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st.george - where to stay?

planning climbing trip with several days in St. George, Utah...
Can someone recommend decent affordable ( ~$20/night) accommodations, both indoors and camping?
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What altitude should I start to pack Diamox?

When planning a trip, at what sleeping altitudes do you plan to pack Diamox or consider staged ascents?
I have read that AMS affects about 25% of people above 8,000ft (2,400m) and this is roughly the same for periodic breathing (Cheyne-Stokes breathing). I stayed at Bow Hut last year (~2,400m) and nobody seemed to be taking Diamox or staging their ascents, so I was curious about which altitude people really start to do these things. ...
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More Ads Lately?

The auto play pop up ads are less frequent, it seems, and they wait a few seconds before becoming audible so you have a chance to close them. But now I am getting saturated with static ads all over summitpost: above, on the sides, in between features, and below. This is even though my profile says 'minimal ads'. Did a decision get made to allow more ads or has something changed? Any one else noticing ...
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FS : Goose Down Pants and Parka Cold Temps Special

Purchase the goose down filled Eddie Bauer pants and the Alpine Designs parka together for $325.00 shipped. Color clash but very warm! PPFF or please add 3%.



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Wickersham Wall on Denali

I stumbled across this article on the 1963 first (and only?) ascent of the Wickersham Wall on Denali's North Face by members of the Harvard Mountaineering Club. Summitposters may find it interesting reading.


Some quick googling suggests that as of now the climb is still unrepeated. Is anyone aware of a second ascent?
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Denali Kit - Your Advice Pls

Hi all, grateful for any advice / insight for an upcoming trip to Alaska.

I'm getting my kit ready for a guided Denali expedition June/July next year and am looking to anyone who has spent time on Denali to provide some advice pls.

For context, I'd like to buy kit that I could also take to Himalaya for some higher mountains (8,000m) to save $$ and space in my small apartment!

Sleeping Bags
I think ...
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Sleeping bag and pad for two


My girlfriend and I usually go backpacking together, so carrying 2 sleeping bags and pads seems like a waste of space/weight. I have been considering getting a 2 person sleeping bag and pad.

Sleeping bag: I cannot seem to find anything good for two people. The best option seems to be https://www.bigagnes.com/King-Solomon-1 ... BLE-WIDE_2. However, it is only 600 fill Down, and doesn't seem to save much over ...
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Belay Parka - MH mountain guide vs Columbia Heatzone 1000


Looking to buy a Belay parka that can be used for belaying as well as backpacking in colder weather. I'm just getting into climbing and camping in colder conditions so I'm looking for something versatile.
My two options so far are last season versions of:
1) https://www.mountainhardwear.com/mens-g ... 16581.html
2) https://www.columbiasportswear.ca/en/he ... 13190906:s

Any advice on those, or on picking a parka ...
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Advice? Climbing around Chamonix in June 2018

Hi SummitPosters,

I enjoy doing all the research and planning for alpine trips, but I figure it can't hurt (well, 'sticks and stones' kind of can't hurt) to ask for some feedback / advice / alternative suggestions from those with personal experience.

I'm looking to spend June in the Alps. I'm pretty comfortable climbing up to AD+, I've been climbing in NZ's Southern Alps Summer and Winter the last few years, and have been trad ...
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