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Post general questions and discuss issues related to climbing.

A Gathering of Mortality...

I don't know how appropriate it is for me to draw attention to an article of my own making, but it has to do with an issue that sooner or later (hopefully the latter!) will affect us all. Life and death, climbing and not climbing, mountains or naught...it'll eventually be all too real. Which it is for me. Now. How does one share this sort of thing? Emotional, tough stuff—quite difficult to set down in ...
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Solo Suggestions

As a teacher I enjoy a large chunk of time off in the summer months. Currently, I am looking for suggestions or ideas for how to spend July 2010. My climbing/travel partner will not be able to join me so I am looking for a trip that could be done on my own. I am open to pretty much anywhere in the world if the idea is badass enough.
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Child Endangerment Charges - Revy Avalanche

The parents of a seven year old who was caught in the avalanche at Revelstoke may be charged with child endangerment.

This could have far reaching consequences as far as taking your children (and friends)into the backcountry or engaging in any "risky" outdoor activity.

The guy should never have taken a minor into such a risky situation but do we need to make an example out of him in order to get people to ...
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Do you get remote?

I was just playing with Google Earth and realized how much of the planet would be considered remote. I mean, if you want to get remote, you can. But then, what is remote? There are towns in the middle of China that I guess I would consider remote and they have a 100 thousand people living there. How can that be remote. Is remote relative to whoever is trying to get away? The Mariana trench ...
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Defending the Animals

click through photos in Summitpost.Get excited.Arrange babysitter.trip to REI.Taxi. Airplane. Rental Car. Cheap Hotel.Long hike in.Camping for Days.Time.Money.Lots of money.This dried food sucks.Finally it happens.I see you.I'm stunned.Snap photo.Glow for hours.Laughter.Almost giddiness.Hike out.Cheap Hotel. Rental Car. Airplane ride.Taxi.Wash the mud off clothes.Post photo.Tell friends.It was the highlight of our trip. We talk about it for years later. The Bear we saw. The wolf we saw. The moose we saw. The eagle we saw.

Then when ...
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Happy Anniversary - 9 years of SummitPost

It is now March 19 in Europe (CET), so it is time to celebrate the 9 years of SummitPost!


Aaron, with what has happened lately, I think the time is ripe for for part IV of the SummitPost story!
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Aaaaaa, will I ever understand?

I know this subject has been discussed (at length) in the past, but I still don't understand the way people vote on SP.

Seems like there's a group of people (no names) who always end up having their photos
displayed on the front page.

Wouldn't it be better to vote on photos from other folks for a change? Or, would that be
too drastic of a change for some people ???

I mean, I LOVE ...
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features on Everest's SW face & Noel Odell ?s


My name is Kumar. I am not a climber, but a translator of Japanese comic books into English. I am currently translating a fictional 5-volume series called "Summit of the Gods" which climaxes in an insane attempt by one character to reach Everest's summit by the south-west route, solo, in winter, and without oxygen.

You can read a bit about the series in these places:
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Name that peak...

I need some help identifying the wall in this photo. I took the picture from a flight a couple of years ago and now I don't even remember if I was over the Sierra or the Rockies. I was flying back from the west coast, so it could be either. If you recognize the peak, I'd appreciate you helping me out.


Wide angle for perspective.
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