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Spring Break Aventure Spring Break Aventure  by Scott

This is the story of a Spring Break adventure which took places on the islands of Grenada and Saint Vincent in the Caribbean. Beautiful Kimberly and I wanted to go somewhere to celebrate the anniversary of out engagement, which was 23 years ago. We decided to have fun in the Caribbean and to do many hikes and to climb some mountains. The kids tried to tell us that Spring Break was supposed to be for the kids, but we dropped them off with their grandparents and cousins in order to go on the trip. They went backpacking with my Dad in Zion National Park for much of the time.

The Weird Snowshoe Breaker The Weird Snowshoe Breaker  by EastKing

After going nearly two years without putting on a pair of snowshoes I can finally say that I finally got my chance this past February. Unfortunately despite summiting two summits, I did lose a very good pair of snowshoes in the process. Maybe that was the reason it took two years? I don't know but this trip with my friend Nathan was one my bigger trips of the winter 2016 season.

Despite all the warnings that Seattle was going into an El Nino drought, the season turned out to be quiet the opposite. This was the rainiest winter in the city of Seattle and many other areas in western Washington were in similar territory. Of course a rainy winter is not very good for hiking and snowshoeing. Yes there was plenty of snow but the avalanche danger was constantly high and the weather itself was downright nasty. I had at least 10 snowshoe trips that were either cancelled or modified into none-snowshoe trip due to the weather. Even on this day the weather was frightful until 20 minutes before the hike. Luckily though we were able to get this hike off without any bad weather.

Snow-Free Winter Hike Snow-Free Winter Hike  by Rocky Alps

Most years in the Salt Lake area, it’s still too cold in early March to do any snow-free hiking to the top of a nearby peak. With a nice weather window causing the snow to at least melt from the lower elevations for a short time, we decided to give Fray Peak a try on my birthday. It ended up offering some unique scenery, and is one that will definitely be added to the list of our family’s favorite local hikes.

Jefferson - Movin' On Up To The South Side Mount Jefferson - Movin' On Up To The South Side  by Redwic

Standing at 10497' elevation, Mount Jefferson is the highest point of Jefferson County & Linn County as well as second-highest peak in Oregon. This was a great summit trip and is one of my favorite trips of the year. I was accompanied by Josh & Michael. They were each on their "A" games for this trip and I was really impressed. They both have gained so much experience and skill during the past 6-1/2 years I have known them. Everyone on our team was very laid-back and easy-going throughout the trip, and that made the experience even more enjoyable.

ascent - Kumdobe peak First ascent - Kumdobe peak  by Rusnborg

Every year, the world around us becomes smaller. Airliners, Internet, satellites have significantly reduced its size. In the past it would’ve taken a year to get to a place that now can be reached in a day. There are very few places on earth not studied thoroughly by inquisitive man. Once the images of the Earth's surface from space became available to anyone pioneering spirit slowly began to fade. Now people, traveling on the earth's surface and having accurate information, are no longer surprised by new horizons. They know what to expect – the novelty effect disappeared. However, there are still places on our beautiful planet not reached by the ubiquitous satellite lenses. In March 2016, micro-expedition out of two adventurous risk takers climbers headed to one of these places.

Valtournanche-Breuil-Cervinia & Surroundings Visiting Valtournanche-Breuil-Cervinia & Surroundings  by OsvaldoCardellina

For every trip in each of them presents this trio almost unbreakable, because it represents the history, culture and traditions in the Centuries and Millennia to the firsts, and Eternity for the latest. When we think of a valley, immediately it comes to mind its highest mountain, or more beautiful that inevitably stands as a symbol of that. So for the Mont Blanc or the Grandes Jorasses in the renowned Cormayeur-Resort, Mont Velan and Grand Combins into Great St. Bernard, Cervino or Matterhorn in Valtournanche, Lyskamm Ayas, Monte Rosa in Lys Valley, Grand Paradis in Cogne and Valsavarenche, Grande Rousse to Val de Rhêmes, Sassière to Valgrisa and Rutor in La Thuile. But even those "minor" flaunt their favorite mountain as the Grand Golliaz, Mont-de Berrio, Punte Fiorio Gorret, Arolletta, Becca de Luseney, Viou, Faroma, Aver, Zerbion, Torché, Glacier, Rosa dei Banchi, Tersiva and Monte Emilius. A combination that becomes even more distinctive if we add a Church, a Tower or a Castle that represent in terms Religious or what heraldic, chanting the History and the Life of the Population. One aspect that the Mountaineers, "hasty" to reach the goal and yet ignore the Hikers preferring to leave out the majesty of the views or the exclusive admiration for Nature. Fall in this way into oblivion if not in total anything despite the remaining observations that these may be the key to understand the uses and customs of a place, always a bit different from each other. A total disregard for all that has kept alive a mountain, a valley or just a country. An oversight almost incomprehensible as unforgivable that we think to regain at least part of reviving the life of the mountains, always inscrutably still in place, with that of the

