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Page Type: Route

Location: Huesca, Spain, Europe

Lat/Lon: 42.79120°N / 0.6056°W

Object Title: Lizara

Route Type: Scramble+rock climb

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Time Required: Half a day

Rock Difficulty: Class 4

Difficulty: F (Fácil, Easy), PD- in winter

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Route Description

Free little hut, refugio...
Forest hut

Trailhead: mountain hut of Lizara (1540m)
Slope: 900m
Time to summit: 3h (4h or more in winter). Total: 5h (7h in winter)

From the mountain hut of Lizara we begin to walk in north direction searching the wide plains between Bisaurin-Fetas (left, west) and Bernera (right, east). The little path is easy to follow to the little hut of Fuen Fría (1705m) under the great wall of Fetas (the eastern summit of Bisaurin). The entry in the little col between the impressive walls is evident searching in left side the path in the hillside of Fetas. The slope is bigger in this area and little by little reach a new hut, the refugio Forestal. In this point the ridge east of Fetas is really nice in left side. In right side is visible the entry of the big rocky range of Bernera, but it’s not our target for this day. Our objetive is the visible rounded summit over a wall in north. We continue in north direction to entry in the very wide extension of Plana Mistresa, a little cirque with Bisaurin and Puntal de Secús in the west, the wall of range of Secús in the north and the Cupula de Secús and Bernera in the east. This is the point to turn to west (left) to climb Bisaurin for this route and the entry of Puerto de Bernera (right) but we continue another time in north direction and near of the wall we turn to east across hard slope searching the col in right side of the mountain near of the little peak Napazal (2340m).
Under the south face of...
Cúpula de Secús

In this point we turn to west walking over the wall in a wide upper plain in direction to the pyramid peak. Some cairns of stones show the point to access to the little coulouir of presummit east. This coulouir had snow in winter with hard slope (55º) but many days is possible the climb in the rocks of left side of the coulouir (grade I+) without snow. The exit in the presummit is really exposed with snow (great fall to north) with a little narrow ridge of 20 meters. After this point in the last meters to reach the summit is neccesary the use of the hands in a new chimney of 10 meters not exposed of grade I+. Finally we reach the narrow summit with some cairns. The landscape is wonderfull, one of the best of the zone, only it surpassed by the great neighbor that impedes us the vision toward the SW, the peak Bisaurin. The descent is advisable for the same route. In some maps is indicate the posibility of route across the ridge of Secús (west) crossing other 3 tops to arrive at the Brecha de Secús (Gap of Secús) but I have not traveled through it and it’s seems not a good idea for me especially in winter since if you don't found the entrance to col of the Brecha we will find us in a zone of difficult descent over the south walls of range de Secús.

Essential Gear

Crampons and ice-axe in winter and early in the season. Rope? some days in winter only for the last meters with begginers.

Miscellaneous Info

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