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Sloan Peak Sloan Peak  by Jeb

So I plan on filling in the missing reports from the last few months when I can find the time, but I can't wait to post about this last climb . I joined the rest of the Tacoma Mountaineers group at the Sloan Peak climbing trailhead along Road 49 late Friday night and slept in the truck. We were on the trail by 5:10 am. The first few creek crossings were minor, but the last one proved a fair obstacle. The long tree across the creek was somewhat twisted and pretty slick, so we butt-scooted slowly across one-by-one. All was going well until the final person to cross slipped and rolled under the log. Somehow Raphi was able to hold on and with a little help from Tim righted himself atop the log and made it across dry!

Highlands December 2013: A long walk with Jake Scottish Highlands December 2013: A long walk with Jake  by markhallam

I set my sights on a tent based expedition including a traverse of the Grey Corries range – starting from the top of Ben Nevis, at 4406ft, the highest mountain in the UK. This range is currently a blank on the map on SP. I had written up the neighbouring Mamore Range from a summer and a winter visit 2010-11. I fancied given good conditions I would traverse the entire range and have enough photos and memories to put together another ‘areas and ranges’ page...

My plan was optimistic to say the least. I had been phenomenally lucky when I visited the Mamores in nearly the same week in 2010 – fortuitously coinciding with the coldest snap in the UK for 80 years. I spent three days completely alone in a winter wonderland, bathed in rosy pink light when it wasn’t golden, with abundant snow – and with temperatures down in the minus 20’s. The chances of being so lucky in 2013 were slim. Most likely I’d be battling with high winds, rain and sleet – and with the additional handicap of a 16 hour night to contend with. December in the Scottish Highlands is not normally the most attractive option for a ‘camping holiday’...

Ararat &
Musala, August 13-27, 2014 Ararat & Musala, August 13-27, 2014  by belexes

We visited Turkey and Bulgaria as part of a Colorado Mountain Club adventure travel trip. There were 8 of us: Steve, our leader, Sarah, Jon, Tom, Mike, Pat, Tara and myself. Tara had climbed Musala, so she would be joining the rest of us for the Ararat climb only. We climbed Mount Ararat first, then flew up to Bulgaria to hike up Mount Musala. Ararat and Musala are both national highpoints. Ararat was the tougher peak, so we would spend 5 days on the mountain, going up and down. Musala would be a leisurely walk-up later on the same week.

Mt Gimli South Ridge Mt Gimli South Ridge  by hunterslee

Henrik and I were able to start a week long peak bagging trip off with a memorable climb up Mt. Gimli's imposing South ridge. We opted, due to our late arrival at the trail head, to sleep in the truck and simply day trip Gimli. With the alarms firing off @3:45 we found ourselves geared up and moving @4:30. The hike in is straight forward, and we soon found ourselves starring at the day's climbing objective: the imposing South Ridge of Mt. Gimli.

For those who arrive a little earlier there's a fantastic bivy/camp site minutes away from the start of the climb. At 6:15 we found ourselves gearing up at the col. Gimli does see traffic on the weekends, fortunately there was just one other party climbing the route. After meeting several of the local goats, we found ourselves behind a party of two.

RMNP 2014:
Third Time Will Have to be the Charm RMNP 2014: Third Time Will Have to be the Charm  by MarkDidier

It took me a little while to get my head around this trip. When I got home and people asked how it went, no matter how I tried to spin it, they all noticed the lack of excitement in my voice. Maybe it was the weather; maybe it was the compressed time schedule; maybe it was Dave’s altitude sickness; or maybe it was the failure to reach a single objective? So no, unfortunately the trip did not go as planned. And when you spend a year waiting for said event, and said event is the only scheduled trip to the mountains for the year, it is easy to be disappointed when things don’t go your way.

A Majestic
Lone Eagle A Majestic Lone Eagle  by swm88er

My eyes popped open a few minutes before 6am and I stepped outside to look at the weather. The rain had stopped, but the clouds seemed socked in as they scudded across the high cliffs surrounding the Lone Eagle Cirque. Lone Eagle seems even more intimidating in person as the fog shrouded the mountain's high flanks in secrecy. I figured that as long as the rain wasn’t falling it was worth at least starting up Solo Flight. We (3 of us total) gathered our things that had hastily been stuffed under a tarp the night before during the downpour. We had a quick group prayer and were on the trail by 7am.

Ramblings of a Cordillera
Blanca Trip Ramblings of a Cordillera Blanca Trip  by Matt Lemke

What can I say about my trip to Peru? Life-changing? Awe-inspiring? Challenging? More like all of the above, and much more. Characterized with many highs and lows, we experienced, illnesses, success, hard work, culture, humility, and an overall life changing experience. Josh, Vincent and I really had ourselves a time while in Peru and I know I am for sure itching to go back.

Another Beautiful CO Weekend Just Another Beautiful CO Weekend  by MissH

After a fun time on Kelso Ridge last week, I was feeling confident about tackling some of these “Class 3” 14ers. I told an out-of-state climber on Torrey’s last Sunday that I’d post something about this hike here since he plans to do it next week (again, from out of state) with his girlfriend who is slightly more averse to exposed scrambling. Then I figured yet another TR about some well-climbed peaks might be a little useful, especially if I point out some tips I picked up on the way. So, hopefully he reads this (especially Tip 6) and/or somebody else benefits from my ramblings!

Full East Ridge of Lyell
from Donahue Pass Full East Ridge of Lyell from Donahue Pass  by kaos14

Despite the excitement of pulling ourselves up to the start of the traverse and getting ready to set off into some unknown climbing, the sky remained threatening. We began the climb up the initial steepening ridge, with barely a pause to collect our thoughts. Dan climbed like a madman and I could barely maintain contact with him, and at the same time keep my heart rate low enough to avoid passing out. Turns out that Dan was more than a little worried about the weather and he was gunning to complete as much of the traverse as he could before the rain moved in on us. And his concerns seemed fully justified as we topped out the immensely fun climbing on the initial section of the ridge. The joys of cruising up super solid low fifth class Sierra granite were quickly replaced in my heart by dismay, as it was clearly already raining hard to the south and west of our position. My dismay was due less to a potential forced retreat from the ridge, but more about the knowledge that it was only a matter of time before the rains reached us, and that meant Dan was going to kick it into an even higher gear.

Climbs in RMNP: Longs Peak, The Diamond, The Spearhead Three Climbs in RMNP: Longs Peak, The Diamond, The Spearhead  by StephAbegg

I didn't really plan on doing any climbing in the Colorado Rockies this summer, but thundershowers in Wyoming (where I was at the time) and just a whim for new and unplanned adventure drew me down there. Like everywhere in the West it seemed, the area was experiencing a period of rain storms but there looked like there would be some windows for climbing. Despite its impromptu nature, this ended up being a successful trip, involving climbs of three popular RMNP objective: Longs Peak, The Diamond, and The Spearhead. This page provides a trip report for these climbs.

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