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Post general questions and discuss issues related to climbing.

What is a "high-clearance vehicle?"

I posted this question to LonePeakFreak re: directions to Beaver Basin below Waas Peak in Utah's La Sal mountains (http://www.summitpost.org/beaver-basin-via-waas-green-saddle/158936), but then noticed he hadn't logged on in a few years, so I'll open this up to general discussion/argument. My question was:
I hope I can get a bit more details about what is meant by "high clearance." Having driven for years on infrequently maintained and unmaintained roads in the Washington Cascades (the road to ...
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denali weather forecaster

I've seen several blogs/posts by climbing teams on Denali that hire this real smart weather guy from, I think Colorado. You arrange communication with him before your trip, and then on the mountain, he gets real accurate projections for the best weather window, etc. I can't seem to find the blog/post that mentions his name. I'm putting a Team together for June, 2017, and need his beta. Does anybody know this guy or, know who ...
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Efficiently Melting Snow for Drinking Water Project

Hi all! We are a group of four seniors in high school working on creating a better method as to melting snow to be used for drinking water. We got this idea while one member of our group was climbing Mt. Rainer and utilized a gas stove to melt snow. Our team feels that we can create a more efficient and lightweight method for melting snow for drinkable water. It would be a big help ...
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most dangerous

What was the most dangerous thing you have encountered while hiking/climbing? Was it a lose rock on a steep ledge? Sudden lightning storm? Or maybe some kind of animal?
Mine is the third. I was on Guadalupe Peak Trail and, on my way back down, I heard one of the scariest noises possible while hiking in the dessert. I had come across a northern black-tailed rattlesnake. Every Texan knows that all rattlesnakes are deadly w/o ...
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Running outside in cold or use treadmill?

Hey guys,

I'm just curious as to what everyone's opinion is with running on a treadmill vs running outside in cold. Personally I prefer running outside, however it is starting to get real cold out there. My concern though is that whenever I run on a treadmill it just doesn't feel like I am getting the same effective workout as running outside, not to mention that I feel like a hamster on a wheel. lol ...
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Mount everest talk?

Hello everyone!

I saw a talk (on youtube I think) a while back by a female mountain guide that guided a climb on everest.
I can't find that Video anymore despite looking a lot, so I was thinking maybe one of you might be able to do so.

Here are a few things I remember from the talk:
She talked about her education as a mountain guide.
I remember that one of her clients was ...
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Need help in finding a climber's name

Hi guys. didn't really know where to post this. I thought is more appropriate here as I'm not looking for a climbing partner.

This summer I've met a group of Czech climbers while in Switzerland. We found each other on Monch summit and next day I joined them to Gross Fiescherhorn.
As stupid as it seems, I did not take any contact details. I have a few pictures and some videos of them and viceversa. ...
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simplified mountain class

I can't find these anywhere. Could somebody please simplify the differences between class 1-5 for newbies like me.
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Adrian and Alan Burgess

Are you in contact with British climbing legends Adrian and Alan Burgess? If so can you please send me a private message, thank you.
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Search called off for 2 Utah climbers missing in Pakistan

Kyle Dempster and Scott Adamson

Dempster, 33, and Adamson, 34, both of Utah, are two of the most accomplished alpinists of their generation. Dempster is a two-time winner of the coveted climbing award, Piolets d'Or. He last won in 2013 for a climb he did with others in the same area in Pakistan.

http://www.ksl.com/?sid=41336720&nid=15 ... h-climbers
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