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Nevada Peaks done so far in 2011

As 2011 heads into November, I realized that my focus for 2011 was really centered in trips to Nevada. I never get tired of the Silver State and am always amazed by how rarely visited the vast majority of the peaks in this very mountainous state are. Most people think of desert when they hear the name Nevada but yet the very name Nevada in spanish means "snowy" or "snowcapped" in reference to mountains. Nevada is home to over 314 ranges and has a staggering total of 177 peaks with a prominence of 2000 feet or more. What a challenge it is to get out to these peaks and only a few people have been doing so. Mountains/Peaks with 2000 feet of prominence are in bold letters and elevation of the peak as well as prominence are also shown to the right of the peaks name. Links to the peaks are available on the underlined ones. Eventually, all peaks will have a link.

Muddy Mountain 5431(2931) Feb 18 with Sacha Bobst


Chokecherry Mountain 8035 (2295) April 24 with Dennis Poulin (repeat)
Badger Mountain 7975 (2382) April 25 with Dennis Poulin
Mount Irish 8743 (2563) April 26 with Dennis Poulin
South Pahroc HP 7950 (2995) April 27 with Dennis Poulin (repeat)
Mormon Peak 7414 (4034) April 29 with Dennis Poulin


Virgin Peak 8087 (3215) May 1 with Dennis Poulin
Bloody Run Peak 7923 (3029) May 27 with Ken Jones
Mount Ferguson 8353 (2099) May 28 with Ken Jones and Dennis Poulin
Pilot Peak 9182 (3212) May 28 with Ken Jones and Dennis Poulin (drive up)


Six Mile Hill 7496 (2146) June 1 with Dennis Poulin
Sheep Creek HP (Cone BM) 7276 (2066) June 2 with Dennis Poulin
Elko Mountain 7505 (2095) June 3 with Dennis Poulin (repeat)Drive up
Little Cedar Mtn HP 8314 (2174) (Wood BM) June 18 with Greg Jagielski & Kadee Smith
Peak 8262 (322) June 18 with Greg Jagielski & Kadee Smith


Little Cedar Mtn HP 8314 (2174) July 2 with Ken Jones (repeat)
Tabor BM 8846 (2518) July 3 with Ken Jones
Marys Mountain 7699(1999) July 8 with Ken Jones (error range p2k)
Marys Mountain South 7553 (493) July 8 with Ken Jones
North Peak 8550 (3340) July 8 with Ken Jones
Peak 8420 (840) July 9 with Ken Jones (drive up)
Mount Moses8649(3549 July 9 with Ken Jones
New Pass Peak 9002 (2572) July 9 with Ken Jones
Mount Augusta 9966 (4386) July 10 with Ken Jones
Bilk Creek HP 8485 (2465) July 11 with Ken Jones (scary drive up)
Trout Creek HP (Orevada) 8506 (3458) July 11 with Ken Jones


Matterhorn 10838 (4688) Aug 20 with Dennis Poulin (repeat)
Pine Mountain 8648 (2026) Aug 21 with Dennis Poulin (repeat)
Merritt Mountain 8792 (2372) Aug 21 with Dennis Poulin (repeat)
McAfee Peak 10460 (4190) Aug 22 with Dennis Poulin (repeat)
Porter Peak 9268 (2662) Aug 22 with Dennis Poulin
Nannies Peak 8780 (2280) Aug 23 with Dennis Poulin
Pinon Range HP (Elliot BM) 8747 (2257) Aug 30
Mount Lewis 9680 (4290) Aug 30 (with wife) near drive up
Peavine Peak8266(2206) Aug 31
Virginia Peak8366(3658)


Petersen Mountain7857(2527) Sep 1
Fairview Peak8303(2593) Sep 2
Peak 8144 (404) Sep 2


Sonoma Peak 9396(3906) Oct 21 with Ken Jones
Adam Peak 8678(3568) Oct 22 with Ken Jones
Cain Mountain 8409(3199) Oct 23 with Ken Jones
Mount Callaghan 10187(3047) Oct 24 with Ken Jones
In July, while we were doing some Nevada peaks (as outlined below), Ken Jones and I looked at our calendars and came up with a mutually agreeable time for our next trip, late October. The problem with late October was it might be a crapshoot regarding the weather but we were thinking along the lines that if the weather was poor in the north or it had snowed recently, we'd head south and look at some peaks in that area. However, we really hoped that we could go to the Winnemucca area and pick up peaks like Sonoma, Adam, Cain and Callaghan. As things turned out, we not only got our wish, we got all the peaks we had earmarked as well. First, I need to share a little background about what had transpired prior to this trip.

