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Getting Around in Guatemala
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Getting Around in Guatemala

Getting Around in Guatemala

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Location: Guatemala, North America

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Bus Transportation

Traveling by Bus in Guatemala is cheap and often entertaining. You have several options:

The really cheap buses are the famous "chicken buses." These buses are also called “Camionetas” by the Guatemalans. These are the school buses painted in a wild variety of colors. They pick up just about anyone along the way so expect the ride can take a "little longer" than you planned on.

Second class buses are known as "Pullmans." These buses are in fair condition and have softer seats. They will also pick up passengers along the road but if you buy a ticket in advance, you can usually be guaranteed a seat. They too get quite full, especially in rush hour. Depending on the route, you can get one of these every hour or two.

First class buses have direct routes between the Capital and other main cities of Guatemala. Some are similar to the second class buses but are in better condition. You can buy tickets in advance and some even offer bathrooms (bring your own paper). They claim they have fewer stops along the road.

Here is a list of some of the major bus lines that service various parts of Guatemala.

Tika Bus
Boulevard Los Proceres 26-55, Zone 10, local`s 1-2. Fun Plaza

Antigua Guatemala 
Road Map to Xela
Road map

Hedman Alas>Hedman Alas (First Class)
2 Av 8-73 Z-10
6:00 PM
+502 23625072-75

Orellana, Dorita, Norma (Chicken Bus)
18 calle 4 Av.Z-1. (Corner)
Every 15 minutes starting at 5:30 am

Sumpango and Chimaltenango

La Esperanza, Veloz Poaquileña, Mashenita (Chicken Bus)
20 Calle y Ave Bolivar Z-1
Start at 6:00am every 30 minutes

Chiquimula, El Rancho-El Progreso, Zacapa, Esquipulas

Rutas Orientales (First and Second Class)
19 calle 8-18 Z-1
3:30 Am at 6:00 Pm. Every 30 Min.
+502 22538282 / 22515373

Litegua (Second Class)
15 Calle 16-42 Z-1
4:30 AM
+502 22517092

Lake Atitlan

Monja Blanca (Second Class)
5 Ave 15-16 Z-1
Start at 4:30 every hour
1:30 Am at 5:30 Pm
+502 22381409

Transportes Escobar (Second Class)
5 Ave 15-16 Z-1
Start at 4:30 every hour
+502 22381409

TZIBONEY (Second Class)
8 Av 1628 Z-1
+502 79515664

Escuintla, Puerto San Jose, Iztapa.

La Esmeralda (Chicken Bus)
7 Av 38-18 Z.3
Start at 6:00 am every hour
+502 24710327

Transpacifico (Chicken Bus)
7 Av 38-18 Z.3
Start at 6:00 am every hour

Monterrico and Las Lisas

Transportes La Cubanita
17 calle 17-01 z.1
Start at 7:00

Pacific Coast (Escuintla, Santa Lucia Cotz, Siquinala, Cocales, Mazatenango, Retalhuleu, Coatepeque & Malacatan )

Fortaleza del Sur (Second Class) 
Hiking through the bamboo forests at the foot of Zunil.

19 Calle 9-70 Z-1
Every 30 Min.
+502 22303390

Transportes Galgos
7 Ave 19-44 Z-1 (Second Class)
Several schedules
+502 22323661

Rapidos del Sur (Second Class)
20 calle 8-55 Z-1
Several schedules
+502 22516678


Los Halcones (Second Class)
7 Ave 21-27 Z-1
4:30 am, 7:00am , 2:00pm, 6:00pm
+502 22381979

Rapidos Zaculeu (Second Class)
5 Calle 11-42 Z-1
6:00am every hour

Velasquez (Second Class)
20 Calle y 2 Ave Z-1
Start at 2:30 am every hour
+502 22211084
Connection int he Mexican Border

Izabal,Valle Dorado, Quirigua, Rio Dulce, Puerto Barrios, Livingston

Litegua (Deluxe and First Class)
15 Calle 16-42 Z-1
Start at 6:00am every 30 minutes
+502 22517092

Fuentes del Norte
17 Calle 17-01 Z-1
Start at 3:20am every 30 minutes
+502 22513817

Panajachel, Atitlan, Sololá

Rebulli (Second Class and Chicken Bus)
21 Calle 1-34 Z-1
Start at 5:00 am every hour
+502 22302748

Peten, Flores, Tikal

ADN S.A. Transportes del Norte (Deluxe Class) 
The ancient Mayan city of Tikal.

