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How to rate friction climbs?

Two weekends ago I had only my second climbing experience on routes that have been rated. Prior to that, all of my ascents have been free climbs on backcounty Adk slides which I merely assumed topped off at Class 4. Based on the rated routes I recently climbed, I now realize that some of these slide pitches have been low to mid Class 5. I also realize there is a big difference between a 5.4 ...
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These two are my second cup of coffee every frkn day.

Single, they are some of the Best REAL CLIMBERS today. Together, they truly are the best climbing partnership out there. They do it all...anywhere... anytime!



PS... Please take note at what shoes/boots they are climbing 5.11+ in. Unfkingbelievable!
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Mountineering with one good arm?

Dear All,

I am hoping to get some feedback from those of you that have some proper mountaineering experience.

I've been hiking for quite some time, have done some rock climbing in the past and love being in the mountains. As natural progression would have it, I would like to get into some bigger mountains and some tougher climbing.

Here's the catch:
due to an unfortunate (or even fortunate-depends on the perspective) motorcycle accident ...
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Mystery post/sign

I saw this odd structure near Hart Mountain in SE Oregon a few weeks back. Any ideas of its significance, if any?

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name of mountains.

Hey guys,
what is the name of the dry mountain which is across Mount Whitney, CA? it seems pretty high up while you climbed Whitney, is on the other side of Lone pine. I was just wondering if there are some good trails on it to summit it. Also, if you guys know some good high mountains to climb around Death Valley, CA.
thanks guys!!!!
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Views from Home

do you really want to see a photo of red brick? :cry:
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Steep, The movie...

Last night I watched the movie Steep....What a great movie....
An incredible tale...!
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hikes/climb with more that 4000 mts/13000 fts gain.

In Guatemala is a really nice and hardcore challenge, to climb 3 big volcanoes adding more that 5000 mts/16404 ft gain

http://www.summitpost.org/view_object.p ... id=1174184

Anyone knows about more hikes like this??
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I could not figure out the route rating system on this site. Such as:
F+? "possibility to climb the north and the east ridges,(3 hours F+),the lower part is common."
BSA? "Sky route,S flank: Long route,from Bagni del Masino ( 4/5h BSA)"
WS? "South Face: WS, places of III"

I couldn't find any legend, google search did not help...

Thanks for your help in advance!
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