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Joseph ClaghornDay 1 - Cakewalk - Day 2 - Hell  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Aug 16, 2006

Joseph Claghorn

Hiked in the evening of day 1 to dollar lake without any difficulty and camped there. Took the gunsite shortcut (recommended). There's a lot of scrambling to get up to the top from Anderson pass. Don't carry a big pack to the summit. The hike out seemed to go on forever through a fairly non-descript forest in the dark.
Posted Aug 28, 2006 11:21 pm

Dennis PoulinHenry Fork Std Route  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Aug 21, 2006

Dennis Poulin

This was a nice hike with a good friend. Nothing technical, just lots of rock hopping.
Posted Aug 28, 2006 8:06 pm

DeanGunsight/Anderson route  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Aug 21, 2006


Dennis and I went up via the climber's shortcut and then down via the toilet bowl (not recommended) When we summitted, there were 7 of us on top and we got down before a thunderstorm threatened the peak. A dad and three daughters plus a fellow from Georgia shared the summit time. This was the second to last of the Utah county highpoints that Dennis and I had left. Gilbert was to be the last one of the 29. Yea..
Posted Aug 26, 2006 5:29 pm

Xtreme532Best trip  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Jul 17, 2002


Best trip ever..first big mountain hike. Got seperated, friend got sick, played "floating down a river to cracker barrell", so many memories. This is a fun hike with friends!
Posted Aug 14, 2006 8:53 pm

RenardoWatch the weather  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Jul 22, 2004


Got caught in a storm at 10 AM on the summit. Couldn't see there was a problem until crossing the summit ridge. Lots of hail and lightning. Not something I want to do again. Hiked 13 miles back to camp then 8 more miles with the pack back to the car in pouring rain. Glad this one is over!
Posted Aug 6, 2006 9:08 pm

jazamooAscent: Henrys Fork, Descent: scree chute  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Jul 25, 2006


my first state high point (unless I accidentally climbed the nearly inexistant DE highpoint), and so impromptu! waking up near Bryce Canoyn after 3 days of exploring the region, thinking, "I'm bored of the touristy stuff. Tired of red rocks. I miss the mountains." Thus, I drove up north and climbed Kings Peak. Snowed on the summit! (snow in July, for me, from California, is amazing). The hike was gorgeous, but sort of kicked my butt near the top, since I didn't prep beforehand or acclimate at all. Did it in a dayhike, running down the final few miles trying to (but unsuccessful) beat Helios' descent. The scree chute down, by the way, was fantastic fun, much better than Henrys Fork and going all the way around the backside of the mountain range to the left of Kings (which looks like a giant nipple; there's three of 'em). Feel AWESOME :)
Posted Jul 26, 2006 3:21 pm

IdaClimberGunsight Success  Sucess!
After an unsuccessful introduction to backpacking, this peak was conquered.
Posted Jul 10, 2006 9:04 pm

Rocker Paullyroute: Unnamed  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Aug 11, 2001

Rocker Paully

Really hot, approached from the north, didn't want to lose elevation so we took the scree slope in the gap in the cliffs, it was very nasty.
Posted Jun 14, 2006 11:57 pm

highonpeaksHenry Fork Basin  Sucess!


First Accent: August 1999
On my first trip to Kings I took the route to Dollar Lake and camped a little south of it up in the trees on a hill. It wasn't too bad of a camping spot, however, it was far from water which was a bummer. The good thing was that there were very little bugs and no other people. I summited via the shoot (the extreemly steep rock slide area with patch of snow that goes straight up to Anderson Pass.) I don't know if I would do it that way again. It was pretty brutal and huge rock fall danger. From there the summit push was easy. The views were awesome. On the way back I took the Anderson Pass to Gunsite Pass traverse. That way was a lot easier.

Second Accent: August 2005
On this trip a covered the whole Henry Fork basin. The first day I camped at Henry Fork lake. This is an awesome lake to camp at, not too many people and lots of moose to take pictures of. The second day I took a little hike up to the waterfall just south of Henry's Fork lake and on up to Blanchard Lake. I highly suggest taking a stroll up to this lake. It give you a whole new view of the basin. After this little side trip I went back to Henry's Fork to grab my stuff and head to a little lake just below gunsite pass. This is a great area to camp for a summit push the next day. On my way up to Anderson Pass the next day I nearly stepped on 3 or 4 white-tailed ptarmigan. They look just like the rocks and they know it so they just sit there like one until you step on it. They are a pretty funny bird. Once on the peak I could see for hundreds of miles. It was such a clear day I swore I could see Timpanogos. On our last day we hiked out from the little lake below Gunsite. This was a very long hike that never seemed to end. However, once it did end I couldn't wait to do it again.
Posted May 5, 2006 5:14 pm

JLarsenRoute Climbed: Henry's Fork  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Aug 28, 2005


