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Cima d'Ambiez

Cima d'Ambiez

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Cima d\'Ambiez

Page Type: Mountain/Rock

Location: Trento, Italy, Europe

Lat/Lon: 46.14775°N / 10.86700°E

Object Title: Cima d'Ambiez

County: Trentino Alto Adige

Activities: Mountaineering, Trad Climbing

Season: Summer

Elevation: 10177 ft / 3102 m


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Geographical classification: Eastern Alps > Rhaetian-Alps > Brenta Group > Cima d'Ambiez

Cima d'Ambiez, the queen of the valley

Cima d'Ambiez is a well known threethousander lying in Catena d'Ambiez, a chain coming off near Bocca d'Ambiez from the Tosa Massif and running almost straightly to the South for about 12 km, pushing itself almost to the Sarca Valley. Cima d'Ambiez is the most important peak of this branch and one of the main summits of the whole Brenta Group. As mentioned, it's divided from Cima Tosa by the deep notch of Bocca d'Ambiez m. 2871 and it's situated at the head of Val d'Ambiez, the Southernmost valley of Brenta Dolomites. The setting is superb and wild, less frequented that the central Brenta Group, in reason of the long approach (4 hours from the road). Notwithstanding this, it well deserves more than a visit without any doubts.

Brenta Group from La Rosta annotated pano
Cima d'Ambiez and Brenta Group seen from East (Cima La Rosta) - Ph. Silvia Mazzani

Cima d'Ambiez overlooks the upper part of Val d'Ambiez, beyond Rifugio Agostini, showing a tremendous steep wall - built by a wonderful kind of grey and yellow "Dolomia Principale" - compact and regular, catching irresistibly the eye of the climbers. Plenty of stunning climbs on this natural jewel...

A winter image of Cima d'Ambiez
A winter image of Cima d'Ambiez

The tryptich Cima Tosa, Crozzon di Brenta and Cima d'Ambiez from the summit of Presanella - Photo Mathias Zehring

Getting There

Road access

The usual starting point to approach Cima d'Ambiez is San Lorenzo in Banale m. 729, a nice village in the southern end of Brenta Group.

Main road access to San Lorenzo in Banale:

- Coming from A22 Brennero Motorway (direction towards South) exit Trento Centro, then follow the SS 45 towards Riva del Garda, getting to the village Le Sarche. From here take the SS 237 and after 11 km. turn to right towards Molveno and San Lorenzo in Banale (8 km. from the last junction).

- Coming from A22 Brennero Motorway (direction towards North) exit Rovereto Sud, then get to Arco. From here follow Valle del Sarca - route SS45 bis to Le Sarche. From here take the SS 237 and after 11 km. turn to right towards Molveno and San Lorenzo in Banale (8 km. from the last junction).

the Ambiez-Tosa range
Ambiez-Tosa range seen from Monte Stivo (Valle del Sarca) - ph. Gabriele

a view of Rif. Agostini and...
Head of Val d'Ambiez - ph. Gabriele

Approach to Silvio Agostini Hut in Val'Ambiez

From San Lorenzo in Banale m. 729 follow the Val d'Ambiez route to the "Ristoro Dolomiti" - Wide parking. Follow the narrow gravel road entering Val d'Ambiez, getting to Malga Prato di Sotto and Rifugio Cacciatore m. 1820 . Follow the path n. 325 rising quickly towards Rifugio Silvio Agostini m. 2410 - 4 hours by walking from San Lorenzo in Banale.

Taxi service to Rifugio Cacciatore available in San Lorenzo in Banale.


The first summiters of Cima d'Ambiez were the German Gaskell, Holzmann and Kaufmann (1880, september, 5th) from Bocca dei Camosci on the West side. Now this route is rarely climbed in favour of the actual normal route on the South ridge, more pleasant and interesting. The first climbing route on the majestic and impressive East face was realized by Gabriel Haupt and Karl Lompel at the beginning of the Twentieth century (1909, july 26th).

Routes overview

The majestic Cima d Ambiez
The wonderful East face of Cima d'Ambiez
Cima d Ambiez, the climb in the Eighties
Cima d'Ambiez East wall, Via della Concordia

Cima d'Ambiez routes overview

- South Ridge or Normal route UIAA II

An easy and pleasant climb on good rock, the best one to reach the summit with low difficulty; it's also the route commonly used to descent.

- North Ridge or Migotti route UIAA II

Another easy route starting from Bocca d'Ambiez, less frequented that the Normal one. Expecially climbed by the climbers who want to reach the Pedrotti Hut to climb also Cima Tosa.

Two interesting and amusing middle class routes are:

NE dihedral - Castiglioni route UIAA III, 300m

This route can be climbed starting both from Rifugio Agostini (descending along the S ridge) and Rifugio Pedrotti alla Tosa (descending along the N ridge).

Haupt-Lompel (East face) UIAA III, IV, 300 m.

East Wall

In the middle of East face - showing a huge roof - run the most challenging routes, while the right sector, facing North East, is less steep. The left hand side is cut by a long unmistakable crack, on which runs the great classic route of the whole peak, Fox-Stenico route.

