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Love, Bombshells, Heartbreak
and Mount Shasta Love, Bombshells, Heartbreak and Mount Shasta  by Scott

This trip report is the summary of a Mount Shasta Trip which took place between August 11 and 16 2010. My wife Kimberly and I ended up on this trip from what I would consider to be unusual circumstances. Little did we know that the beginnings of this trip would shake us to the core and would change our lives forever.

In contrast to other trip reports, this story is as much about what happened before and after the mountain as what happened on the mountain itself. I have intentionally waited until Valentine’s Day to post this story.

Baylor Peak Baylor Peak  by nader

Baylor Peak (7721 ft) is the northern-most peak of Organ Mountains, a small range that rises to the east of the city of Las Cruces in southern New Mexico. A trail starts at Baylor Canyon Road Trailhead (4880 ft) on the west side of the mountains and goes to the 6390 ft Baylor Pass and then descends to Aguirre Spring Trailhead (5660 ft) on the east side of the mountains. From Baylor Pass, a beaten path can be followed to the summit of Baylor Peak.

This beautiful peak was well visible from the house we rented near the Organ Mountains. Unlike some of the other jagged nearby peaks that seemed to be technical climbs, Baylor Peak appeared to be a hike.

Mont Blanc in November Mont Blanc in November  by trova

I like it when it's quite and only few people are around. That's when I feel most comfortable.

So finally I was able to take two days off work in a row. This used to happen only every once in a while and those "weekends" were to be used wisely.

The weather forecast was perfect, the lifts all closed and my motivation high. The alarm went off at 04.00 in the morning. I grabbed my readily packed rucksack, ran to the car and hauled west on the Autobahn.

Mount Seorak 5604 ft / 1708
m Mount Seorak 5604 ft / 1708 m  by ljbailey

When I traveled to Korea, I wasn't intending on hiking in the winter. I admit, I first was surprised that it was even cold there in the winter! I was actually doing some volunteer work there. When my friend proposed a winter hike on South Korea's third highest peak, I was bummed that I had not brought ANY of my gear! I asked for crampons, Ice ax, insulated boots....you know the bear minimum!

I was by no means prepared, but I wasn't gonna turn down this hike! My friend Sang-bea, drove the three hour charge pretty much across the country! When we got there around 2:00 or maybe 3:00 am, It appeared to be windy and very cold! I got out to use the bathroom,(a tree) and getting back in the car as quick as I could, It made more sense to abort the climb! I would say that the winds were around 20-30 mph (40 kph) and the temperature at -20 degrees! and this was at the trail head.

Whiteout! Whiteout!  by Scott

This is the story of a three day trip taken with my 11 year old daughter Shaylee, my 13 year old son Kessler, and me during Presidents Day Weekend 2016. Unfortunately, Presidents Day weekend fell on Valentines Day this year. Since my wife didn't want to go to Skinner Hut, and to avoid guilt, I made sure to take her out twice before and after the weekend. It would be just the kids and I making the trip.

During that three day weekend we traversed over the Continental Divide in winter while using the 10th Mountain Backcountry Hut system.

The route to Betty Bear Hut is routine, though very steep at the end and Skinner is the most remote mountain hut in Colorado. It is considered to be difficult to reach via any direction and is especially treacherous during bad weather.

The weather forecast had only predicted 1-3 inches of snowfall, and since we were strong snowshoers, it was expected to be a challenging and fun trip. We did however get more than we bargained for and ended up in a severe blizzard with little to no visibility. Here is our story.

White Sands, 23 Years Later White Sands, 23 Years Later  by nader

Back in May of 1993, I had spent 90 minutes in White Sands National Monument. At the time, I had driven the park’s main road and walked on some of the sand dunes near the road. This time, I wanted to spend more time exploring the area. The park advertises five hiking trails. Four of these are short hikes, between a few hundred yards to 1.5 miles long. Only Alkali Flat Trail is of moderate length creating a 4.6 mile long loop hike. Actual “trails” obviously cannot be created over the sand. Park service has posted markers that can be followed along the length of the hikes.

Satellite pictures reveal that sand dunes aggregate on the eastern parts of the White Sands Basin, a plain that sits at an elevation of 4000 ft. and is the floor of a prehistoric lake that dried up long ago. The western parts of the basin are also covered by white sand but are flat. San Andres Mountains sit to the west of the basin creating a continuous line of north-south running peaks that rise to heights of 7 to 8000 ft. Much of White Sands Basin and all of the San Andres Mountains fall in a military base and are off limits to the public. In the southwestern part of the basin there is an area known as Lake Lucero where water aggregates after heavy rainfall. Visits to Lake Lucero are only possible through park ranger guided pre-arranged monthly tours.

