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Tenmile Traverse--September
Solo Tenmile Traverse--September Solo  by DharmaBum1984

The northern Tenmile Range in central Colorado divides the Blue River and Tenmile Creek drainages. The range crest (of the northern end of the range) consists of a single spine which runs south from consecutively numbered Peaks 1 through 10. Beginning next to I-70 at the bottom of Tenmile Canyon on the southern end of the Gore Range, Peak 1's north ridge climbs nearly 4,000 vertical feet from the town of Frisco to the summit. This narrow ridgeline stays well above timberline all the way to Peak 10, high above Breckenridge at 13,633. All summer I had been wanting to attempt a traverse of this long ridge, but I always seemed to find myself climbing or hiking somewhere else when the weather was solid enough to attempt such a long, exposed route. Finally, a day off from work coincided with what looked like a stable weather window, and I decided to attempt the Tenmile Traverse.

Litter Bugs
& Avalanches Litter Bugs & Avalanches  by AJones

The weekend was here, Lisa and the kids were in Edmonton, and I had two days of ice climbing lined up – Saturday with my friend Terry Larson and Sunday with my regular climbing partner Greg. Terry and I left at the reasonable hour of 8 a.m. on Saturday morning. We were going to climb Knuckle Gnasher, a fun climb located just north of Grand Cache, Alberta. I’ve climbed this route three times previously and have always enjoyed it. I also wanted to climb a route that wasn’t going to tire me out too much, as Greg and I had a big day planned for Sunday – we were going to do a climb called “Kitty Hawk” off of the Dave Thompson Highway, near the town of Nordegg, Alberta.

Changeling The Changeling  by RobSC

For me, Seneca will always be a melancholy place. However, the memories begin with a slideshow and the image of a dramatic spire piercing the sky. “The Gendarme” answered those wise elders who volunteered their images to enthrall the newcomers. Many months passed, though, more than a year actually, before we finally traveled the thousand miles to the fabled cliffs, leaving early yet not arriving to the banks of the Potomic till long after dark.

7 days at
Red Rock, NV 7 days at Red Rock, NV  by theclimbergirl

The cast of characters this year was similar to last year's J-tree trip, including Alex "The Chimney Dancer" or, "Lightweight Number One" Martin, Kelly "Moleman" or "Killer" Cloud, Victoria "Little Girl" C., Shawn "Beautiful Girls" Campbell, Chris, aka "Lightweight Number Two" and me, aka "Lilith Fair." Jason ("Babe" )and Rhi ("Beautiful") made guest appearances later in the week, but had their own plans so weren't fixtures like last year. As usual, I didn't keep track of every route and send, so if you do your own blog entry or 8a.nu scorecard and I'll link to it. Here's a link to the trip photo album. Shawn, the real photog, is still working on his film, so this is just my and Chris's digital shots.

That's the Thing About
Ice... That's the Thing About Ice...  by GCutforth

The morning of January 7, 2008 started, as usual, bang on 6 am with Aaron knocking at the door and ready to hit the road. We had often talked about climbing down around Nordegg but only recently had seriously considered making the 2 1/2 - 3 hour trip south down the Forestry Trunk road. Being new to the area we chose to tackle Elliot Left Hand, a more moderate line on the stunning Mt. Elliot.

A Dedication to my Family A Dedication to my Family  by lingana

Bidding goodbye to my wife, I flew out of College Station for a connecting flight from Houston to Mexico City. It felt good to meet up with Rakesh Thakare (Rakya), my long-time climbing partner who had flown in from Cleveland, Ohio. The crew for our flight had not arrived, as a consequence of which, instead of 9 pm, our flight took off around 11:15 pm, dropping us off at the Benito Juarez Airport of Ciudad de Mexico at an odd time of 1:30 am. Now, this was the time when I was going to try out whatever Spanish I had learnt by utilizing the 4-hour-per-week driving time from Houston to College Station (for about 6 weeks). We got some dollars exchanged for Pesos, at a rate of 10.65 per dollar. Stammering with whatever words I knew, we got ourselves directed towards the second floor, and started walking towards the “Ground transportation” sign.

"Buzzed" on Wheeler Peak (not what you're thinking...)  by txmountaineer

I love skiing! Skiing is what got me interested in winter mountains in the first place. My only problem is now that I like mountain climbing as well, my hobbies are somewhat at odds with each other; a lot of powder snow is great for skier Daniel, whereas it means increased avalanche danger to climber Daniel.

Broken Legs, Helicopters,
and Americans – Oh My! Broken Legs, Helicopters, and Americans – Oh My!  by AJones

It was the American Thanksgiving long weekend in November and we were going on a short back-country skiing trip up to the Cerise Creek Hut, which is located near Joffre Mountain in the Coast Range (about an hour east of Whistler, British Columbia). It was to be a quick trip with my good friends Dugald and Roberta Dunlop – we were skiing in on Saturday morning, spending the night at the hut, and then skiing out the following afternoon. That was the plan anyway – things didn’t turn out quite as envisioned.

Proclaimed Peak Bagger Achieves Goal of 100 Peaks Self Proclaimed Peak Bagger Achieves Goal of 100 Peaks  by Travis_

It is December 31th, 2007 and I am standing on top of Circle Mountain with my beautiful family. This is my 100th peak (explanation follows in next section). There are other reasons to celebrate too, this is my daughter Farrah's first peak, my daughter Kenzie's 9th peak and my wife's 6th. I had set a goal early this year to hike 100 peaks prior to the end of the year, and I have just barely managed to meet this goal. It is nice to be able to share this experince with my family, and I am really enjoying the time on the summit. My daughter and I sign the summit register, I take a short video, have a short play session in a small patch of remaining snow, and head on our way. I have promised my daughter a parfait (as Kenzie says, that is a fancy way of saying Sundae) at a restaurant in Wrightwood and we are all hungry. Circle Mountain is an easy peak, other than a few very steep sections the hike up and down is uneventful. I am carrying my 3 year old daughter on my back and my wife is carrying our 3.5 month old in a carrier on her chest. Since I accidentally parked at the wrong location the hike was a little longer than necessary, 4 miles and 1200 ft gain. Long enough for both mine and my wife’s back to get sore hauling our precious cargo.

Climbing Peru Offseason Climbing Peru  by gregoryv

I arrived in Lima tired after the red-eye from Miami. I used frequent flyer miles so I had to fly from San Francisco to Miami via Dallas the previous day. Despite being tired, I was anxious to get going. This trip, for me was a solo adventure. I was going exploring on my own. As a result, I didn't have much of an itinerary. After arriving in Lima, I immediately booked a flight to Cusco. I desperately wanted to head north to Huaraz to get into the Cordellia Blanca, but felt that the obligatory excursion to Macchu Picchu was a required stopover. I spent most of the first morning sitting in the airport waiting for the air traffic controller strike to end. After several hours, my plane departed and I made it to Cusco. I immediately found a taxi, explored a few nearby villages very quickly and hopped on the last train to Aguas Callientes, the dropping off point to Macchu Picchu.

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