from you!
Posted Aug 4, 2005 6:53 pm

granitepeakerUntitled Comment


Hasn't voted

Thanks for your overview suggestion. I just updated the page to include it.
Posted Aug 4, 2005 7:02 pm

EastKingUntitled Comment


Voted 10/10

Four star page now.
Posted Aug 4, 2005 7:44 pm

granitepeakerUntitled Comment


Hasn't voted


Thanks for your compliment on the Castle Mtn photography. Thanks for your suggestions to the mountain page also. I followed everyone's suggestions and made many changes to the mountain's pages. I welcome you to take a second look and see if it's not worth a 4 now.


Posted Aug 5, 2005 2:45 am

ScottUntitled Comment


Voted 10/10

Good first page, and welcome to SP.

Its a good page, and I'll vote 4-stars soon.

There are a few touches that would make it even better:

1. For a signature photo, hold the mouse over any of your photos (choose the best one). A small id number will appear. Go back to edit page and enter that id number into the proper section.

2. You may want to loose the photo of the GPS marker, and the ones of the ice axe and crampons.

Other than those very minor details, great! Keep up the good work.

For future reference, when you add a new page, it is best to write under construction right at the top. That informs people to hold off voting until you are finished. Of course, there is no way for a new member to know this, but it is learned after adding a few pages.

We hope to see more Montana pages!!


Edit, August 5: Looks good. 4-stars.
Posted Aug 4, 2005 7:55 pm

granitepeakerUntitled Comment


Hasn't voted


I've just recently made many changes to the Castle Mtn, Montana page. Please revisit it and consider ranking it higher or give me some suggestions.

Posted Aug 5, 2005 1:44 am

William MarlerUntitled Comment

William Marler

Voted 10/10

Good work. Welcome to SP. Cheers William
Posted Aug 5, 2005 10:03 am

Gangolf HaubUntitled Comment

Gangolf Haub

Voted 10/10

It's looking good. My only suggestion would be to attach the photos of the mountain itself to the overview section instead of an own section somewhere at the bottom of the page where many possible readers won't see them.
Posted Aug 7, 2005 2:10 am

Larry VUntitled Comment

Larry V

Voted 10/10

Welcome to SummitPost. Hope to see more Montana mountains soon. Good work on this one!
Posted Aug 7, 2005 8:25 pm

b.Untitled Comment


Voted 10/10

Nice work, this one has come up a lot in my list of beartooth adventures.
Posted Aug 23, 2005 12:23 pm

Brice NeugebauerUntitled Comment

Brice Neugebauer

Voted 8/10

Not a bad page - of course it would have to be considering that everything but 2-3 sentences was copied directly from my pages : ) Nice pictures - I'm jealous you got this in before me.
Posted Oct 2, 2005 12:57 am

gatoUntitled Comment


Voted 10/10

nice work, good info and pics.
Posted Nov 20, 2005 11:20 am

Fred SpickerGrading

Fred Spicker

Hasn't voted

Please see my comments on grading with regard to your Castle Rock Spire page.

Here you give a grading of "Class IV" - do you mean rock difficulty of UIAA IV? Or do you intend it to be YDS Class 4 - there is a huge difference.

If you are talking about the route that you posted, it is neither UIAA IV or YDS 4.

Again why give a European rating of PD - why not a YDS Grade of I.

And, again, you do not indicate what route you are talking about.

There are obviously more than one route on this mountain.
Posted Mar 18, 2006 1:26 pm

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