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Post general questions and discuss issues related to climbing.

Research subjects with a history of HAPE needed!!!!

UC Davis graduate student is looking for male subjects ages 18-55 who have had HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema) before. Study consists of two separate visits for a total of about 6 hours. There are no funds for travel, so anyone who is in California and close to Sacramento is needed!!! We are having an extemely hard time finding individuals who have had HAPE before, so if you know of someone PLEASE HELP!! Study will ...
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Guidance (Central/Southern America)

My name is Nathan Fuller and I am a student at the university of Cumbria in England. Me and two friends are in the early stages of looking to come and conduct an expedition in Central or Southern America. Our original plan was to climb Doyles Delight (Belize) however after speaking to a few other people they have said it is near impossible to organize yourself. As part of our course we have to ...
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Where to go?

Hi everyone,

My girlfriend and I are moving to Canada this November/December to work for a year, maybe a bit more. So we're looking for a place where I can pretty much take up ice climbing and mountaineering full time, I'm new to mountaineering and ice climbing but want to bring myself to a reasonably high standard. My girlfriend doesn't climb, but were both keen to do some back country skiing, her more than me ...
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How to get certified as a climbing instructor?

There is a local scout group who wants to earn the climbing merit badge, and since I climb they thought that I could teach them But apparently you have to be a certified climbing instructor, so my question is, How do you get certified?
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Lets See Your Skills...

Read more : Lets See Your Skills... | Views : 1611 | Replies : 20

Backcountry Recipes

Hey we need some help. I am trying to build a resource for cooking in the Mountains and we need some recipes.

Add one of your favorite to: http://www.summitpost.org/article/60226 ... tains.html

Add recipes by going to the Dinner, Lunch or Breakfast Recipes and click on Custom Objects and then click “create new”
Read more : Backcountry Recipes | Views : 574 | Replies : 4

Our American "Blank Spots"

If we were to hang a map on the wall and put a tack in all the places I've either visited, climbed or hiked, there would be some "blank spots" on it with few or no tacks. It would be different for every person.

Anyway, here are my blanks spots for the western United States highlighted in red:


The orange dots represent the places I have lived either permanently or for extended periods of ...
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Optical phenomena in the mountains

It's interesting, thanks mate. D'you know there is a page about them here in SP :?:
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M (Mixed) Ratings

So I've seen very little on this, apart from some very general discussions, mostly applying to the ratings once you get to doing the extreme overhanging routes such as those found in Wyoming or Utah.

<b>Does anyone have any knowledge into how to classify this rating system? </b>

I've been doing some dry-tooling/mixed climbing in Utah, Tahoe and the Bay Area, but I've had no idea how to classify the routes! I can definitely attest, ...
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A Gathering of Mortality...

I don't know how appropriate it is for me to draw attention to an article of my own making, but it has to do with an issue that sooner or later (hopefully the latter!) will affect us all. Life and death, climbing and not climbing, mountains or naught...it'll eventually be all too real. Which it is for me. Now. How does one share this sort of thing? Emotional, tough stuff—quite difficult to set down in ...
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