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A Well-Rounded Summitpost
Gathering A Well-Rounded Summitpost Gathering  by PellucidWombat

Round Top had been a focus of mine for over a year by the time I climbed it. I first saw The Sisters while skiing at Kirkwood the previous spring and thought that they would make a nice short but interesting snow climb. On the internet these peaks were often listed with Round Top, so I turned my search to this peak. It was then that I stumbled across Bob Burd’s trip report on the peak, which was by far the highest quality of info that I had found about the peak on the internet. I e-mailed Bob, and he referred me to the Summitpost.com webpage for more info – that was when I joined the SP community.

10 Peaks in Nevada 10 Peaks in Nevada  by Castlereagh

Back in 2012 I had hiked several peaks with Brett, including Ibapah out in the West Desert. Since then he had finished most of his Utah 2000 foot prominence peaks, but back issues put him out of commission for a bit. Now, he wanted to get as many P2K’s out west as possible before moving to North Carolina in the fall for grad school. Schooling parts aside I was in the same boat, and we made plans to tentatively go for a 3 peak day in Northeast Nevada.

Tentative because it would depend entirely on the Bruins' Playoff scheduling. I would be out for long multi-peak days if they had beaten Montreal during the week and advanced to the ECF, but alas after a spineless and disappointing Game 7 effort, there I was meeting Brett at the Flying J in Wells early on a Saturday morning, so that he could park his minivan and we started our carpool up to Tabor which, as the highest point of the small Snake Range north of Wells (not to be confused with the one down in Great Basin National Park), served as the first goal of the day.

and trekking around Minya Konka (Gongga Shan) Climbing and trekking around Minya Konka (Gongga Shan)  by pijiu

Our plan was very simple: backpack our way from Beijing to Bangkok with climbing gear, trying to climb a few 6000ers here and there in the eastern reaches of the Himalaya. It turned out to be much more difficult than we had anticipated and we weren’t very successful with the climbing part, but we had nonetheless a wonderful time among the mighty mountains of Sichuan. That’s how my friends Ben, Martin, and I spent our 2002 summer vacation.

Journey through the Glacier Peak Wilderness Astonishing Journey through the Glacier Peak Wilderness  by Josh Lewis

"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes " -Marcel Proust

This was the longest adventure of the year, but at the same time a very rewarding one. This is the sequel of the Glacier Peak Adventure. Gimpilator and Redwic had wanted to climb this peak for a while. They knew that I recently did the standard route and wanted someone to guide the way, so they hired me. I suppose one could say "I am never finished".

Mountain from the west McCullough Mountain from the west  by Dean

I have spent a lot of time in Las Vegas over the past few years since my Mom and sister live there and had been to the summits of the prominence peaks that abound in the southern Nevada area, but two of the peaks I was interested in were Spirit Mountain near Searchlight and McCullough Mountain to the south of Las Vegas. Why? Because I am working on the list of Nevada P2k's that keep me coming back to Nevada for more. After Spirit, I had 120 of them completed out of the 178 on the list and had topped the 70% level but still leaving me lots to do (58).

In the end,
life is just another bowl of pasta In the end, life is just another bowl of pasta  by rgg

It so happens that, a couple of years earlier, I saw another beautiful ice face just around the corner from our objectives: the Brunegghorn North Face. That sight made a deep impression, but I didn't think I would ever climb it; finding the right partner for something like that isn't easy, and I didn't know Jan yet. However, I had not forgotten. And it had two key selling points to make it an ideal acclimatization goal: it was a bit lower, and the steep part of the face was relatively short.

Explorations Grand Explorations  by Scott

We couldn’t do any narrow canyons, but I suggested that we hike another section of Grand Gulch since it would be safe during rains. I hadn’t hiked the section of Grand Gulch between Bullet Canyon and Government Trail, but I wanted to. The recent rains should mean that there would be some wildflowers out, and water sources should be plentiful. There are many ruins that are 800-2000 years old (some of the pictographs are even much older than this) and it is an interesting and beautiful place. Not many people hike Grand Gulch below Bullet Canyon.

Winter Ascent of Wasatch BM Winter Ascent of Wasatch BM  by ZeeJay

After my trip to Tokewanna, the next logical step in my quest for winter ascents of Utah's 13,000 footers was another peak accessed from the East Fork Blacks Fork guard station. However, it was so unseasonably warm, that I couldn't bear the thought of slogging down the potentially muddy road for 11 miles to the cabin. First the weather seemed too hot, then it seemed too unsettled. Finally, a week after a 2' snow dump, it was just right.

I would try for either Mount Lovenia (13219') or Wasatch Benchmark (13156'). Wasatch Benchmark was a little closer but still would be almost 20 miles round trip from the cabin. Lovenia probably had an easier ascent once I dropped my skis. I say probably, because as far as I knew no one had ever climbed Lovenia in the winter or near winter.

Gathering on Gardners Gathering on Gardners  by Mike Lewis

Fletcher Jordan picked me up at Lynnwood at 6:30am and we drove to the trail head with few stops watching the clouds disappear and sunshine prevail while going through the North Cascades arriving at Wolf Creek sometime around 11am. We were warned of the 10.3 mile approach. Even though there is only a 2,500' difference of elevation, the true gain is closer to 3,000' due to over a dozen rises that bump up and down. I was a bit worried about my knee so I brought a brace that gimpilator lent me which turned out to be a good investment. We took it slow on the way in and it was alright. We noticed that the creeks were swollen and silty. About a mile after the trail forks right we heard what we assume was a bear. The Gardner Meadows were snow-free and had deer and rabbit roaming. We arrived at camp early around 4pm and just took the rest of the afternoon to just relax. I had a chilimac supper with unfiltered water listening to birds.

From the
steep to the deep - Gunung Agung Crossover Route From the steep to the deep - Gunung Agung Crossover Route  by rockymountaindiva

We had signed up for a 9-day dive 'safari' around Bali and discovered some trip reports to Mt. Agung on some other web sites, so thought it would be a fun thing to do. In order to avoid risk of decompression injury, we needed to either wait 24 hours after diving, or climb prior to the start of the dive trip. So we booked our flight a few days early and planned an early bicycle ride for the warm-up activity, to be followed by the climb of Mt. Agung.

We found the Great Mountain Views (GMV) Bali lodge online, reserved a room, and wrote to them about getting a guide for the crossover route on the mountain. Normally the trips leave at midnight but we all live in Colorado at high altitude and were in good shape so requested a 2 am departure. They agreed and found us an excellent guide, a retired schoolteacher named Wayan Tegteg. In Bali, Hindus are named for the order of their birth. Wayan (plus 2 other names that I can't remember) is the first born, then Made (plus 2 other names, etc) and so forth. So it is easy to have just a few names to remember.

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