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3rd Times a Charm - The Real
Direct Finish 3rd Times a Charm - The Real Direct Finish  by jonmeek16

3rd times a charm, what does that mean? It’s often an expression used in common passing. In this case, it was my jaunt up San Jacinto’s North Face route Snow Creek. I had my first attempt at Snow Creek about a year ago with a whole gaggle of people (see Taco’s trip report here) but was unsuccessful due to packing way to much stuff, and my knee was giving me problems. During this trip, I was so exhausted coming back down off the hike that I decided, screw the caretaker, and I walked right by his house, and yes, I’m still alive today to tell the story. My second attempt was about two weeks ago with two of my buddies. We made great time, but once we got on top of the Isthmus, we got lost and didn’t find the tunnel to get us into the gully. We ended up dropping down way to low into the wrong canyon. Time was not on our side so we turned around. Being that Miguel Forgan is a Snow Creek expert, I talked him into doing the route 10days before he’s going back to do it again with a large group of people. So Miguel, Tony and I set out at 3:50am from Tony’s house in Rancho towards the Power Utility Station…

4 days - 4
summits ... round trip from Milan 4 days - 4 summits ... round trip from Milan  by Gabriele Roth

25 years ago I decided I had to see the Jungfrau group !!! I had only few days free so I studied a route that could optimize the time : 1 summit a day even for the travel days ... so : 4 days = 4 summits : 3 higher than 4000m, the 4th one a little lower.


Non-refundable, non-adjustable, non-direct, hardly pressurized, barely heated, almost outside-the-plane seats but a bargain otherwise -kind of fare on United and a shit forecast for Red Rocks. Oh well. I bust out of the office at 4:30pm sharp running to my car only to find a totally deflated tire. As the tires were due for a change 50K miles ago, I care little for them & roll a mile on the flat to Les Schwab to swap in the spare. Pick up Shirley from work & we make check-in as boarding begins…A quick call of nature needs answering and so I burst into the nearest restroom and soon am exhaling a sigh of relief over a melodious sound of a small waterfall. Wait – why no urinals in this establishment? And why is this woman staring at me as I zip myself up?? Shirley comes out of the next stall with a “what-the-hell” look on her face but quickly comes to my defense: “It’s OK miss, he’s a just a harmless pervert.” We park our behinds among the live cattle and chickens in the steerage area of the 757 and breathe a sigh of relief only to hear the captain announce that we’ll be 2 hrs late pushing from the gate. There goes the connection (United sucks!). We run out of the plane, and I prostrate myself in front of the check-in person begging for a change of dates. A bit of crawling & kissing of her boots and we get credit for our tickets (United rules!!). Head home & spend the three day weekend watching DVD’s & rain.

Kilimanjaro - Machame Route
7 day UTM Kilimanjaro - Machame Route 7 day UTM  by MountainHikerCO

There were seven in our party to climb Kilimanjaro by the Machame Route. My wife Dorthe who was the one to declare we were going to do this. We soon recruited our regular hiking companion Jen (Lululuv on 14ers.com). Jeff, who we met on a mountain a few years ago signed on as well. Louise who we have traveled and climbed with in the past was almost the last to sign on. With the addition of Louise we now had three dental hygienists along! Our group became seven when Louise discovered one of her patients, Mike and his girlfriend Brenda were already planning to go at the same time.

We settled on Kessy Brothers Tours after researching prices and because Dorthe’s brother had used them a few years earlier. The price included picking us up at the airport, all accommodation in Tanzania, meals on the mountain and safari, and return to the airport at the end of the trip. In addition we had to budget for tips. Expenses we still had to cover included some restaurant meals in between tours along with additional drinks and snacks.

Black Tooth
Mountain and Penrose Peak Black Tooth Mountain and Penrose Peak  by Heaton

After climbing Cloud Peak in 2007 my wife Julie and I decided to try Black Tooth Mountain since it's the only other 13'er within easy driving distance of South Dakota. It also looked a lot more adventurous!

