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Repel Sportsmen Max
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Repel Sportsmen Max

Repel Sportsmen Max

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Object Title: Repel Sportsmen Max

Manufacturer: Spectrum Brands, Inc.

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Created/Edited: Sep 11, 2008 / Sep 11, 2008

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Product Description

6.5 oz spray can insect repellent.

40% DEET Repels mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, biting flies, chiggers & fleas.

Check out the Repel website.


The active ingredient is, of course, DEET.

Field Trial

Anyone who has hiked or climbed in Glacier National Park in the late spring or early summer knows that there are hordes of hummingbird-sized mosquitoes and clouds of biting flies waiting to drain your body of all of its life-giving blood. On our first attempt of Stanton Mountain we had chosen to use Repel Sportsmen Max as our insect repellent. Stanton has a notorious reputation for bugs...which proved to be quite true. After spraying liberally on exposed skin and clothing the clouds of insects just hovered around us as we moved. If one was brave enough to land it immediately took off and never had time to bite. We tried several other products (Off, Deep Woods Off, Off Deep Woods Sportsmen, Avon Skin So Soft) over the season after we ran out of this product, but none proved even close to the effectiveness of Sportsmen Max. In fact, on our successful climb of Stanton Mountain we were practically carried off and devoured on the descent due to our use of an inferior product. Dozens of bites!! I highly recommend Repel Sportsmen Max!!



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