15 Calle 9-18 A Z-1 22212515
7 Av. 9-44 Z-1 22305058
21:00 Hrs.

Fuente del Norte Maya de Oro (First Class)
17 calle 8-46 Z-1
22513817 22383894

Linea Dorada (First Class)
16 Calle 10-03 Z-1
+502 22207990
Connection with Cancun

La Petenera
16 Calle 10-03 Z-1 (Second Class)
At 4:30 am, 8:30 am and 8:30pm

Lineas Maxima (Second Class)
5 Ave 17-26 Z-1
At 4:30 am, 8:30 am and 8:30pm

Maya Expres (Second Class)
17 Calle 9-36 Z-1
At 4:30 am, 8:30 am and 8:30pm

Rapidos del Sur (Second Class)
20 calle 8-55 Zona 1
+502 22327025


Transportes Galgos 
Cerro Quemado
Cerro Quemado

7 Ave 19-44 Z-1
5:30 am, 11 am
+502 22534868

ALAMO (Second Class)
21 Calle 0-14 Z-1
+502 22514838
Every 2 Hours
+502 22514838

Tacana (Second Class and Chicken Bus)
2 Ave 20-42 Z-1
5:30, 6:30, 11:00 AM 2:30, 5:00, 7:00 PM
5:30 AM to 4:30 PM every hour.
+502 22321432

Lineas America (First Class)
2 Av. 18-47 Z-1
+502 22321432

Marquensita (Second Class)
1 Av. 21-31 Z-1.
+502 22300067

Quiche, Chichicastenango

Veloz Quichelense (Chicken Bus)
Terminal Z-4 and Av. Bolivar 20 Calle Z-1
Start at 8:30 every hour

Mashenita (Chicken Bus)
10 Calle 10-03 Z-1
Start at 8:30 every hour
+502 24734471

Salama, Biotopo of Quetzal 
Lake Atitlan

Monja Blanca (Second Class)
5 Ave 15-16 Z-1
Start at 4:30 every hour
1:30 Am at 5:30 Pm
+502 22381409

Transportes Escobar (Second Class)
5 Ave 15-16 Z-1
Start at 4:30 every hour
+502 22381409

San Marcos

Fortaleza del Sur (Second Class)
19 Calle 9-70 Z-1
Every 30 Min. by the Pacific Coast
+502 22303390

Rapidos del Sur (Second Class)
20 calle 8-55 Z-1
Several schedules
Fortaleza at 19 Ave 0-70
Start at 2:30 am every hour by the Pacific Coast
+502 22516678

Velasquez (Second Class)
20 Calle y 2 Ave Z-1
Start at 2:30 am every hour
+502 22211084

Tacana (Second Class and Chicken Bus)
2 Ave 20-42 Z-1
5:30, 6:30, 11:00 AM 2:30, 5:00, 7:00 PM
5:30 AM to 4:30 PM every hour.
+502 22321432

Airlines that Service Guatemala

Several airlines have regular flights to Guatemala from US Cities: Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Fourt Lauderdale, Los Angeles and Miami, New York and San Francisco . Other International routes are Belize City, Cancun, La Habana, Madrid, Managua, México City, Panama City, San Jose, San Pedro Sula and San Salvador.

The country has two international airports: La Aurora in Guatemala City and Mundo Maya in Flores, Peten.

Air Canada 
Mayan altar on the top of the sacred volcano Zunil.

18 Calle 5-56, Zona 10
Edificio Unicentro, Nivel 3 y 7
Fax: 366-6415

Copa Airlines
1a. Avenida 10-17, Zona 10
Telefono: 361-1517/87/97
Fax: 332-1338

US Airways
10a. Calle 6-21 “A”, Zona 9
Nivel 3
Fax: 334-3313

United Airlines
Avenida Reforma 1-50, Zona 9
Edificio El Reformador,
Nivel 2: Oficina 201- 202
Nivel 3, Oficina 301- 302
Fax: 332-3766

Taca Group

Avenida Hincapié 12-22, Zona 13 Guatemala

Km. 15 carretera al Atlántico, Zona 17, Centro C

Paseo Miraflores
22 Ave. 7a. Calle, Zona 11, Paseo Miraflores. Guatemala

(502) 2470 TACA (8222)

Delta Airlines
15 Calle 3-20, Zona 10
Edificio Centro Ejecutivo,
Nivel 2, Oficina 201
Fax: 337-0588

American Airlines
Avenida Reforma 15-54, Zona 9
Edificio Reforma Obelisco, No. 401-A
Fax: 360-6084

Northwest Airlines

Mexicana de Aviación
13 Calle 8-34, Zona 10 Edyma Plaza, Local 104
FAX 2333-6096

Diagonal 6 10-01, Zona 10 Nivel 8, Centro Comercial Las Margaritas, Torre II
Fax: 2339-2994

Continental Airlines
18 Calle 5-56, Zona 10 Edificio Unicentro, Niveles 3 y 7
Fax: 2331-2055

British Airways
1a. Avenida 10-81, Zona 10 Edificio Inexa, Nivel 6
Fax: 2332-7401

10a. Calle 3-17, Zona 10 Nivel 1, Edificio Aseguradora General
Fax: 2364-6662


Taking a taxi is another option. Below are the Guatemala City numbers for several different companies. Most tourist prefer to take the Amarillo Express. However, the Taxis Blanco are cheaper and usually just as safe. It is a good idea to call in advance and have a taxi waiting for you when you arrive.

