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Getting "Lost" on Kyes: An Unexpected Overnight Stay  by Josh Lewis

Often times when heading out to the mountains on a nice clear sunshiny day I don't expect things to go wrong. But every now and then I get one of those trips where adventure finds me. This was another round of exciting fun with bush whacking, getting lost in the dark, sliding on slippery shrubs, and everyone's favorite! Sleeping out on a steep slope. But hey, who said I wanted a tame adventure? Sometimes going through all the troubles in the end become worth while, especially when you learn from it.

The adventure started out as the usual bus ride to the city of Gold Bar to meet my partner for the trip. On the way there the sunrise was looking quite beautiful, especially the golden sun beams on Mount Zekes and the red colors I saw on Mount Rainier. I was in for some stellar weather. In Gold Bar I met up with my partner Scott to head out to the trailhead. "I'm the kind of guy who isn't so much worried about where we are going, so long as were having an adventure" Scott announced.

Mountaineering Mount Tukuhnikivatz Mountaineering Mount Tukuhnikivatz  by allisondianee

I’m finding that, more often than not, things do not always go according to plan. Plans formulate, chaos intervenes and then the plans change. This isn’t always a bad thing though; sometimes I enjoy how things turn out differently than planned.

In short, here’s what the weekend turned into:
1. Friday, Car broke down in Cedar City, Utah. Got a rental car and made it to Moab late Friday.
2. Saturday, summit 1 peak (Mount Tukuhnikivatz)
3. Sunday, Arch Madness (hiking to a ton of arches in Arches National Park)
4. Monday, Climbing at Pocket Rocks in Cedar City, Utah until car was fixed and head home

Hut to Hut in the White
Mountains Hut to Hut in the White Mountains  by jimegan

When my wife and I first heard about the hut to hut hikes in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, it sounded like a great way to see some fall colors in New England. Having done some backpacking in Glacier National Park in Montana as well as on trips to climb Mt Rainier, Granite Peak and Gannett Peak and soggy fiascos in Alaska, the alternative of a light day pack with breakfast and supper provided along with a bunk was enticing. Having done a lot of hikes in the western US, we expected the portions of the Appalachian trail to be rather straightforward and easy to follow. This was not a good assumption. There was a lot of rock hopping and some route finding required and a map was quickly determined to be a useful addition. We joined the AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club) and the membership benefits quickly equaled the annual cost due to special rates at the huts and on the shuttle bus. We hiked nearly 50 miles during our journey which was a loop from Joe Dodge Lodge at Pinkham Notch hiking to Layfayette Place and catching the shuttle bus back.

Fun and
Adventure in St. Lucia Fun and Adventure in St. Lucia  by Scott

This is the story of an adventure I did with my beautiful wife in April. It had been quite a while since we ditched the kids and went on our own vacation, so it was about time we did so! April 11 was also the 22nd anniversary of our engagement, so a celebration was in order.

We planned our trip in advance and had been excited for quite a while. The trip wasn't quite the adventure that most of our previous trips have been, but the purpose of the trip was to grow closer together and to get some relaxing time in as well. Of course, we still made plenty of time for adventures too!

via the Bravo Glacier Waddington via the Bravo Glacier  by hunterslee

After 7 months of anticipation and planning, a dozen or so people coming then not coming, Shawn, Chris, Henrik and I landed on the Tiedemann glacier late Saturday night July the 14'th 2012. The drive from Vancouver, with stops took roughly 11 hours- if one was determined they could do it faster. We were lucky that a helicopter was available shortly after we arrived- Summer fires in BC lure the White Saddle helicopters away from climbers for hours at a time. Mike and Audrey King at the White Saddle ranch on Bluff lake are super helpful, they'll get ya in there, best to show up ready to go cause things happen fast around there.

foiled on Reynolds Almost foiled on Reynolds  by Mike Lewis

Gimpilator joined by Heather "Anish" Anderson picked Josh and me up at 6pm on the 28th and we drove over Washington Pass to meet Matt Lemke at Mystery Camp on the Twisp River Road. The drive was long and pleasant and the camp quiet. We awoke at 4am and were up the trail by 5. The road had a couple blow-downs that were easily driven over. I was surprised to learn this would be Heather's first snowshoe even though she's been climbing mountains for a while. Down trees were easily navigated in the low light, hopping some and walking others lengthwise. I was sort of hoping that the early start would allow the snow to freeze over to avoid punching through but that didn't turn out to be the case. By the time we hit all that punchy snow at about 4,400' the sun started to rise. Magnificent colors were hidden behind trees, teasing us. We caught glimpses of the mountain in a meadow near where we had to look for a log crossing to ford Reynolds Creek.

Exploring Chimney Canyon Exploring Chimney Canyon  by Scott

It was Easter Weekend and Spring Break, but the canyon sounded like a good destination since it wasn’t popular. Steve Allen, a famous canyoneer of the region said that some people consider Chimney Canyon to be the most beautiful in the Swell. He also said that it is dangerous to descend without prior knowledge of coming up from the bottom end, but we were pretty experienced Canyoneers and have done many canyons in the Swell, so we weren’t too worried. The canyon also has the car shuttle from he**, which is probably one of the reasons that the canyon received few descents. The canyon can be completed in two days, but since the car shuttle was so long, we decided to take three in order to explore the area thoroughly and to get more bang for the buck.

The Perfect
Rainier Trip The Perfect Rainier Trip  by EastKing

This well organized trip started on Saturday July 18th. All of the groups and "sherpas" started out in Paradise with decent weather. With all of our gear we set a slow but steady pace up to Muir and made it there in a little under 5 hours. The "sherpas" were a MASSIVE help in getting us to Camp Muir. I hope to do this next year a couple of times for next year's groups. It was uneventful and actually much easier than I was expecting.

At Camp Muir we decided to rope up and head to Ingraham Flats. Crossing the first glacier was simple but cutting through the scree on Cathedral Gap was a little challenging. It was the first encounter we had with that volcanic scree and it woke us up a little. Anna did a great job leading or rope team through this tough section. Fairly soon we were at Ingraham Flats and setting up or tents.

Spring into
Action Spring into Action  by Castlereagh

I was long overdue for peaks, and especially P2K’s. My last was a month and a half ago on Gass, an eternity compared to most of my years in Utah. The interim had certainly not been wasted, fruitful weeks indeed exploring some P1K’s and spending QT in the Utah’s amazing National Parks and Monuments, even some basic tourist shit that I secretly and occasionally crave. Then the first weekend of March Madness kept me in the city for all day Basketball binge watching, which I certainly don’t consider time wasted.

of the Ancients Footprints of the Ancients  by Scott

This is a brief trip report concerning a trip we did to New Mexico and Arizona over Spring Break 2009. The primary focus of the trip was ancient ruins, but we did a lot of other things as well. On viewing Angel Peak, it was obvious that it was a difficult climb made of the worst rock imaginable, so Kessler, Shaylee, Kim and I hiked the interesting badlands surrounding the peak. From the south rim of the badlands we found a class 3 route into the drainage to the north. We explored the drainages badlands around the peak before returning to the vehicle.

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