We went around the whole basin and camped at a little remote lake that is at the base of Gunsight Pass. Highly recomended. I loved that camping spot, protected from wind and loud sheep, but they do like to wander up camp. Just a bit south there is a cool cabbin that the sheep hearders use. Check it out next time your there. The first time I summited I went the steep talus face directly to Anderson Pass. If you want speed go that way, just watch for rock fall. This is a great peak, crowded but wonderful veiws in every direction and not to hard to summit in the summer.
Posted Apr 29, 2006 6:46 am

splattskiRoute climbed: Henry's Fork  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Aug 10, 2003


We sat alone in the sunshine on the summit at 8:45am, then headed down as it clouded up. As we got below Gunsight Pass, we were aghast at the people headed up into obvious electrical storm.
Posted Mar 16, 2006 11:32 pm

nogginHenry's Fork  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Jul 3, 2005


We hiked in on the afternoon of the 2nd. We summited on the 3rd and walked out that day, which made for a long day. Glissading down the mountain was nice though. Very muddy once we entered the basin.
Posted Mar 7, 2006 1:20 am

Mountain JimLong Day  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Jul 6, 1990

Mountain Jim

Round tripped the peak from via the Henrys Fork route in one long day. Good way to celebrate my 51st birthday.
Posted Mar 3, 2006 1:02 am

Travis AtwoodMultiple Ascents  Sucess!
Date Climbed: Jun 27, 2009

Travis Atwood

6/27/09 - A long one day trip that also included summiting West Gunsite Peak. We had a nice and fast glissade down the chute back to the Henry's Fork Basin. Climbed with Ammon Hatch.

7/19/08 - Henry's Fork to Gunsite then to Kings Summit. We then traveresd to South Kings.

8/2000 Climbed Gunsight Pass and came down through the chute at Anderson Pass.
Posted Feb 2, 2006 9:05 pm

D-boRoute Climbed: Henry's Fork Date Climbed: August 1996  Sucess!


Stayed a week in the basin. Great moose sightings. Saw a cow and calf and then a bull. One deer. Several marmots close to Gunsight Pass. Awesome summit!
Posted Jan 7, 2006 5:04 pm

e-docRoute Climbed: Dollar Lake; Date Climbed: August 24, 2000
Date Climbed: Aug 24, 2000


After our 4 day Wind River trip, three of our group returned to SLC; Shawn, Brian ,and I checked into a nondescript hotel in Rock Springs. The next day we drove up to Henrys Fork and then hiked to Dollar Lake. It was fun to see the boy scouts attack the beaver lodge, only to be confronted by Shawn who claimed to be from the Forest Service and they immediately stopped their beaver lodge assault.The next day Shawn felt poor so he hiked back to the car; Brian and I summited via Gunsight and Anderson passes. As clouds moved in on our downclimb we opted to take the scree field down from Anderson Pass. I really hate lightening when I'm in the open on a camping trip. Broke camp and hike down to Elkhorn crossing to camp the second night. Met Shawn on trail the next day. He gave us a beer, it tasted good.
Posted Jan 1, 2006 1:22 am

dysctiRoute Climbed: Henrys Fork Date Climbed: August 27th  Sucess!


We did this as a two day backpack and camped at a small lake above Dollar. Almost got caught in a thunderstorm on the second day but made it off the summit plateau in time.
Posted Oct 29, 2005 3:50 pm

leftfieldRoute Climbed: Anderson Pass Date Climbed: September 1, 2005  Sucess!


I'd already climbed it in 1994 but went back so my brother could claim it as a highpoint. Beautiful pack-in (but strangely devoid of wildlife) only to be met with a herd of maybe 200 sheep and a horse-riding shepherd at the head of the valley. I seemed to remember a cairn marked trail from Anderson Pass to the top but never found anything and negotiated questionably stable boulders for hours up and down. Saw 2 moose on the way out.
Posted Sep 28, 2005 10:07 pm

motobb2000Route Climbed: Henry'sTH, Gunsight,Anderson Pass Date Climbed: Sept. 1998,Aug. 2002  Sucess!
A couple of buddies and I did this 30 mile round trip in a day, 11 hours to be exact. Brutal charging. We only spent a few minutes at the summit. Traveled with an H2O bottle, iodine pills, rainbreaker and a beanie (and a sandwich). I wore bowling shoes with no insoles. Ha. Painful.

The whole idea started as a sort of dare, the night before ,in the bar. It ended with being wrecked for three days


Been back since (wearing proper attire). Nice hike.
Posted Aug 26, 2005 8:36 pm

e-docRe: Route Climbed: Henry'sTH, Gunsight,Anderson Pass Date Climbed: Sept. 1998,Aug. 2002


Thats a long day. I hope you drank some more upon finishing.
Posted Dec 19, 2006 4:21 am

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