- Taxis Amarillo Express - 2332 1515/2475 9505
- Taxis Blanco y Azul - 2360 0903
- Taxis de Color Corinto - 2337 4019/ 2333 5765
- Taxis Express Verde - 2332 9595

Water Taxi from Belize

There is a water taxi in Punta Gorda, Belize that runs daily trips to Puerto Barrios in Guatemala. They also go to Lívingston on Tuesdays and Fridays for about US$20. Once you’ve got your ticket, you can head to the customs office to get your stamp and pay the US$3.75 exit fee before the departure.

Two companies that provide this service in Punta Gorda and Puerto Barrios are:

Requena’s Charter Services
#12 Front St.
Punta Gorda, Belize
Email: watertaxi@btl.net
Phone # (501) 722 2070

They leave daily from Punta Gorda to Puerto Barrios at 9:30am from the customs pier and return from Puerto Barrios, Guatemala at 2:00pm from the public pier. You can also find someone selling tickets at both customs offices before departure.

Transportes El Chato
1ra Avenida between 10 y 11 calle.
Puerto Barrios, Guatemala
Email: pichilingo2000@yahoo.com
Phone # (502) 7948-5525
Mobile # (502) 5412-4007 or (502) 4095-6663

They leave daily from Puerto Barrios to Punta Gorda at 10:00am from the Muelle Municipal and return from Punta Gorda, Belize at 2:00 pm from the customs pier. You can also find someone selling tickets at both customs before departure.

If you are arriving in Guatemala, the customs office is less than two blocks away from the Muelle Principal, just ask for “Migración” once you arrive. There is no need to pay for a taxi even though people will try to convince you otherwise.

If you are leaving Guatemala, you will have to pay a US$ 2.60 exit fee.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

International Airport La Aurora
TEL. 2332-8392 / 2331.5281

National Police
TEL. 110/ 120

TEL. 123/ 122

Red Cross
TEL. 125

Migration Offices
TEL. 2360-8540


There is an army of guiding companies here in Guatemala who are prepared to take you anywhere you desire at whatever comfort level you require. Many of them have offices in Antigua and Lake Atitlan. Below are a few that I have either used or who have excellent reputations as guides.

Adrenalina Tours offer half day and full day tours to Indigenous villages, markets, and colonial churches. They also offer several hikes of different difficulty and rock climbing. Their office is inside Passaje Enriquez, Quetzaltenango. Tel.7761-4509, Tel. 78321108, 53083523. Tel.24Hrs 53081489. E-mail: Info@adrenalinatours.com. Click here for their web site

Mayaexplor is a Guatemala - based tour operator specializing in customized cultural and adventure travels to and throughout the Mayan world. 1 Avenida A , 6-75 , Zona 1, Quetzaltenango. E-mail: contact@mayaexplor.com. Click here for their web site

Quetzaltrekkers is a volunteer run organization offering excursions throughout the highlands of Guatemala. Quetzaltrekkers was created as the fundraising branch of Escuela de la Calle (EDELAC), a Xela based organization that provides important educational, social, and medical programs for Xela´s children in need. By choosing Quetzaltrekkers, you provide the children of EDELAC with an opportunity to learn and grow in a supportive environment. In turn, they cover all the logistics, providing you with food, equipment, transportation and experienced, multilingual guides for all trips. Tel: (011-502) 7765-5895, E-mail: quetzaltrekkers@gmail.com. Click here for their web site

Emanuel Lappala, owner of Wild Guatemala, is an experienced guide that can lead you to the top of any peak in Guatemala. He is also a very experienced rock climber and is familiar with all the rock climbing areas in Guatemala. cel. 5526-9110, Antigua. Emanuel is usually available during the dry season. During the rainy season, June-November, he is usually in Ecuador. Click here for their web site

Miguel Arango is an independent Xela guide. In fact, he is responsible for setting many of the routes in the Cerro Quemado area. He is highly respected in the Guatemalan climbing community and comes highly recommended. You can reach him by phone at home 7765-2105, or his mobile at 5395-8141. Use his home number in evening.

A Word of Caution about Numbers and Addresses

Please be advised that telephone numbers and the location of places can change unexpectedly here in Guatemala. Be sure to check this information before you leave so you do not find yourself stranded when you arrive.


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