Ascent of Mount Washington Winter Ascent of Mount Washington  by swhitty88

I’ve been bugging my boyfriend Dale to climb Mount Washington with me all winter, and we finally made it happen on March 4, 2016. I had done this trek once before in the winter of 2012, and now I wanted to share the experience with Dale. Bangor has had an extremely mild winter this year, and we haven’t seen snow for weeks. Going to the White Mountains in New Hampshire would allow us to chase winter for a little bit longer.

We decided to drive to New Hampshire the night before our climb. Our first stop was in Augusta to pick up Dale’s beloved thermos that he accidentally left at Panera a few days earlier. He got some decaf coffee, and we had a pleasant three hour drive to our hotel in Conway. We found a place called the Green Granite Inn for $60 a night, and we were extremely happy with our stay. They had a cute lobby with a fireplace, an indoor pool and hot tub (which we didn’t get a chance to use), and free breakfast! We decided to get some hot food, and the only place that was open was the SeaDog Brewery which is funny because SeaDog originated in Bangor. Dale got some chips and salsa and black bean soup, and I got a hummus wrap. We watched some UFC videos and then headed back to the hotel. It was quite chilly outside, and we were not looking forward to the cold temperatures tomorrow!

Basic-ly Northwest: Tahoe
Days Basic-ly Northwest: Tahoe Days  by Castlereagh

A month of weekends in Idaho. An accident in Savannah. Crutches, last day at work, Montana, Idaho, Montana, Orlando, Kings Peak and lightning, Glacier National Park…boomerang from practically the Canada border right back down to Vegas, bachelor party, Hard Rock, Club Rehab, Death Valley, Telescope Peak…it had been an interesting three months, and now I was on the first leg of my last extended western jaunt before moving back east.

The goal was to get from Las Vegas to the Oregon Coast. I’d be a basic tourist on my first real journey through the northwest to see the popular sights…Lassen National Park, Crater Lake, the Redwoods. I wanted to climb my first Cascade volcano…I wanted breweries, bars, and to finally relax amidst the soothing waves of the ocean. And I had only a few weeks to do it before my buddy flew in to move me out of Utah.

The Fishers
Odyssey; when peakbagging and aid climbing collide The Fishers Odyssey; when peakbagging and aid climbing collide  by McCannster

Spring of 2013 found me in an interesting spot in life. I had been out of college for almost a year, spending most of that time aimlessly wandering Europe and living the dirtbag lifestyle in my beloved Sierra. It was care-free living. But soon the gravity of life dawned on me, and I figured I should probably try and become a functioning, productive member of society. I moved back to Colorado, moved in with my girlfriend, and started looking for a job. Another wall of reality smashed into me; they don't exactly hand out jobs, especially in the field I was searching, to inexperienced youngsters who had spent the past year dicking around the world. I was in a funk; not quite sure if this whole lifestyle of living in the suburbs and trying to find a corporate teat to suckle on was for me. My climbing slowed down to a trickle. Upon learning of my return to Colorado, my pal Noah contacted me in hopes of roping me in for ascent of something called the Oracle, in the Fisher Towers. Noah and his partner Brian were already balls deep in their own Fisher Odyssey. In hindsight, the smarter and safer thing to do would have been to decline. This was a big aid climb. At that time, I had only barely dipped my pinky toe into the netherworld of aid climbing, having done two measly, short, C1 pitches in Boulder Canyon, several years beforehand. But, against my better judgement, I accepted, After all, I was unemployed, in a funk, and looking to get out of my comfort zone in climbing. I got all that, and oh so much more. Little did I know I was about to embark on a journey that would take me all sorts of places.

Gorge-Two New Ice Climbs on Mt. Haystack-2016 March 5 Panther Gorge-Two New Ice Climbs on Mt. Haystack-2016 March 5  by MudRat

Heeding the call of the mountains after nearly a month of fighting and recovering from the flu, I rallied for a last winter trip into Panther Gorge. The ice on Mt. Haystack captured my curiosity during 2015 and again this past January when we studied the lines while climbing on Mt. Marcy. Additional photos by Matt Dobbs during the first ascent of Sorry, Kevin (WI4) at the end of February fueled my urge to climb a couple of them before they came down with the impending warm weather. No ice climbs had been documented on that side of the gorge so it seemed like an opportune time during a winter made for ice climbing at elevation.

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