From left to right : Cima...
From left to right: Cima d'Agola, Cima Bassa d'Ambiez and stunning Cima d'Ambiez East wall seen from Val d'Ambiez - Photo Andrea

All the first class routes on the East wall from left to right

- Patacorta UIAA IV, V, V+ 140 m.
- Ci piaccion tutte quante UIAA IV, V, V+ 200 m.
- Via dell'Ignazio UIAA V, V+, VII- 210 m.
- Bollicine UIAA V, VI, VII+ 210 m.
- Via Fox-Stenico UIAA V, V+, 300 m. The super classic route of the face
- Cent'anni UIAA V+, VI, VI+, VII- 320 m.
- Via Aste-Salice UIAA V, VI- 400 m.
- Via Vienna UIAA V+, VI 400 m.
- Linea Nera V, VI 400 m.
- Sogno Libero V, V+, VI, VII, A0 400 m.
- Via della Soddisfazione UIAA V, VI 420 m.
- Magico Alverman UIAA V+, VI+ 420 m.
- Via Stenico-Girardi UIAA V, VI 450 m.
- Via della Concordia UIAA v+, VI+ 420 m.
- Il Regalo di Giac UIAA V+, VII, VIII 400 m.

On the left we have the SW...
Cima d'Ambiez - Foto Andrea

Cima d'Ambiez close-up
Cima d'Ambiez winter close-up

- Positive Vibrazioni UIAA V, VI, VII, A2 400 m.
- Sul filo della fantasia UIAA V+, VI, VII, VIII, A3 300 m. - F. Giacomelli, E. Orlandi summer 2015
- Via degli Strapiombi UIAA V, VI, A2, A3 410 m.
- In punta di piedi UIAA V+, VI, VII, VII, A2 410 m.
- Perlage UIAA VI, VII, A3 410 m.
- Senso di vuoto UIAA V+, VI, VII+, A2 410 m.
- Via Barbier-Masè UIAA V+, VI, VII+ 410 m.
- Il sogno di Michael UIAA V+, VI, VII 410 m.
- Via San Marco UIAA V, VI, A2 410 m.
- Via Angele UIAA IV, V+, VII+ or A0 (1 move) 410 m. - Elio Orlandi, summer 2011
- Via del Gran Camino Nord UIAA IV, V+ 380 m.
- Cavallo Pazzo UIAA V, V+ 200 m.
- Haupt-Lompel UIAA III+, IV- 450 m.
- North-East Ridge UIAA III, IV 330 m.

Descent: the best way to descent from the summit is downclimb along the South ridge. From the summit follow the ridge facing South, then the cairns along a system of ledges and footholds, ending over an almost vertical, but easy, wall. Downclimb it on the right - facing out - or alternatevely do two abseils, getting the notch between Cima d'Ambiez and Denti d'Ambiez. An anchors in the notch, on a big stone, allows another 50 m. abseil to the bottom of a gully. From here downclimb some easy rocks (UIAA II), or do another 30 m. abseil, getting to the ledge cutting the base of East wall. Follow it to reach the path and Agostini Hut.

When To Climb

Best period goes from late June to the middle of September

Red Tape

A stormy sunset in upper Val d'Ambiez
A stormy sunset in upper Val d'Ambiez

Sunset on Western Cima di Ceda
Sunset on Western Cima di Ceda

No fees no permits required. Cima d'Ambiez is located in "Brenta Dolomites", the Westernmost area of the nine areas of the Dolomites admitted in the year 2009 in the list of UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES.

More info about Dolomiti Unesco World Heritage here:

Dolomites living mountains

Dolomiti Unesco

Huts and bivouacs

- Rifugio Silvio Agostini m. 2410 - S.A.T. (Società Alpinisti Tridentini) Trento - 57 beds - Open from june, 20th to September 30th - Winter shelter always open (8 beds) - Phone +390465734138 Mobil Phone +393487152589

Rifugio Agostini

Val d'Ambiez
Val d'Ambiez

Silvio Agostini Hut
Rifugio Agostini in upper Val d'Ambiez m. 2410 - SAT Trento


Meteo Trentino

Dolomiti Meteo - Trentino

Guidebooks and maps

Cima d Ambiez map

"Dolomiti di Brenta" by Gino Buscaini and Ettore Castiglioni - Collana Guide dei Monti d'Italia, CAI TCI

"Dolomiti di Brenta - Val d'Ambiez" Vol. I by Francesco Cappellari and Elio Orlandi - Idea Montagna Editoria e Alpinismo


From left to right : Cima...On the left we have the SW...AlpenglowA winter image of Cima d\'AmbiezSunset on Western Cima di CedaCima d\'Ambiez close-upStormy sunset in upper Val d\'Ambiez
Brenta Group from La Rosta annotated panoAmazing rocky pillars in upper Val d\'AmbiezThe majestic Cima d\'AmbiezCima d\'Ambiez, the climb in the EightiesSilvio Agostini HutVal d\'AmbiezAmbiez & Tosa
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