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Friends and Fluidity Friends and Fluidity  by Deb

The plan was for Tina and I to climb Mt Shasta via Avalanche Gulch in 2 days; camping with Kathy at 50/50 to avoid the majority of the crowd with the relief of not carrying our homes on our backs any further. That WAS the plan.
br> As I watched the weather forecast deteriorate for a Sunday summit, my mind began working a plan to adjust the schedule up a day for a Monday summit, which promised to be a glorious day. Now I only needed to convince Tina, who was a bundle of energy, that we needed to hold off an extra day. Fat chance of that!

Old Goats Scramble North
Twin Sister Old Goats Scramble North Twin Sister  by vancouver islander

On impulse I looked down and there before me on bended knee were 200 ravishing, gorgeous females!

No sorry, that’s wrong. I meant ravenous and gorging.

The bent knees were mine and the females were of the blood-sucking gender of the genus Anopheles clustered thickly on each kneecap where the fabric of my pants was stretched tightest and thinnest thus enabling the easiest route to their supper. But, hey, at my age, you take female attention where you can get it right?

A Superb
Day on Hood: South Slopes Old Chute Route A Superb Day on Hood: South Slopes Old Chute Route  by shknbke

With my state highpoint quest now coming down to the harder ones except for MN, I figured it was high time to climb mighty Hood. My relatives weren't exactly excited when hearing I was doing this given all the recent accidents and near misses that have occurred on Hood. With good weather and snow conditions though, Hood is a pretty straightforward climb via the easier routes on the south slopes.

Bergwachtmeister Dimitrios Bergwachtmeister Dimitrios  by Gangolf Haub

Ever had a perfect day ruined by a pompous blockhead? A pretender? A bloke proud of his undeserved title? I had recently, when I climbed Gingilos and Volakias on Crete, two mountains, towering right above Crete's main natural attraction, the Samaria Gorge. Yes, the day was perfect: perfect weather, maybe a little to windy, a perfect pair of mountains to climb, a route that promised to be exciting with lots of trailless climbing, perfect views to be expected. In the end we had all this as you will see by the photos but the day was marred by our acquaintance with Dimitrios, Greek guide of a German hiking group, whom we met on the first and most difficult summit, Gingilos.

Mt. Rainier, Mowich
Headwall/Face Mt. Rainier, Mowich Headwall/Face  by wvs

Our flight from Orange County arrived in Seattle at 6:00 pm, and after a brief stop at REI to purchase stove fuel and food we began the drive to the trailhead at Mowich Lake. As expected, the road was closed at the national park boundary and we had about 6 miles of snowshoeing to reach the lake, where we made our first bivy at about 1:00 am.

Shasta: 3
Tries, 1 Summit Shasta: 3 Tries, 1 Summit  by mattyj

There's a special moment that comes at the transition between stages in life where you sit back, reflect, and try to burn one last image of the past into your mind. You've gone for your last run through the neighborhood, eaten your last meal, and raised your last glass with your buddies. Your gear is packed, except for those few last things - the toothbrush, the pillow, a change of clothes for the morning. You pause, look around, take a deep breath, and soak it all in.

So far, that moment of reflective clarity has escaped me. On Friday I packed my desk, got my final paycheck, said my goodbyes, and dodged traffic on 101 from Redwood City to Mountain View one last time. I spent the weekend relaxing and prepping for my trip to Shasta. In two weeks I'm driving to Yosemite, on to Glacier NP for a Wilderness EMT class, and then to the Cascades for several weeks of mountaineering. From there it's the Sierras, the Bugaboos, the Tetons, the canyons of the Southwest, and any other territory west of the Mississippi I can get my hands on. But right now, watching the sun set from 10,300 feet up Mt Shasta, I feel like I'm on just another weekend mountaineering trip.

in Sinai High Mountain Range Experiences in Sinai High Mountain Range  by reinhard2

Sinai - for a long time this meant for me above all a primeval, serene landscape, associated with a lot of history. Few I knew about the details of the peninsula's geography, and hardly anything I knew about the people - if any - living there. Yet my imagination was strong enough to give me all the incentive I needed to plan several holidays in the High Mountain Range of South Sinai, rounding out a very intense 4-weeks business stay in Cairo.

My plan was to climb Mt. Sinai (2285 m, also Mount Moses or Jebel Musa) and Mt. Katherine (2642 m, Jebel Katharina), Egypt's highest mountain, and to visit the famous St. Katherine monastery at the foot of Mount Moses. Of course, these mountains, on the normal routes, pose no alpinistic difficulties. Rather the plan was - besides breathing mountain air after the long period in Cairo exhausts - to collect impressions, cultural as well as with regard to a landscape and its soul. This is what this trip report is trying to reflect - fascinating 3 days in a lucent natural surrounding and with interesting people, and to give some useful facts as to where and how. For any flaws in my English I want to apologize right from the start.

South Early
Winters Spire, SW Couloir South Early Winters Spire, SW Couloir  by jordansahls

The weather had been crystal clear for two weeks, so it was no surprise when the rain came right as we left for the trailhead on Friday night. My brother Ian and I were off to try for the South West couloir on the South Early Winters Spire. I had seen a post on Cascade Climbers about the route and since I had never actually been climbing in the Liberty bell group I thought it was about time to make a visit and get in on the fun.

The Meat
Bank: The Meat Bank: "Via Classica"  by mvs

Our plan was to climb the provocatively named Fleischbank ("meat bank" for the German-challenged). Does it resemble a slab of meat? Is it some kind of grim joke? Eventually I'll learn the reason and report back here. Our route seemed like a good warm up for the season: "Via Classica," a fairly new climb that links 15 pitches to 5.7/5.8 up the northwest face. The climb appears a bit deflected, as it whiles away most of it's time on the left wall of not one but two massive chimney/gully systems. The protection was easy: all fixed! Of course this takes away from the feeling of adventure, and I'm already longing (why?) for the runout faces on a yellow alien and a rusty piton. But we got in some great climbing this day. Here's what happened

Dreamweaver Dreamweaver  by lilmantis

We drove up on Thursday May 10th and camped out at the Longs Peak Campground. What a great night with a great fire, half pound burgers, all the fixins and an eagerness to get up into high country again. It was a bit chilly though but I have to say, sleeping in the back of a mini van is far better accomodations than what I am used to! I would say we bedded down around 10:30 or so with plans to get up around 3 or 4AM.

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