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Post general questions and discuss issues related to climbing.

Not permitted to use Forum Search

Hey all, just joined the forum but I am unable to use to search function for some reason. When I click the search icon I get redirected to a page that says "Sorry but you are not permitted to use the search system." Anyone know how to solve this problem? Thank you!
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Most rewarding/favorite summit

As you have probably learned, I'm more for mountains than cliffs and backpacking trips. Everybody that has also read my previous posts knows what my answer is. I want to know what yours was. If you can decide (those that have been doing this the majority of their life might have difficulty answering).
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Mountaineering Beginner Looking for Partners and/or Advice

TL;DR Version: I have some backpacking experience and I am interested in getting into mountaineering. In near future, I would like to explore the glaciers and not so high peaks in Northern Pakistan (where I was born) – primarily in the same area as five of the world’s fourteen 8,000m peaks. I am here to look for mountaineering partner(s) who are either beginners or wouldn’t mind showing the ropes (pun intended) to a beginner.

I ...
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What was your first climb?

The subject describes the forum. What was it? Mine was a hill outside of Gunnison, Co when I was 17. It was a really cool feeling. Then I went up Guadeloupe Peak in Texas. That was a much more physical, and rewarding, task.
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Looking for trip ideas for next year

This year I did one of the sub summits Las Rodillas on Ixta and climbed Pico de Orizaba.The year before I attempted Cayambe on a two day trip to get some experience. I'm hoping to put together my two weeks of vacation for next year. Not sure when our vacation bid is going to happen. I work for United airlines so I can travel to almost anywhere. I'm curious what a good next step up ...
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Beginner w/ questions

Howdy all, I'm a 22-y.o. at a natural pause in the school/career rat race and I'm increasingly drawn to mountaineering/climbing. I want to explore it but I just don't know where to start, and everywhere else I look online is strangely devoid of actual, practical first steps (thanks, but "spend $500 on cams and nuts" probably shouldn't come first), so... where do I start? There isn't much more than regular hiking trails in my immediate ...
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Hey, where did all the eyeballs go?

I honestly have never been a heavy user of this site, only checking in occasionally. But it seems that when I first started on this site 10 years ago, and even a few years ago, there was a lot more traffic, a lot more forum threads, a lot more people posting in threads, etc. I look at the list of recent topics and instead of many many new ones each day it seems there are ...
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Best way to sell off gear?

Unfortunately, I'm getting out of mountaineering. All of the gear is lightly used with plenty of miles left on it. The items range from boots, tents, ice axes, etc.

Does anyone know the best way to sell mountaineering gear? I am planning on posting on this site but I want to know if it's better to list on eBay or Craigslist and post links, post only in the classified in one bulk post, or a ...
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True or False?

I have often been somewhat disappointed in a summit after having climbed a false summit that I found to be more interesting in some way - more challenging, more picturesque, etc. How about some examples where a false summit on a mountain is more interesting than the true summit?
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