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Hochobir/Ojstrc North Ascent

Hochobir/Ojstrc North Ascent

Hochobir/Ojstrc North Ascent

Page Type: Route

Location: Carinthia, Austria, Europe

Lat/Lon: 46.50714°N / 14.48410°E

Object Title: Hochobir/Ojstrc North Ascent

Route Type: Scrambling

Season: Summer, Fall

Time Required: Most of a day

Rock Difficulty: Class 3

Difficulty: Walk-up and scramble, a few details of UIAA I

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Rating The Route By Hiking Standards

0. General. From 760m to 2139m, exposition W and N. Good path through forests till 1700m, above a very steep path, scramble and easy climb. All the time marked. Gear: good shoes, poles.
1. Effort. 1380m of altitude, 4 hours.
2. Power. 2 - easy (steep steps, some pulling with hands).
3. Psyche. 3 - medium. Exposed, steep places, crumbly.
4. Orientation. 2 - easy (good marked).

Getting There

Obir from Jagoutz alpine meadow
Hochobir/Ojstrc from Jagoutz alpine meadow
Jagoutz alpine meadow
Jagoutz alpine meadow

You start the tour on the upper part of Freibach Stausee / Borovniško jezero. By a mountain road you can drive up to Jagouc farm or even a bit higher, where the mountain road is slosed for public traffic (some 780m). You follow good marks first by the road, but when it enters a ravine the marked path goes directly upwards. You follow the path through the woods, it crosses the road several times, until on the altitude of some 1350m it leaves the road for the last time. The path still goes directly upwards until at some 1600m we come out of the woods, on the bottom of alpine meadow there's a welcomed water source. Over the meadow (with two huts) we continue to the saddle, some 1700m.

This saddle - Jagočevo sedlo - can also be reched by a marked path from the east, from a long valley, which ends below in Wildenstein / Podkanjska vas. We park by the inn, go to the waterfall and then right of it by the valley up. To the saddle some 3h 30min.

Route Description

Hochobir/Ojstrc north face
Hochobir/Ojstrc from the North

From the saddle below Hochobir the path first crosses steep slopes towards the right and then ascends steeply over the slopes. Pine bushes help us pulling up, in rocks you can see a few old pegs, which are useless now, you gain altitude quickly. After some 150 meters you reach the main ridge again. Actually this is the NW ridge of Hochobir, on our left we see crumbly rocks of the north face. Now the path continues by the ridge, but not strictly - it rather seeks the best passages on one and another side. On the left there are rocks and unpleasant, steep scree slopes, on the right there are rocks, covered with pine bush. The path is tiny or almost lost on some places, but the route is good marked, so you have no problems following it. Some 150m below the summit some passages need easy climbing, but nowhere harder than UIAA I degree. Actually, this is still more a steep path and scramble than climbing. But slopes are steep and no mistake should be made. Just below the summit the slope gets less steep and we walk-up the last 50m. From the saddle we need around 1 hour for the ascent.

For a descent you can use the same route, or you can descend by the SW ridge of Hochobir to Sajda saddle and by road down to Freibach Stausee / Borovnisko jezero. A good idea is to leave bicycles on Sajda saddle (or even higher on Obir slopes, if possible).
Obir N ascent
Through pine-bushes
On Obir N ridge
The view on lakes
A horse sculpture on Obir N ridge
The 'horse' sculpture


On Obir N ridgeJagoutz alpine meadowA horse sculpture on Obir N ridgeObir N ascentHochobir/Ojstrc from the NorthKleinobir / Mali ObirObir from Jagoutz alpine meadow
Hochobir/Ojstrc north face