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Post general questions and discuss issues related to climbing.

Complete Newbie, is this an achievable goal or am I crazy?

Hi all,

As the headline states, I'm a complete newbie to mountain climbing - I've done quite a bit of hiking through some rough Australian terrain and a little easy climbing (never needed any gear) but otherwise have no experience.

As some back story, I'm a 23 hr old female, with a pretty low fitness level in general (also about 10-15 kg over my ideal weight). I live in North Queensland, Australia and I'd like ...
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Winter Peakbagging, Summer Conditions (USA)

I’m interested in a warm-weather location for peakbagging this winter – a place where I can use a single hotel as my base and dayhike numerous local peaks in an approximately week-long winter peakbagging vacation. The Phoenix area looks like a good candidate. Any better ideas?
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Mammut Project 360

Just thought I'd share Mammut's Project 360 since it's pretty amazing.


360 technology is pretty amazing and will change the way we share experiences from the trips we take. This site has 360 photos and videos from major climbs like the North Face of The Eiger, The Matterhorn, The Nose (El Capitan) and a few others. The locations are limited, but what they do have so far is really cool. You can follow the ...
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Non permit climbs

Hi fellow mountaineers, I'm new to climbing and was wondering what it the highest summit you can climb that does not require a permit and if anyone could recommend some good climbs.
Dave Butters
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Where would you go if you could go any place in the world?

Hi all,

I am a long time lurker, and finally decided to make an account. I have been thinking about making a trip in the next year or two, so I am trying to narrow down some places. I saw on a thread a while back about going to western China, and that has really stuck in my head since it would be more in my budget.

I saw Salewa is doing a lot of ...
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Risk as a Parent

Just was wondering about others perceptions

So as a single father of two girls this question goes through my head, especially as climbing partners have kids.

Is avoiding risk good or bad,.

Just some background. So, I've climbed for 42 years around the world, and have never had an accident that I needed to see the doctor. I've taken falls onto a rope upwards of 60ft, spent 2 yrs just doing R/X climbs, climbed in ...
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Ice climbing equipment ?

First time Ice climbing, can I wear snowboarding boots for ice climbing or any hiking boots does it matter ? does it matter what kind of helmet I wear also ? How about ice climbing axe's I see straight ones and curved ones ?
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Best Beginner Mountains

Hey all,

My girlfriend and I just graduated college and left our respective sports teams, and are looking to get into mountaineering as our new sport. We're both in excellent physical condition and spend a lot of time backpacking and hiking as it is, and she does quite a bit of rock climbing as well (while I only climb maybe a couple times a year, I'm trying to get into it more now that I ...
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Climbing Mt Kenya and Kilimanjaro in succession

Dear Summitpost posters!

I am a newbie at climbing any mountains above 1000m (only done Ben Nevis and Snowden), however, I do hike quite often and across varying ranges of landscape. Including all the ones found on those two mountains. I have no doubt I can manage either of these mountains, but I was wondering if it is wise to both in quick succession, i.e. one day of rest in between.

I'm planning to start ...
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Newbie,Where to start ice climbing.

I'm coming to M.T Washington in March of 2016 for my Fifty Birthday, I want to climb Pinnacle Gully,I watched You tuber"s say that was their first time ice climbing as well.I'm i moving to fast?
Read more : Newbie,Where to start ice climbing. | Views : 861 | Replies : 9


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