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Sport Trak Pro
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Sport Trak Pro

Sport Trak Pro

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Object Title: Sport Trak Pro

Manufacturer: Magellan

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Page By: Dean

Created/Edited: Dec 1, 2002 / Jan 29, 2007

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SportTrak Pro

Parts and Accessories


• Large high-contrast screen for easier viewing of maps and functions

• Stores up 32 MB of maps

• 9 MB North American or European basemap

• 23 MB of built-in memory for additional downloads

• Rugged and waterproof - take it anywhere!

• Accurate to 3-meters (WAAS and EGNOS-enabled)

• Front facing 7-key keypad to help you operate your GPS easier and faster

• Superior signal tracking via 12 channel quadrifilar antenna

• Store up to 500 waypoints and 20 reversible routes

Power: Two “AA” batteries (14-hour battery life)

Dimensions: 2.9” W x 1.3” D x 6.5” H

Weight: 8 oz.

Warranty: One-year limited



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DeanUntitled Review

Voted 5/5

I've been researching GPS units for about 6 months and this is the one I finally picked up.

After using this unit for awhile, I am very impressed with its capabilities and it has features I'm still learning about. I like everything about it and it has a nice ergonomic feel when you hold it. A solid feel and easy to use buttons make it one of those "toys" you want to take with you everywhere. I could actually see how fast my wife was driving as it gives you an extremely accurate MPH while in your car making it a good way to check the accuracy of your speedometer. True, you don't buy a GPS unit for this purpose but it is a fun sidelight. It also tracks your mileage among other things. The main reason I bought it though is that this puppy can pick up satellites in deep forest cover. Since I live in the northwest, that was a feature that I deemed to be very important. Anyway, I'm pleased, very pleased with this unit.

update: April 11, 2003. I now carry this with me (along with a compass of course) on every trip. Recently I did some snowshoe hikes in the Lake Tahoe area and I've found that the "mark" feature invaluable for knowing where you are in a snowstorm. I would mark where I left my car and the GPS would get me right back to the spot, no matter what (even when I can't get visual landmarks) Be sure to carry extra batteries as a GPS is worthless if you run out of juice.

Update: Oct 10, 2003: I am even more impressed with this unit and the value of using a GPS. I've learned to pre-load coordinates of places I want to go to, trail junctions, special features or landmarks and unerringly the GPS unit will lead me there. I always carry a compass and map and still take compass bearings and orient everything to the map I'm carrying but the value of GPS technogy is huge in county highpointing. I truly "never leave home without it"
Update: Nov. 19, 2005. Now there are many units out there that are
superior to this one including a color one I'd love to have. However, this one is still doing the job and gives me all I need so I have no plans to buy a newer model. I carry this one in my truck at all times
and the back up one I bought at Costco is the one that is in my pack.

Update: Jan 2007 I'm still in love with this unit although I now also have the Garmin 60CS. I really like it as well but surprisingly, I find the Sport Trak better in the trees on a side by side comparison. I like a couple of the Garmin screens better but either one is a good choice and I have them both. I carry both with me as the extra weight is offset by the extra protection of having that 2nd GPS unit on some hikes where I'm really depending on my GPS to get me back to my vehicle safely.
Posted Dec 19, 2002 10:47 pm

Rinat ShagisultanovUntitled Review

Voted 5/5

07-2004: So far I am very pleased with the features and the quality of the unit. It is lightweight, relialble and useful. At this point I used it for the training pursposes only (marking the route, navigating on the landamarks and waypoint, profiling the trail and exploring the routes when you get back home). The reception is good, though I had some sort of a problem when the unit switched from 3D mode (with altitude) to 2D mode and it did not want to switch back.

The battery life can be a problem (no wonder why) and it can be resolved by using the Li-batteries. The set of 2 from Energizer lasted for 2.5 days with continuous 7-8 hrs of usage/day on the backpacking in Tuoulumne Meadows (YNP).

My complain is mostly related to the software mapping product that is the only source of downloadable topographic info for the unit (the quality and the number of erros is questionable). I wish that Magellan improves the package.

In my opinion the device beats Garmin ETrex in its own field by the quality of antenna, features and price ($230 after rebate on June 2004).
Posted Jul 20, 2004 3:55 pm

Rafa BartolomeUntitled Review

Voted 5/5

After 1 year of use I think this unit is great with good accuracy. I've used this GPS in the Pyrenees (peaks among 2000-3400 meters) and in the main summits generally it had a dfference only of 2-3 meters of height.

The preview routes that I've loaded in the GPS with digital maps are generally O.K. (less of 20 meters generally) and the return mode it's wonderfull to back to the car in foggy days.

The maps of Magellan BaseMap Worldwide for the GPS are not very precise in some locations (more than 400 meters of difference in the position of the top of the Teide in Canaries)

Only in one time the summit are not precise in height in 1 year of use: the summit of Teide had 3730 meters (real 3719m) in this GPS but the smell sulphur surrond me (Does volcanic smoke interfere with the electronic devices?)

Posted May 16, 2005 1:39 pm

2skinnersLightweight and small

Hasn't voted

The size and weight of this GPS device make it well worthwhile. It can easily be clipped to your side or placed in your pocket or pack. I have not had much experience with use of a GPS but right from the get go, I didn't have much trouble learning some of the basics. So as far as user friendliness goes I would give it high marks. The battery life leaves something to be desired, even with lithium batteries, it seems to die on me when I need it. That may just be because I've used the same batteries for quite some time. Customizing the screens is pretty easy to do and is a nice feature as well.

All in all, I would recommend this device.
Posted Jun 17, 2007 4:19 am

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