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Regional discussion and conditions reports for Africa. Please post partners requests and trip plans in the Africa Climbing Partners section.

Beta/Gear recommendations for Mount Kenya (Nelion std. route

I'm planning an attempt on Mt. Kenya by the Nelion Std route in February. Has anyone here been on the mountain in the last couple of years? I'm interested in any advice or beta (either here, or PM me). In particular, I'm curious as to what sort of snow conditions to expect, as only beta from recent years will likely be relevant. We plan to take crampons and axes with us, but I have no ...
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Hiking Mt Meru, Tanzania

Hi guys,

We are planning on hiking Mt Meru in October 2014. We are hiking without a tour operator and possibly without porters. What cold/rain gear is needed for that time of year?

We have thermal baselayers (top and bottom), light weight trekking clothes (top and bottom), water and wind proof outershells (top and bottom), light weight fleece tops, thicker fleece tops, gloves, buffs, fleece beanies, gaiters and ponchos, as well as down sleeping bags ...
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Zara Tours

Hey all, I know people are always asking about tour operators for Kili. I just finished the Machame 5 day with Zara and have nothing but good things to say about them. They are not top of the line but we ate fine and were very efficient on the mountain. I would go with them again in an instant. Just thought I would share. Scott
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Traverse of M'Goun in winter Traverse of M'Goun in winter

Did anybody ever traverse the M'Goun mountain range (High Atlas, Morocco) in winter?
And what about snow levels early February?

I'm planning this as a solo trip for next month, from Azilal to Skoura. Wonder if it's ever been done solo in winter.
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Toubkal SE ridge via Aiguille d'Ifni Toubkal SE ridge via Aiguille d'Ifni

Did anyone climb the SE ridge of Toubkal via the Aiguille d'Ifni?

I plan to climb this ridge next month and would like to get some more details. I've been in the area several times in winter and climbed all major peaks solo, so I know what to expect. Just need some inside information about this ridge, tips on approach etc.

Toubkal SE ridge

Thnx! Boris
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Best Kilimanjaro route?

I have been doing some research and haven't uncovered much other than cutting it down to one of Lemosho, Machame and Rongai. Can anyone give me some some personal insights into what they think is better?
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Kilimanjaro Zara questions

Can someone tell me what website Zara uses? I see there is a a zara.co.tz and also a zaratours.com are they the same company?

I am looking to add Mt Meru and a safari to my climb. What is the danger for Mt Meru as I see you need an armed Ranger :shock: I don't really feel like getting eaten.

Is there any difference between going with ...
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Team Kilimanjaro view on Diamox

I received this from TK in regards to Diamox:

"As regards Diamox, the obvious advantage is that when taking it the effect of the altered chemical composition of your blood on your chemo-receptors is to tell your hypothalamus to make you breathe faster, which of course compensates for the reduced volume of oxygen taken in with each breath when at altitude. The main problems are twofold, a) that this is achieved by acidifying your blood ...
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Safety on Mt Kenya?

I´ve been warned about robberies on Mt Kenya by travelers who have"heard stories of it", but can´t find anything when I google, and when I asked the park service they said they had had no problems (not that I would trust their word for it, since it´s in their interest to keep people coming there). There are three of us, and we don´t plan on using a guide or porters, and we are taking the ...
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Mt. Meru only

Hi all,

I'm leaving for Tanzania in a few weeks, and I think I'll try and get a climb of Mt. Meru in. I'm not interested in a guide service, and I have plenty of backpacking experience in the US, elevation up to 14.5k'. We're a group of 3 fit 30-somethings. Some questions:
1. Can we rent sleeping bags and a tent, or would we be better off bringing our own (which would be a ...
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