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The First Descent of Hog
Canyon The First Descent of Hog Canyon  by Scott

Hog Canyon is an impressively rugged gorge cutting through thick sandstone layers in Dinosaur National Monument. It also guards its secrets well and most of the canyon is seemingly inaccessible. The lower end of the canyon is a gentle and friendly place with a crystal clear stream gurgling through ambient grassy meadows. A century ago, Josie Morris homesteaded the area and kept the lower part of the canyon as a corral since animals couldn’t go very far up the canyon.

Although I had been hiking in Dinosaur National Monument since at least the early 1980’s, Hog Canyon was the earliest of the technical canyons that I attempted in the Monument. This was in April 2003. It took four tries over a 13 year period to finally descend the canyon. As mentioned, the very bottom of Hog Canyon is warm and inviting, but with big scenic walls, but the upper end of the canyon has a huge headwall. What lay between these two locations was a big question mark. I knew that it wasn't a tight and classic slot canyon, but I still wanted to descend the canyon and it is an impressively deep gorge.

2016 - The
English Lake District 2016 - The English Lake District  by DrJonnie

Our planned annual trip was originally to visit Scotland, camp in Glen Nevis and do Tower Ridge on the Ben. However, 2016 was proving to be a weird year weather wise with excessive snow and rainfall. Having been rained on heavily on our last Scottish trip we were not too keen on our camping plan and all the hut accommodation in the Fort William area appeared to be fully booked. Also, our plan to do Tower Ridge seemed to be a non-starter as with all the fresh snowfall, what would have been a mainly reasonably graded rock climb had become a much more serious winter route. After some deliberation, Ken and I agreed that an alternative venue would be more suitable so we decided that the Lake District would be our target. Having had a previous enjoyable stay in Great Langdale in May 1997 with Colin at the National Trust campsite we decide to head there.

Along various Dora & Baltea
(Southern Side) Along various Dora & Baltea (Southern Side)  by OsvaldoCardellina

Always taking into account, as in the seven previous analytical work, the course clockwise we have tried to summarize what are the characteristics and the particular features of the Valleys and the torrents, starting from the South, or from the little Town of Pont Saint Martin, at Eastern Valley of Aosta, coming from Piedmont, to the famous Tourist Resort of Courmayeur, at the foot of Mount Blanc. Hence our work is split, as at the end of the Vény Valley is the starting that area which is the orographic and hydrographic or right side of the Northern Valley of Aosta. This leaves the border with France at Mount Dolent (3819m) to begin the next with Switzerland starting from Ferret Hills at the end of the two, same name for both sides, long valleys. From this point on the border ridge walks in the opposite direction toward reaching the Eastern Group of the Grand Golliaz and the much larger and more important of the Mount Velan. Leaving to North the majestic Group of Combins, entirely in Swiss territory, even if considered a little "valdotain" so that there is a Community of Grand Combin, reaches the Col Fenêtre Durand and Mount Gelé. Then "down" with an endless series of summits to Dent de Bouquetins, Dent d' Hérens, the Matterhorn to the great Mountain Chain of Monte Rosa. From Signalkuppe of this last, leaving even here in the North Point Dufour higher (4633/4m), starts the watershed between the Regions of Aosta Valley and Piedmont, again to the small Mombarone above Pont Saint Martin. It closes in such a way the circle of mountains, valleys and torrents belonging to this region, but this second section, highlighting what has already been exposed, will be part of a subsequent job summarizing the most Northern part.

A Week of Idyllic Bliss in
the Dolomites A Week of Idyllic Bliss in the Dolomites  by hhsilleck

Looking back, it seems like quite a number of years since I’ve been actively participating here on SummitPost. Things have gotten quite busy, what with having two kiddos now, so I haven’t had many spare moments to dedicate to writing up ever so important trip reports for the internets. I figured I’d write up a quick account of the hiking/ferrata trip to the Dolomites that my wife and I took to celebrate our 10-year anniversary before I forget too many of the details.

Peak Route Description for First Time Climbers Granite Peak Route Description for First Time Climbers  by hyalite01

I've made four climbs on Granite and decided to write up my experiences to help future first time climbers have a successful end enjoyable experience. This is basically a tutorial for first time and maybe second time climbers on the standard route with some basic options described. The approach is from Froze-To-Death but the info is useful for anyone using the Avalanche Lake approach as well.

North Ridge of Mt. Stuart (2006 and 2016) Direct North Ridge of Mt. Stuart (2006 and 2016)  by StephAbegg

Climbing the North Ridge of Stuart poses a bit of a strategy problem. The most nontechincal descent (snow slope in early summer, scree in later summer) is the Cascadian Couloir, which is on the south side of the mountain. But the climb is on the north side of the mountain. So this forces the climber to go half-way around the mountain before or after the climb, which can take several hours and usually necessitates a bivy before or after the climb.

Tour de Gorge Tour de Gorge  by MudRat

Adam, Allison and I met at 5:00 am in Keene Valley. As we walked under the glow of headlamps he mentioned exiting to the south then climbing Marcy before heading back to the Garden. It sounded great to me and it was easy to reorganize the original route to suit our individual desires. We’d drop down along the Haystack side in the north, cross to the Marcy cliffs and see how things went. Good things rarely come easily, great things sometimes ache a bit afterward...well, we had a great day.

Skokomish in Spring Skokomish in Spring  by awilsondc

I must have forgotten how steep the Putvin trail is, but I was reminded pretty quick. That Putvin trail doesn't mess around! I managed to find a good pace and with a few photography breaks I reached the first basin. Snow started soon after the pond of false prophets and it was mostly snow travel from then on. Upon reaching Lake of the Angels I could see several groups camping on what little dry ground there was. The lake is just starting to melt out and a good deal of it is still under snow.

Iroquois/Colden Loop Iroquois/Colden Loop  by CRiedel2

I missed the turn-off trail for Iroquois Peak last year and I only required it to finish off the MacIntyre group, thus, this was my main objective originally. However, I also knew that this wouldn't fill my day and I like to make the most of my days out in the mountains. I studied my map and thought about mileage, terrain and overall elevation gain when I came up with the idea to try a loop hike of the MacIntyres and Mt Colden from ADK Loj. I decided to skip Wright Peak since I had summited it years prior. So I would hike up over Algonquin Peak and on to Iroquois Peak first. Then I would take the trail down to Lake Colden and follow it around to the Mt Colden Trail. Follow the Mt Colden trail to the summit of Mt Colden, then return to the Loj going past Lake Arnold to Marcy Dam and back to the Loj. This was ambitious for me, as I hadn't been to Mt Colden yet and I could find no information about anyone trying this loop before.

Ice Mountain via the
Refrigerator Couloir Ice Mountain via the Refrigerator Couloir  by jmartersteck

Despite the prevailing warm temps and a "mostly cloudy" overnight forecast, we decided to give the Refrigerator Couloir a shot over a weekend in mid-June. My wife, Debbie, and I drove to the TH on Saturday afternoon (my Subaru Forester was able to navigate the 4WD road without much trouble). We backpacked in a couple of miles on easy trail; a couple of hundred yards before the signed junction of the Apostle Basin / Lake Anne trails, there are a couple of very nice campsites with great views of the Three Apostles (don't ask me why Ice Mtn, one of the Three Apostles, is not named "Middle Apostle").

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