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Post general questions and discuss issues related to climbing.

hikes/climb with more that 4000 mts/13000 fts gain.

In Guatemala is a really nice and hardcore challenge, to climb 3 big volcanoes adding more that 5000 mts/16404 ft gain

http://www.summitpost.org/view_object.p ... id=1174184

Anyone knows about more hikes like this??
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I could not figure out the route rating system on this site. Such as:
F+? "possibility to climb the north and the east ridges,(3 hours F+),the lower part is common."
BSA? "Sky route,S flank: Long route,from Bagni del Masino ( 4/5h BSA)"
WS? "South Face: WS, places of III"

I couldn't find any legend, google search did not help...

Thanks for your help in advance!
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GPS for a dog?

Do they make little GPS beacon thingies to put on a dog collar? that way if you lose your dog, you just look for the blinking beacon on some ipod app?
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The Beckoning Fear

I just read Joe Simpson's Beckoning Silence. Within he chronicles the deaths of various friends and partners, and exposes his own growing fear and desire to quit alpinism, before he finally succeeded in killing himself.

I found the book both fascinating and depressing. That man is a talented writer and at least with me he evokes a wide range of emotional responses, and most of them are not touchy feel goody sorts of emotions.

Anyway, ...
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How to properly organize a Mountain Climbing Expedition..

I believe this short film covers everything one needs to know about organizing a successful mountaineering expedition.


Additional Resources,

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sh62wh0ziU4 (different version of original vid.)
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LOST: Ski pokes + crampon bag LAKE COMO/LITTLE BEAR

Ski Poles (Leki) and crampon bag (Black Diamond) were lost above Lake Como at the start of the normal route to Little Bear. Please send me an e-mail at tobe945 at gmail.com if you believe you have them. Thanks!
Read more : LOST: Ski pokes + crampon bag LAKE COMO/LITTLE BEAR | Views : 337 | Replies : 0

Climbing for charities

Has anyone ever climbed for a charity before? After hearing about "summit on the summit" (http://www.summitonthesummit.com/#/intro), I thought it'd be interesting to hear some of your experiences. Was it different than a regular climb? what cause did you take on and why? How did you find out about the charity? what did you do to fundraise? Anyways - look forward to hearing some cool stories.
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Garmin 24k Topo Map and Hikes in Estes

Garmin indicates that on their 24k scale topo maps they include trail maps. Some of the reviews I have read indicate that the number of trail maps is limited. We are traveling to CO in July and maybe hiking Yale and Harvard. Can anyone tell me if these topo maps have these trails on them and what is your opinion.

Second, visiting Estes in July. Any recommended hikes. Looking for 2-4 hour hike which would ...
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Cycle Touring and Climbing

Several years ago I discovered cycle touring and it's really become my main focus these days. Now I find myself missing the time in the back country and plan to combine them in the next year. I know Corax has done quite a bit of this stuff, but is anyone else into it ? Care to discuss it ?
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Death or the summit?

Obviously, most of us are too prudent and too cautious to even consider this question. But, is there a part of you that admires mountaineers who would rather die than give up, turn back or surrender to a mountain? I certainly admire the fearless and the crazy brave.
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