We checked the topo map and thought of starting at Willow Park Reservoir. When we finally got hold of a Bighorn National Forest ranger on the phone she told us there was only ATV access to Willow Park and Penrose Park. She suggested we drive up the Little Goose Road but said there was a major stream crossing at Little Goose Campground and that a crew was in the process of clearing logs from the road so we couldn't make it all the way to the trailhead. Since we wanted to drive there in our Corolla that left Bighorn Reservoir as the nearest starting point, and she told us we could park next to a gate at the lake's mouth.

Orla Perc Orla Perc  by Wiktoria Plawska

The trail of Orla Perc towers 7136 ft / 2175 m tall and is filled with deadly cliffs like Zamarla Turnia which loom under the rocky trail. Freezing cold lakes glisten under the towering peaks with brilliant blue water. Rock avalanches can be heard falling from careless climbers. Emergency helicopters buzz past to other peaks in search of fallen people. These are the Tatra Mountains, this is Orla Perc.

A Hurricane on Mount
Washington?! A Hurricane on Mount Washington?!  by maddie77777

My wife and I decided to spend our 6-year anniversary by taking a week driving from Indianapolis to the Northeast. My wife loves it up there, and we had never been to Vermont or New Hampshire, so needless to say, I immediately began drooling over the thought of hiking Mount Washington.

We began our trip by driving to Penn State University and walking around, then spending a wonderful evening in picturesque Scranton, PA. The next morning, we drove to High Point, NJ, and walked to the top from the parking lot. It was extremely foggy, so there were absolutely no views (this may have been a good thing...it is New Jersey, right?). When I asked the girl inside the monument if she knew where the survey marker was, she gave me a look of "How big a dork are you?" that I haven't seen since 7th grade. Ok, since Thursday, but you understand.

West Ridge, Third time is a
Charm West Ridge, Third time is a Charm  by dervin

Did you ever have a love, hate relationship with a Mountain? A mountain that just beats you down, but you keep coming back for more. Conness is that mountain for me, and the West Ridge is the route. Before this attempt I had tried it twice, and failed at our objective each time.

Conness is a bit of mystery. The trailhead does not start very far from the mountain. The main problem is the mountain itself is between you and the route of interest. You have to climb 9/10ths of the mountain and drop down the other side. Not only is it backwards but it is also complex with many ridges. The guides either poorly describe the route finding, or maybe it is just harder in the dark when you don't know where you are going.

Black Ice and Blind Luck Black Ice and Blind Luck  by RobSC

I’ve always been drawn to the eclectic, growing up with dreams of the fabled snows of the Rwenzori when others turned to football and baseball, collecting stamps from the largely ignored country of Burundi rather than baseball cards or bottle caps like most of my peers.

For a decade of my life, I harbored an obsession for a narrow strip of ice and stone hidden in the chilly shadows on the northwestern side of the Teton’s most famous peak. The Black Ice Couloir; its name alone swept me into a realm of passion and cold sweats. Yet it was never supposed to be anything so monumental. When my parents gave me Fifty Classic Climbs of North America as a gift long ago in the Seventies, it was the North Face that drew my gaze; the magnificent sweep of rock leading to the range’s highest pedestal. That was the route that I always aspired to before I’d even so much as touched a climbing rope. So it’s ironic that its significance became eclipsed in my mind by a runnel renowned for falling rock and poorly protected thin climbing.

SW face of the Tooth SW face of the Tooth  by Tsuyoshi

After Chico (cascadian) moved back up here to Washington from California, we decided it was time for a climb. We had lofty ideas of what a good climb would be, but a small weather window allowed us only part of a day. So, we decided on the SW face of the tooth... close to home, quick approach and a route we hadn't done yet. Throw in the fact that it's winter and we figured the route would provide an interesting outing!

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