Kawaikini and Rain Gauge In
One Day Kawaikini and Rain Gauge In One Day  by zoink

If you are not on a very well maintained trail after the Koaie Camp [N22.11270 W159.56204] you are on the wrong trail. There are a set of pink and faded pink flags that take you in the wrong direction (To the left). Logs have been laid to function as steps and stop erosion. There is even a metal ladder in one part with some webbing to grab on to. We had to hop the fence twice. The second hop occurs after one of the steep climbs along the fence. There seems to be a new fence, at least twice as tall as what you’ve encountered so far. Plastic netting is used to give it its increased height. The new fence goes off to the right. Currently there is a bright orange shirt tied up high. We climbed around the new fence which involved hoping over and the old fence twice as to keep it on our left.

The Kauai Revealed app was well worth the 9 dollars I paid for it. Both for general use on the island and for making sure we stayed on course on the drive in and on the trail. As of March 28, 2016 it appears that the app has the most up to date trail. Two caveats it not have the route all the way Kawaikini; the route in the app takes you to the end of the hog fence and then to the Ka'awako Heiau north of the summit. The point marked “Kawaikini” is not the actual summit (much more on that later).

Mount Sill 2015 Mount Sill 2015  by Diesel

Mount Sill - elevation 14,154' / 4,314 m - was on my list for a couple of years. The class 4 section alone was enough to discourage me from going, especially since the only way I was going to get to the top of this mountain was alone, without any climbing experience. Everything I hiked up to this year was mostly class 2, with a little bit of class 3 on Mt Muir and Mt Russel. As a matter of fact, only 3 days before I got to the top of Sill, I was on top of Mt Agassiz. From up there, looking at the Palisades, Mt Sill stands out very well. It looked so impressive, mean and hard to summit, I actually decided not to go. Hiking back on Bishop Pass trail to South Lake, I made the decision to postpone Mt Sill indefinitely, opting for Mt Conness instead. Hiking Mt Conness for half the day and taking part in an interesting tour at Mono Lake for the rest of that day, seemed a more responsible approach. In the 11th hour however, the plan turned 180 degrees around and Mt Sill came into total focus.

Love, Bombshells, Heartbreak
and Mount Shasta Love, Bombshells, Heartbreak and Mount Shasta  by Scott

This trip report is the summary of a Mount Shasta Trip which took place between August 11 and 16 2010. My wife Kimberly and I ended up on this trip from what I would consider to be unusual circumstances. Little did we know that the beginnings of this trip would shake us to the core and would change our lives forever.

In contrast to other trip reports, this story is as much about what happened before and after the mountain as what happened on the mountain itself. I have intentionally waited until Valentine’s Day to post this story.

Baylor Peak Baylor Peak  by nader

Baylor Peak (7721 ft) is the northern-most peak of Organ Mountains, a small range that rises to the east of the city of Las Cruces in southern New Mexico. A trail starts at Baylor Canyon Road Trailhead (4880 ft) on the west side of the mountains and goes to the 6390 ft Baylor Pass and then descends to Aguirre Spring Trailhead (5660 ft) on the east side of the mountains. From Baylor Pass, a beaten path can be followed to the summit of Baylor Peak.

This beautiful peak was well visible from the house we rented near the Organ Mountains. Unlike some of the other jagged nearby peaks that seemed to be technical climbs, Baylor Peak appeared to be a hike.

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