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Mt Damavand in January

Hej Guys,

I have some holidays in January and was thinking of going to Iran/ Damavand for some ski-mountaineering. However most people seem to go there in April. Snow conditions and weather are supposed to be worse in January.

However I am still wondering about it. Is it a no go in January or just more likely to miss the good weather window?
Anybody here who has some experience in mid winter (or just on ...
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Is 2 months of training enough to summit Aconcagua

I was planning to climb Aconcagua in February, and had asked for 15 days off of work. Meaning I had 4 months to prepare.
My employer just ruled out February as a big project is launching for me at that time. They have however been very generous in offering me 4 weeks off in December instead :shock: .

- Obviously I'll have more time there. SO I could spend some days in Mendoza and ...
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UCPA course or an alternative in chamonix.


Does anyone have any experience with or know anyone that has completed an alpinism course with a company called UCPA in Chamonix? If so, are they any good? would you recommend them?
I'm looking for a good introduction course (1 week or more) that's not going to break the bank.
I'm leaning towards UCPA at the moment as they are a not for profit organization where accommodation and food etc is all included in ...
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Mount Wallace / Clyde Spires

anyone been on top of either over the past month or so? need a recent pic..
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~70 mile loop ideas within 5 hours of Central Va ~70 mile loop ideas within 5 hours of Central Va

We are looking for a ~70(ish) mile trip to do in the spring of 2015. We are in central Virginia and would like to be within 5 hours, to save on drive time! We have done Mt Rogers, Cranberry Wilderness, Linville Gorge, Quehanna, and most of Shenandoah. We enjoy challenging terrain, elevation, solitude, beautiful scenery and no snakes! :-)
Ideally, we want a loop, to avoid ...

Overweight cal intake? Please help

Good day, I am overweight by a fair amount, 280 lbs for 5'7". I love hiking in the winter, I find it is a good way to loose weight. The weight that I would be conformable to be at would be about 180 lbs so as you can see, when I an fully geared up, it's like I have 100 lbs that I am carrying over and above my pack. Most people, when t comes ...
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-40 TNF Inferno bad idea???

I am debating the purchase of a winter camping sleeping bag (the price is not an issue at all). I have a credit at TNF which can take care of the entire cost. Is going to a -40 a good insurance policy? The weight difference between the -40 and -20F is about 312 gr or 11 ounce, is this going to be a problem in my backpack over serval days of hiking? If the weather ...
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Looking for Partner(s) from SE to climb Rainier

Ideally, I'd like to find at least 2 guys interested in going to Rainier with somewhat flexible schedules which could be adjusted for weather. It would be ideal if those interested lived closed enough to Western NC where I'm located that we could get together for some climbing before the trip to make sure our styles meshed. I say guys only b/c I'm married, and while my wife puts up with a lot with my ...

Japanese Volcano Deaths

Tragic news out of Japan, in case you didn't already see the news reports:
http://www.cnn.com/2014/09/29/world/asi ... ?hpt=hp_t2
Very sad!
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Bombproof guy line and adjusters

What's a robust guy line setup for above tree line when it's nuking out? I've used 2.3MM glowire and lineloc 3's for three season use and they've been adequate but they have never really been challenged either. Thoughts?
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