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SaintgrizzlyA couple things....


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Hey Bob, GOOD JOB...I very much enjoy the Wyoming pages you've put up!

A couple things (in the last analysis probably not all that important, but I'll mention them anyway) come to mind, however: first, I assume "McDougal" is the correct spelling—there are a couple typos in the body of text adding an additional "l".

Secondly, and obviously this is just a matter of my own opinion, not anything to be taken as other than a "for what it's worth" suggestion: I've always felt pages should have the standard nomenclature spelled out in its entirety when presented as title. For example, the words "Mount," "Mountain," and "Peak," would not be abbreviated. I don't think, however, it's necessary to continue the full spelling-out elsewhere; using standard abbreviations in descriptive photo comments, or in the body of the page text are entirely up to the individual. It is necessary, though, to take full advantage of the "Name Query" box when putting the page together, otherwise typing the full—non-abbreviated—name (assuming the author has used abbreviations in the title presentation) will result in a "no results found" message. If all normal possibilities are considered, and entered, the "Name Query" option makes it so anything typed as a search parameter brings up the page (if the "Name Query" box is not used, any search entry differing from the exact title presentation will not work).

I'm certainly not meaning to pick on you, as you put up a lot of pages—actually, a lot of GOOD pages!—but I began thinking about this a couple months ago while doing research on Triple Divide Peak, which resulted in my typing "Mount James" in the "Mountains & Rocks" search box: nothing came up but, "no results found!" Easy enough to work around, of course, but the problem came from the page title being "Mt. James," and me typing in "Mount James" (the exact situation currently operating with this—McDougal—page). I may be alone in doing it this way, but when using a search engine my initial query always begins with the name being typed out in full, which in this case didn't work.

The "Name Query" box eliminates all but the most obscure, innane abbreviations, but, and to sum up, I feel the full name works best for page title.

Thanks for all your excellent pages! And equally excellent SP Elvishness!

Posted Oct 15, 2010 1:20 pm

Bob SihlerRe: A couple things....

Bob Sihler

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Hi Vernon,

The "Mt." in McDougal was a mental lapse; I was fully aware that it is "Mount" on maps, and the text and picture captions reflect that. I made the change and fixed the typos (though the person was "MacDougall").

About James, I added variations to the query names last night. I originally used "Mt." because that's what my map said, but I just checked the USGS topo, and it is indeed "Mount." I consider the USGS to be the authoritative source, so I changed that, too.

Thanks for being alert!
Posted Oct 15, 2010 4:36 pm

utahjimkanother way


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Another route to the ridge of the mountain is the subsidiary ridge just north of the Cottonwood Mine. Little evidence remains of the mine, though one passes a collapsed log cabin and several mine dumps (or maybe outcroppings of coal?). I had tried to hike to Gunsight Pass in August 2009, but the trail faded after this ridge. The ridge is probably even easier hiking (less steep though longer) and I got to point 10,682 without difficulty. A fairly distinct game trail heads westward on this ridge. I tried for the 'true' summit again in June 2012, but aborted for the lack of crampons & ice axe. Instead I explored the huge cirque basin immediately north of the subsidiary ridge.
Posted Jun 23, 2012 6:14 pm

Bob SihlerRe: another way

Bob Sihler

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Good information! When I get a chance, I will add this to the page.
Posted Jun 28, 2012 8:35 am

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