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Paso del Oso - West ridge (normal route)

Paso del Oso - West ridge (normal route)

Paso del Oso - West ridge (normal route)

Page Type: Route

Location: Huesca, Spain, Europe

Lat/Lon: 42.88781°N / 0.7473°W

Object Title: Paso del Oso - West ridge (normal route)

Route Type: Hiking, Mountaineering

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Time Required: Most of a day

Difficulty: Walk-up

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The west ridge is also reached by climbers by the barranco de Gamueta, south of Chinebral, but most of them start from the Linza trailhead. When not covered by snow, it's just a hike with wonderful views and gets better with every step you take towards the summit. But if covered by snow -or in cold weather when ice could cover the scree- it can become a dangerous business, specially for those not used to winter mountains.

Getting There

Start from the Linza mountain hut. You will have to get there from Pamplona or Huesca, the biggest closer cities. Follow the road linking both of them (N-240) until the crossing of Venta Carrica. This is a crossing about (will check) sixty kilometers from Pamplona, where you can find a petrol station and the beginning of the road to Sigüés / Salvatierra de Esca / Roncal. Follow this road (NA-137) for thirty kilometers, until you get to Isaba. After Isaba keep going north (NA-1370) for three more kilometers and turn right on the crossing marked as (Zuriza /Ansó). This small road (NA-2000) will take you across the valley of Belabarce and to the camping area at Zuriza, under the Sierra de los Alanos. When you finish coming down from Belabarce (that will be some thirteen kilometers after Isaba), turn left for the camping area and drive around it until the end of the road. It is not in a very good state, so don't drive fast. You will see the dirt roads to Barranco de las Eras and Barranco de Gamueta to the right, but pay them no attention. Keep going on the main road until a final turn right, around a rocky hill, sets you on the small flat valley known as Plano de la Casa and the mountain hut of Linza.
Nearest railway stations: Pamplona / Huesca
Nearest airports: Pamplona / Zaragoza

Route Description

The Paso del Caballo
Paso del Caballo
The Acherito from the Plana...
Acherito and Plana de Diego
Start walking south from the Linza Hut parking area, making for an obvious gap (called "Paso del Caballo" - Horse's Crossing) in the rocky hill in front of you. Reaching it is nothing but an uphill hike, made easier by some nordic ski runs found in the forest. When you get to the pass you will find a good path going left to right (that is, east to west). Take it to your left, uphill, and follow it across the forest. 
Petrechema from Paso del Oso
Petrechema from the Paso del Oso
Summit of Chinebral

After a short walk the forest comes to an end over a ravine ("Paso del Oso" - Bear's Pass) that falls to your left. That's the point where the path becomes steeper to climb a green hill, in front of you. Keep going and turn slightly right (southeast) when you overcome the hill. The flat valley known as Plana de Diego stands in front of you. Acherito is the cone-shaped peak at its northeast end, but pay no attention to it. You must get going up to your southeast, climbing grassy slopes and make for the long ridge of Chinebral (which closes the south end of the valley). At first the terrain is easy, just grassy, but the final half of the ridge becomes a scree slope falling softly to your right and finished by a cliff to your left. If climbing in winter conditions remember to stay away from the cliff, snow can be hanging over the void there and form a deadly trap. The summit is at the end of the ridge, marked by a small mailbox in the shape of a house.

Essential Gear

For summer (meaning "without snow") climbs, good boots and a backpack with water, food and warm clothes (just in case!). Winter conditions do require, at the very least, ice-axe and crampons - apart from proper clothes. Hiking poles can be useful anytime.

External Links

  • Asolaze Camping site
    Basic information on services and contact possibilities of the Asolaze Camping site (Isaba-Navarra).
  • Zuriza camping site
    Spanish language info on the Zuriza camping site, five kilometers south of Plano de la Casa and Linza mountain hut.


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