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So, you want to climb Mt
Rainier. So, you want to climb Mt Rainier.  by ExcitableBoy

There are a few things you should know. Here are some tips I have gleaned from two decades and dozens of climbs on ‘The Mountain’.
Any reasonably fit person can climb Mt Rainier but a focused, specific training regimen will make your climb more enjoyable. Tailor your program to mimic the demands of climbing a big mountain. Summit day will likely be an 8 -12 hour affair so it is important to train long. Load up a pack and hike your local hills, or do long trail runs or bike rides. Lift weights to strengthen your core, shoulders, back and legs. Don’t neglect high intensity cardio like interval work. You want the ultra runner’s endurance, the sprinter’s speed, and the weight lifter’s power. Your goal is to become an all around athlete.

attention of all the parents. To attention of all the parents.  by alexclimb

Climbing mountains is beautiful and exciting sport but potential risks are very high there. People who climb mountains must be fully conscious that on their decision depend their health and life as well as the lives of others. Reasoning from this it is clear that young children should not be brought to the extreme mountain conditions which require power and responsibility of an adult. Sometimes people who have no idea of how dangerous mountain climbing can be, make the mistakes which cost too high price...

"I'll Take My Mountains Padded with Rubber" - Part II  by silversummit

It’s the first morning on the river; my first time ever riding a raft balancing on the stern, the rear of the raft, which is actually angled like a broad letter U. We’re in the second big set of rapids, whoooooosh!

I am suddenly sitting on my butt in the bottom of the raft. AJ, all of 24 years or so, in his ever-so-cool shades, looks down and says to me “Hey girl? Whatcha doin’ down there?” Well, he had me at the first “Hey” to quote a famous movie line and anybody who calls me a “girl” ……well at my age (59), let’s say it made for a great start!

Backing Off Backing Off  by Isaiah

I've pushed on uphill above treeline when it's pretty cloudy out, I've taken a 20 foot pendulum fall and then went on to finish the route in five more pitches, and I've summitted at 5PM more than I care to admit. My attempt is to try and explain what goes into backing off a route. I'm also going to try and try and glorify retreating off routes because untold numbers are alive that made the right choice to head down before it was too late.

The Šerpa rallye The Šerpa rallye  by visentin

The Tatras, just like the Alps or the Pyrenees, have a very long history of mountain exploration, "Taternism" (Pol: Taternictwo), the same way we say "Alpinism", "Pyreneism", and so on. Very early, and for many of them more than a century ago, mountain huts were built, in order to facilitate the access to remote peaks.

At this time, it was only possible to reach and supply these places on foot, and in the best cases, when the terrain allowed it, with the help of mules. Nowadays, in all mountains of the western world, supplies of mountain refuges (let's call them by their english official term, "mountain-huts", despite they are not "bothies" anymore) is made by land rover every time the approach allows it, and for more remote places, very often by helicopter (excepted perishable foodstuff in small amounts).

But, for many reasons, a custom has remained in the Slovak Tatras: men-supplying of the mountain huts. And instead of making it a burden, the Slovaks "chatárs" (managers of a "chata", slovak word for a mountain-hut), have made of it a special tradition. And more: a game, a sport, a national pride !

Success and Failure, As
Simple As That Success and Failure, As Simple As That  by noahs213

At this place in time it seems like people give up there dreams to easily. I have just noticed not only in the climbing community, but in this world people have something they want to accomplish and they give it up and go dream hunting to find something else they want to do that is not as hard to accomplish.

Counting Sheep Counting Sheep  by tarol

The California Department of Fish and Game, US Forest Service, and the Society for Conservation of Bighorn Sheep have conducted annual surveys for bighorn sheep in the San Gabriel Mountains since 1979. The mountain range once held an estimated 740 bighorns, which made this the largest population of desert bighorn sheep in California. The population declined through the 1980’s but appears to be on the increase, with recent estimates being approximately 300 bighorn sheep.

5 years of membership 5 years of membership  by Gabriele Roth

December 2003, weather is bad and I can't go out to climb or hike, I'm bored ! So, dreaming about mountains, I enter in internet looking for some fine mountain photos that can give me new ideas ...

Google leads me to this "strange" American site : SummitPost ... never heard about it, let's give a look ! Among the Members I can see the name of Ivano Ghirardini : wow, this must be a serious site ! for the ones who don't know Ivano Ghirardini (an Italian climber moved to Chamonix to act as a mountain guide) was a milestone of modern mountaneering with his exploits, unbelievable at those times

Mountaineers Blind Mountaineers  by ChristianRodriguez

Ipala volcano (1650 meters above sea level) was the main aim of 40 blind and partially sighted people from Guatemala. I saw mountains in my life before climb them, but never before close my eyes to start, was my first think after the call of Joel Ramírez talking about this project. Joel coordinates the organization of blind people from Guatemala. He is blind too, but with a HUGE vision.

Joel Ramírez, me and 6 mountaineers more coordinates the trekking/climb to this particular volcano, well-known as lagoon Ipala cause the big and nice lagoon in the crater. Mostly of mountaineers goes to this volcano to see the beauty of the mountain. But this ocassion was different, 40 blind and partially sighted people from all ages, join to this expedition to really see and feel the mountain.

infallible method to become POTD and POTW The infallible method to become POTD and POTW  by Bruno

Regularly, heated forum threads have sprung up like mushrooms after the rain. Just to mention three amongst the main challengers, Ganesh, the Hindu God of wisdom, almost lost his temper in several occasions; Dalton (Joe), the famous irascible brother in the Lucky Luck comics, shot his last bullets instead of shooting pictures, and Dow (Jones), the famous Big Wall (Street) climber, made a nasty fall while free-soloing the dangerous “Contestation route”.

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