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Post general questions and discuss issues related to climbing.

Mt. Hood Attempt - Experienced Mountaineer Wanted

Ok – I have a group of folks that will likely end up being 9 to 11 people in total, all beginner mountaineers. All of us are in great shape, and have various degrees of experience in things such as rock climbing or mountaineering but nobody in the group can be qualified as an expert or even intermediate mountaineer. I am really looking to find someone interested in coming along with the group to help ...
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Support GOALS

G.O.A.L.S. (Get Outside and Learn Something) is a Colorado based organization that provides outdoor education for kids while taking them on multi day rafting trips. For more info, see http://www.goals4youth.org/

The support I am talking about here is simple and free. Pepsi is giving grants to various causes, based on internet voting for the program. You have to register, but I have never received any email from them after ...
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Insurance +6000m

Dear fellow SP'ers

I'm in need of an insurance for climbing above 6000m.

The climbing insurance I have at the moment only covers climbing under 6000m...

If I die: amount of 200.000 euro
Search and rescue: 25.000 euro
Death body back to belgium: 15.000 euro
Unable to move, covers that have to be paid the rest of my life: 100.000 euro
Sick body back to belgium: 7.000 euro
Hospitalitycosts: 20.000 euro

Someone having an idea?
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What happens to the Summit Climbing Logs?

What happens to the Summit Climbing Logs that you find in a neat little tube on the summit of some mountains? Who maintains them? Does anyone ever archive them? I had someone ask me this - wondering if they could access their entry from 1976 ... it seemed like a crazy question, but then, who knows. Anyone know what becomes of those little log books found in the hard tubes chained to the summits?

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better "politically correct" or blunt

when I started to climb (last century/millennium) one of the first lessons I had to learn was :
never fear to be blunt, if your partner is not skilled enough for a route, tell him and, if he doesn't understand, leave him in the refuge to think ...
I remember one famous guide (a friend of mine) that once told me :
"I'm really bored to hoist some customers like they were potato sacks, ...
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Does your personal carbon footprint really matter?

My new rig to drive around the hills and town.

Definitely doing my part to impart my Carbon Footprint on my surroundings... yup!
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The Pirate


Gotta love the dude!

A REAL CLIMBER...Inspirational, Awesome Attitude and Super Energy!





BIG ASS PS: Ammon's been at this game for a longass time. Any of you's out there that will rag on me for even admiring and associating with this type of behavior can immediately STFU! Don't even try it.
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I need help deciding a 14er this weekend......

My wife is turning ** (shed kill me if I said) so anywase her birthday is coming up. She wants to hike up a 14er here in CO.

I have limited gear for her. No crampons or snowshoes....=(

She is extremely fit and can usually out run me in the mountains.

I have enough gear to climb anything I want.

More or less, what can we hike up rite now that wont make her hate ...
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Fred Beckey

I met Fred Beckey on my recent trip to the Ruth Gorge. What a treat! it was one of the highlights of my trip. See the pic on the link below. He shared with me what it was like while climbing the Northwest Ridge of Denali way back in 1954. I would have been happy meeting him anywhere, but to meet him on the Ruth was a real treat. He is a man who truly ...
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Alpine climber

I have just had a interesting PM conversation, which caused me to wonder how the alpine climbers among us define "alpine climber".

The person I had this conversation with, did not make a distinction between alpine climber and alpine style climber.

To me, the first is about which kind of mountains, the second about how you climb them. A rather important distinction. But maybe it doesn't exist?

What say you?

(Of course I know that ...
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