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Post general questions and discuss issues related to climbing.

Need life advice! Great life but I'm wilderness starved

Please welcome my first post on SummitPost. I’ve been a reader of trip reports for a long time. I really need some advice from similar-minded outdoor enthusiasts:

The shorter version: I live on the east coast near a pretty big city with a family, job, house, and overall living situation that is all that I could ever ask for. I’m very happy. However, I lived in a perfect little rocky mountain town a couple years ...
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Maps vs. GPSr

For years, decades actually, I religiously carried a map with me on just about every outing unless it was particularly short. An older GPSr that I had didn't have built in maps and wasn't much good for anything except getting me back in a white-out. Then I got one with touch screen and built-in maps and wow, what a difference. It's been about four years now since I last carried a printed map with me ...
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Predicting Time and Pace

I've frequently been asked the question "How long should it take me to climb X"? Of course I can't give a useful answer without having a pretty good idea of the fitness and skill level of the person asking the question. Guidebooks and park hiking guides typically give very conservative, pretty slow estimates.

I had a thought about using a calibration versus the records on the fastest known times site. http://fastestknowntime.proboards.com/ ...
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Coasties USCG

Any current or former Coasties out there??
Read more : Coasties USCG | Views : 290 | Replies : 0

Bora peak!

Any idea if there is snow on top of bora peak? and any more update news on the mountain?
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Meru Climbing Movie

Was thinking about seeing it soon. What did others think?
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Black Bear Attack

Just west of Yosemite, sad that the report states the bear will be euthanize if found.
http://abc30.com/news/man-fights-off-be ... es/927205/
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Personal Websites

http://www.summitpost.org/cardinal-pinn ... ack/949092 -- Steph Abegg -- Washington -- Cardinal Pinnacle Crack Kingdom and V8 Crack

http://cys-hiking-adventures.blogspot.c ... om-v8.html -- Cy K -- Updated

Elves - My old thread disappeared - What happened ?
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Peakbagger hacked

Peakbagger.com is down - apparently hacked. Of course, I see a lot of Chinese language characters in this forum, so it concerns me.
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How many of you use the geolocation based games INGRESS, MUNZEE, or GEOCACHING to inspire and motivate you while out hiking?

I have recently started playing INGRESS resulting in me hiking up parts of Mission Peak in Fremont, CA 3 different times now. I find the feeling of success to be a great motivator. I find that the support I get from other players in the area encourages me to do more!

I'd love to ...
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