This was my 10th trip to Nevada this year and probably the last one for 2011. My first trip was in February with SP member redsplashman and together we climbed Muddy Mountain, the HP of the Muddy Mountain range that is located between Las Vegas and Mesquite. That netted just one peak but I had a nasty accident on the descent that affected my ability to hike for a couple months afterwards. A boulder I had stepped on rolled, throwing me off the thing and then added insult and injury by rolling over my leg, almost crushing it. That is a story in itself regarding how I was able to make it back to my truck. Maybe I'll share that sometime in the future.

The next trip was with Dennis Poulin in April and by that time my leg was recovered enough to where we hiked and summitted Chokecherry Mountain, Badger Mountain, Irish Peak, So. Pahroc Peak, Mormon Mountain, Virgin Mountain and one in Arizona plus two in Utah. A very successful and memorable trip.

Then I returned with Ken Jones in May and together we knocked off Bloody Run Peak near Winnemucca, Ferguson Mountain and Pilot Peak (the western one) before we were stopped by a snow storm near Tonopah and I had to get Ken back to the Salt Lake City airport. We joined Dennis Poulin for the Ferguson and Pilot peak efforts.

I connected again with Dennis in early June when we met in Battle Mountain and proceeded to pick up 6 Mile Hill and Cone BM peaks on successive days. Both are north of Battle Mountain but my trip came to a screeching halt when I suffered a nasty wrist injury on Cone BM. As it turned out, I had broken my right wrist and that forced me to make an early return home to get medical treatment (hairline fracture according to doc). That wiped out the rest of June for me but with a splint and determination, I was back hiking again, I just couldn't use my right hand for much of anything. As I type this in late October, the wrist still bothers me and I can't actually even do a push up using the right arm. That will change I can promise.

A quicky trip to Nevada with SP'ers Greg and Kadee netted us Wood BM near Wells but that trip was cut short when Kadee's vehicle developed transmission problems and we had to limp back to Salt Lake City.

Hooking up with Ken once again, he and I knocked off a peak in Utah as well as a repeat of Wood BM and a new one in nevada for me, Tabor Peak north of Wells.

In July I returned to Nevada once again with Ken Jones (I met him in Elko) and together we did Marys Mountain, North Mountain, Moses Peak, New Pass Mountain, Augusta Peak, Bilk Mtn HP and Orevada Peak, another very successful trip. It was during this trip that we penciled in the possiblity of getting back in late October, the first weekend that we both would have free to do such a thing.

August saw me return to the state after hooking up with Dennis Poulin for some stuff in Idaho (where he finished the county highpoints) and I repeated the Matterhorn, Merritt Peak, Pine Peak and McAfee Peak before picking up new ones, Porter Peak and Nannies Peak. That was a twelve trip and deserving of a trip report sometime but as I mentioned earlier, Dennis finished the Idaho county highpoints on this trip, becoming only the 4th to do so and the first to do so in 7 years. We also picked up a bunch of other Idaho peaks on that trip but it seems that my heart was really in Nevada in 2011. I ran out of steam after those twelve days and Dennis continued on to get several more Nevada peaks before he headed home for Nevada.

I returned to Nevada a week later with my wife and picked off several more Nevada peaks including a couple that Dennis had done just a few days before. The majority of the peaks on the trip were drive ups and so it was nice to get those out of the way. My wife isn't as enamored by the Nevada outback as I am so I chose peaks that were close to pavement and motels but the number of drive up type peaks in Nevada are relatively few. Don't misconstrue drive up with easy as even the drive ups are often long hauls on dirt roads and high clearance and 4WD are necessary to get them. On Lewis Peak, I got a flat tire near the summit and it reminded me that it is always a good idea to carry two spares in Nevada. Of course on this trip, I only had one but that is often the way things work out. We made it into Winnemucca with no more tire needs but my recommendation for Nevada mountains is to use at least good off road tires with 6 ply tread and tough sidewalls.

Now we can return to the 4 days in late October with Ken Jones. Ken and I have done a lot of Nevada peaks together and most of the time we hook up by Ken flying into the Salt Lake City airport and me picking him up on a thursday night and then driving as far as we can before car camping for the evening. We then hit peaks until monday afternoon when I return Ken to the airport so he can catch a plane out in the morning to return to Seattle.

The last trip to Nevada was the tenth visit to the state and once again with Ken Jones of Seattle. Together we picked off Sonoma, Adam, Cain and Callaghan peaks. 4 peaks in 4 days and by the time I stepped out of my truck at home I had done 40 peaks in Nevada in the 10 trips. That total includes several repeats with Dennis Poulin.

Average per trip - 4

Partners on these trips:

Dennis Poulin - 5
Ken Jones - 3
Redsplashman - 1
My wife - 1
Greg & Kadee -1

In summary, I have been blessed to have good partners and to have the ability to still get out and hike at the age of 71. Thanks to Ken and Dennis and my wife particularly for making this a successful year. Also, my apologies to redsplashman for scaring the heck out of him when that boulder decided to try and change my life. He was very supportive and together we had quite the adventure together.