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Known Issues and Bugs for SP V3
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Known Issues and Bugs for SP V3


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Please post a comment that explains an issue you spotted with the new upgrade (or issue in general). This page is to consolidate all the issues and make it public for us to investigate. Be as specific as possible and link to examples so that we can see exactly where the problem is occurring.

Keep in mind after your issue is listed, your comment will be deleted (eventually). This is to reserve the comment section for new issues to be placed onto the list. But you will be awarded credits in the list for identifying the issues whether resolved or not. I highlighted the issues in bold so that it is easier to spot.

Help us help you!

Known Issues

1. People List: The advanced search does not display correctly. This includes the Go button.

2. Profile Quotes: Large quotes go right though content at the bottom of the profile. This is due to the footer being set to absolute position.

3. Edit Form: Submission form has a "i" icon displays with a box-shadow. This was caused from an idea I proposed for the profile but it unfortunately effected the submissions page.

4. Image Formatting: Some images clash with others when dealing with a left/right thumbnail and a centered medium image. This is because there is no "clear: both;" - rgg

Fixed Issues

Coming Soon...

Common Problems

Common problems are different from bugs, they are problems on the pages due to changes to SP's code changes. So as a result the actual pages need some fixing to make the code proper.

List of Common Problems:

1. Table Color: Table colors do not display. This is often caused by a missing pound sign (#) before the hex number. So if you place in style="background-color:D4DEDE", it will not work because the pound sign is missing. Instead use this: style="background-color:#D4DEDE". Issue spotted by Bubba Suess.

2. Table of Contents : The TOC does not slide through the headers. As a result this creates a big gap at the start of a page. So to make content be able to slide though sections use the following code:
<style type="text/css">.main_content h2 {clear: none !important;}</style>
Be sure to use the "source button" on the far left side of the editor. This will turn the page into HTML. Place in the style code above this text at the very beginning of the page. Hit submit and you should be good to go.

Unrelated Bugs & Issues

These are bugs that have nothing to do with the upgrade, but would be good to get addressed.

1. Climber Log: Climber log reply order is messy. So if you reply to a climber log, it shows the most recent reply first. So if you have a conversation, the newest comment shows up first. This makes it hard for people to understand the order of the comments (they are reading it backwards). - rgg [example]

2. Pagination Display: Pagination for "Images" page. Right now it has only "next" but no numbers. - Baarb

3. People List: The age displays as if your birthday is "Jan. 1". So for most of us it makes us older than our actual age. - Scott

4. Image Caption: Images without image captions have black below them. This ends up looking bad. This existed even during SP V2 but only now is more visible. Unfortunately there is no reasonable fix for this unless someone comes up with a clever method to fix this. -rgg