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5 years of membership 5 years of membership  by Gabriele Roth

December 2003, weather is bad and I can't go out to climb or hike, I'm bored ! So, dreaming about mountains, I enter in internet looking for some fine mountain photos that can give me new ideas ...

Google leads me to this "strange" American site : SummitPost ... never heard about it, let's give a look ! Among the Members I can see the name of Ivano Ghirardini : wow, this must be a serious site ! for the ones who don't know Ivano Ghirardini (an Italian climber moved to Chamonix to act as a mountain guide) was a milestone of modern mountaneering with his exploits, unbelievable at those times

Mountaineers Blind Mountaineers  by ChristianRodriguez

Ipala volcano (1650 meters above sea level) was the main aim of 40 blind and partially sighted people from Guatemala. I saw mountains in my life before climb them, but never before close my eyes to start, was my first think after the call of Joel Ramírez talking about this project. Joel coordinates the organization of blind people from Guatemala. He is blind too, but with a HUGE vision.

Joel Ramírez, me and 6 mountaineers more coordinates the trekking/climb to this particular volcano, well-known as lagoon Ipala cause the big and nice lagoon in the crater. Mostly of mountaineers goes to this volcano to see the beauty of the mountain. But this ocassion was different, 40 blind and partially sighted people from all ages, join to this expedition to really see and feel the mountain.

infallible method to become POTD and POTW The infallible method to become POTD and POTW  by Bruno

Regularly, heated forum threads have sprung up like mushrooms after the rain. Just to mention three amongst the main challengers, Ganesh, the Hindu God of wisdom, almost lost his temper in several occasions; Dalton (Joe), the famous irascible brother in the Lucky Luck comics, shot his last bullets instead of shooting pictures, and Dow (Jones), the famous Big Wall (Street) climber, made a nasty fall while free-soloing the dangerous “Contestation route”.

Pogacnik - A ski flight into Triglav north wall Tone Pogacnik - A ski flight into Triglav north wall  by Vid Pogachnik

In January 2009 Tone Pogačnik celebrated his 90th birthday. When a group of visitors came on his home to congratulate him - he was not there. "Went skiing with his grand son", the neighbours said.

Who is Tone Pogačnik? The Slovenian community knows him as a true sportsman. But his most incredible adventure was below Triglav, the highest mountain of Julian Alps. It was April 26th, 1946. Just a year after the World War II.

Report of
Mountaineering Expedition visited Pakistan during 2008 Report of Mountaineering Expedition visited Pakistan during 2008  by Karrar Haidri

87 applications were received for grant of Permission to climb various peaks in Pakistan including 01 expedition attempting Broad Peak in winter season. Out of which 76 applicants were granted permission to climb respective Peaks of their choice including 09 applicants who were granted permission to climb 02 peaks each, 03 expedition permitted to climbe 03-peaks each and one expedition was permitted to climb 4-peaks whereas 02 expeditions could not be granted permission to climb peaks situated close to war zone Siachen Glacier, and 06 expeditions withdrew their applications. As such overall 92 attempts were made by 634 members of 76 expeditions, to climb 24 peaks, out of which 131 climbers including 03 from Pakistan, were successful in hoisting their national Flags on the summit of 12 peaks.

Why I have
to go to the mountains – a declaration of love ! Why I have to go to the mountains – a declaration of love !  by schmid_th

I can´t live without the mountains and when I´m not next to them I get an unbelievable aspiration… So consecutively I tried to find the reasons for this… This is a little funny attempted explanation or maybe better a declaration of love and I guess that you also feel similar to me… I´m sure that after reading this article you will have that magic smile on your face and the feeling that you must soon get back to the mountains – independent of all concomitants!

In Praise
of Bushwhacking In Praise of Bushwhacking  by vancouver islander

From the perspective of the true outdoor enthusiast, the word “development” is an oxymoron. Development implies progress and how exactly can encroaching urbanisation, mechanisation, bijou wilderness lodges and the like and even signed trails properly be regarded as progress when applied to real wilderness? Nothing truly belongs in the alpine environment except the mountain and its natural bastions of forest, river, cliff and glacier. Can anyone claim to have truly climbed a mountain who has used a gondola or an aircraft as a significant part of his or her approach strategy?

What Climbing Means To Me What Climbing Means To Me  by alpinedon

I am, I think, a fairly rare climber: Someone who, throughout the course of my life, has been a failure. I think for many climbers they have been successful at many stages in their lives, driven, ambitious, used to success. For me, it has mostly been the opposite – twelve years of failure at school, repeated financial incompetence, broken relationships, no real career to speak of, repeated stopping and starting of interests, lack of focus, poor health etc., etc, ad nauseum. And that is, really, the truth. I was a quitter and a loser.

Getting to
Know the Night Sky: The Northern Hemisphere Getting to Know the Night Sky: The Northern Hemisphere  by TrekAdam

Getting to know the night sky is fun, easy and can provide you with a wealth of knowledge in regard to navigation at night. This article focuses on the northern hemisphere only. It wont be long until I post on the southern hemisphere. Even memorizing the shapes of the constellations and then locating them in the night sky can be rewarding. If you're out in the wilderness, take a moment one night to look up at the sky and marvel at its wonder. Stars millions of light years away, gallaxies and nebulas - the night sky provides enough detail to keep the mind wandering for hours. This article covers most of the northern hemisphere's constellation and goes into detail about particular stars and their magnitudes, colors and degrees above the horizon line at peak. Other miscelaneous information, such as angular separation (distance) from star to star can be found as well. Bellow I show a simple method to count degrees in the sky and I am happy to take questions about the method if it is not understood.

Take My Mountains Padded with Rubber!” Part I “I’ll Take My Mountains Padded with Rubber!” Part I  by silversummit

Some people view mountains by climbing gentle paths or steep, rocky trails; some from snow capped peaks and lofty summits. Some climb down through canyons and caves; squeezing through twisty slots even wading through pools of muddy water. And here on SP you can read about all the above and more. I too, devour many of the posted trip reports and browse the mountain pages looking for a good hike to take in the future but now, I think it’s the proper time to admit that I do like to give my legs a rest sometimes and “paddle right through the mountains”.

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