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Last Climb of Winter - San
Juans 2008 Last Climb of Winter - San Juans 2008  by sshankle

I arrived a day earlier than Paul was supposed to arrive and took a ride from Durango up the “Million Dollar Highway” all the way up to Red Mountain Pass. This route took me over two high passes on the way to Red Mountain, including the passes used to access Engineer and Snowdon mountians. This had been my first trip using Google Earth as one of my primary beta sources, and it had not occurred to me how much the tool minimizes the mountains until my ride up this day. These peaks were a little bigger and steeper than I was anticipating, and I was a little intimidated.

First Multi-pitch First Multi-pitch  by Garon Coriz

Being relatively inexperienced and having made the impulsive decision to climb eight hours earlier, I became worried and had trouble building an appetite that evening. In addition, a bear that had snuck into our camp woke us up around midnight. Somehow, someone didn’t close the bear box so we lost some of our food. After about four hours of sleep, we woke up and headed out for the trailhead around 3:30 am. Route-finding was a bit of a challenge due to some trail closures in the network of trails in the valley, but we eventually made it through. We got to the top of Nevada Falls as the sky began to brighten. We continued on the main trail until we chose to cut across a ridge several hundred yards past the clearing near Nevada Falls. We traversed the ridge and began our descent along a faint trail to a boggy clearing that seemed to be Lost Lake.

Mt. Ogden up and back Mt. Ogden up and back  by Dean

Utah is an amazing state, it has just about everything you could look for, from high lofty peaks to desert canyons in red rock country. One of the pursuits I am involved in is chasing down the prominence peaks of the state and I was trying to make a dent this weekend. On friday, I had driven out into the Utah desert to nab Keg Mountain, a pretty lonesome place in some pretty lonesome country. Then on saturday, I was back after one called Champlin Peak, highest peak in the Gilson mountain range, not far from a place called "Little Sahara" Both of these peaks belong to the Utah prominence group and I really felt the need to get off the desert peaks a bit and visit something a bit more alpine. Studying the map, I decided that Mount Ogden would be the perfect choice.

Caspian Sea of Clouds Caspian Sea of Clouds  by nader

I had become blissfully reassured with the fact that Google Earth and my map showed a smooth slowly descending ridgeline. Little did I know that we would actually encounter 600 vertical meters (2000 vertical ft) of steep talus fields and walls made of crumbling rock. The other thing that never crossed my mind was the possibility of running out of drinking water. It was after all going to be a wet and foggy place. In the end, we got so thirsty that we drank out of a cattle watering hole. Coming across a grave at the height of our desperation did not help our spirits either.

The 4030 m (13222 ft) Mt. Veravasht (a.k.a. Dehla) rises to the southeast of the Chalus River Gorge in the Central Alborz Mountains of northern Iran. The distance between the summit of Veravasht and the Caspian Sea shore is only 42 Km (26 miles). The western slopes of Veravasht drop 3000 vertical meters (10 000 ft) to the bottom of the Chalus River Gorge. Caspian Sea Forests cover the northern and western slopes of Veravasht up to an elevation of 2300 m (7500 ft).

Polar Circus - A Canadian
Rockies Classic Polar Circus - A Canadian Rockies Classic  by AJones

“Did you put the ropes in the truck?”
“No, didn’t you?”
So ended our first attempt at Polar Circus in March 2006.

The ice-climbing season in the winter of 2007 was progressing very nicely, with the overall goal of climbing Polar Circus sometime in early March shaping up good. Ice climbing took a decidedly back seat, however, when my wife gave birth on March 7th two and a half months prematurely. Three months in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit make you realize climbing is not that important.

So in March 2008, with a healthy one year old baby at home, my long-time climbing partner and good friend Greg and I were hoping to be able to finally get this climb done. For those who may not know, Polar Circus is probably one of the best known ice climbing routes in the world – people literally come from all over the globe to have a chance to climb this route. It’s a very long route consisting of 8-10 pitches (depending on where you start) of grade 4-5 ice and has a distinctly alpine ambiance. There is extreme avalanche danger from the huge snow bowls that drain from the climb, so picking the right day is paramount for a successful ascent.

Unspeakable Day in the Wasatch Mountains: Photo Trip Report. An Unspeakable Day in the Wasatch Mountains: Photo Trip Report.  by marauders

Considered a Wasatch classic climb, the south ridge of Mt. Superior lies directly north of the Snowbird Ski Resort. In the summer, the south ridge is a spectacular climb, which is mostly 4th class and a few sections of low 5th class rated at 5.3. Under snow cover, the route becomes more challenging as you climb 55-60 degree snow, negotiate cornices that swallow the ridge proper, and search diligently for good protection. Overall the ridge is a magnificent climb in superb surroundings. This one comes highly recommended!

Aconcagua 2008 picture trip
report Aconcagua 2008 picture trip report  by Mathias Zehring

Okay – this is not the first trip report about Aconcagua normal route. But I have taken some nice pictures that I hope you will like. So I will the story by pictures. I'd rather do this by a slide show, but sadly it's not possible to give an order to pictures besides points

The trip was an organized one from December 22nd to January 14th – by the German company Adventure Train, that I can recommend warmly – everything worked well, and it was cheaper than other companies. Therefore we did not get full meals all the time at basecamp but prepare some ourselves with the camping stove – no problem but a good exercise for the high camp.

Grizzly Peak Winter Hike Grizzly Peak Winter Hike  by Roam Around

Over the days leading up to the weekend, I found myself looking around the front range for something fun and challenging to do but I didn't really have time in my schedule for an overnight trip. I came across the Grizzly Peak page on summitpost and it sounded like a safe but fun winter outing. It was pretty easy to find a couple of friends to go along so we gathered up and left from Loveland Pass at about 8:15 am under cloudless blue skies and mild temps (the thermometer said 6, but it sure felt a lot warmer under the bright sun).

Sunshine and Redcloud Winter
Ascents Sunshine and Redcloud Winter Ascents  by maverick

There was a neat forecast for Saturday, 20% Snow during the day followed by 4” late on Saturday from the storm system that was blowing in on Sunday… pretty good in the grand scheme of things. Moderate avalanche danger was predicted by the CAIC for all Northern San Juan aspects and elevations. I met the Jamies (and Crestone, their semi-evil trash-talking bear) at the Fort at 6:15PM and we drove down to Lake City together. We stopped at the Gunnison Taco Bell for a small meal and reached the Alpine Moose motel at 11:30PM where Sarah was waiting for us after her 5000’, 15 mile ‘warm-up’ run up some 13ers in the area. We went to bed planning on a 6:30 start.

Snow Creek
Solo Climb - Mar 2, 2008 Snow Creek Solo Climb - Mar 2, 2008  by Rick Kent

I couldn't get Snow Creek out of my mind last weekend so I decided to head up for a solo dayclimb on Sunday. After having spent most of my time canyoneering over the past 6 months I was ready to get back to some mountaineering. I had done Snow Creek once before with Rick Graham two years ago. That occaision was also a dayhike and I recall it was an extremely strenuous day which took around 16 hours to summit and descend down to the tram. It's probably more often done as a 2 day climb.

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