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Post general questions and discuss issues related to climbing.

100 Years of Scouting in the USA

From the trails of the Bitterroot Mountains and peaks of North Idaho in the 1970's as a youth to the High Sierra of California as a Scoutmaster, I am now and have always been a member of of the Boy Scouts of America.

I have found that the joy and fun of life is amplified by the number of people around me having a good time. As a Scout leader I serve up huge helpings ...
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Scotch on the rocks!

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How long have you been climbing?

The are old climbers, and there are bold climbers. But there aren't any old, bold climbers.

How long have you been climbing?
What gear were you using back then?

I started climbing 37 years ago.

When some young punk gives me any shit about my age, I just tell him:

"I've been getting laid longer than you've been alive."

I started climbing on yellow polyprolyene rope, but quickly moved up to Goldline. We used machine ...
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The Spiderman of India!

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Video from Temple Crag, CA

Here's a short video TR from our 2 days on Temple Crag. Amazing place!

http://www.youtube.com/user/AmericanAlp ... SN2I8IzKnE

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Sleeping in a parking, need recommendations

Some facts first:
1- I have a Mazda protege
2- I often like to drive from Quebec city to some US NE climbs
3- I usually leave on a Friday night and arrive around midnight at my destination
4- I wake up early (before sunrise) to be the first on a classic climb (Say Black Dike)
5- I always went to a Motel but find it expensive for the time spent there
6- I'm considering ...
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Partners - Praise them with Great Praise!

I reckon I always knew, from the very start in this sport, the value of a good person, the trusted partner.

Over time I have gravitated to a few 'go to' individuals with whom I felt kindred spirit, alignment of styles and goals, and mostly friendship really. Climbing with the same person or people week in and week out, for years, fosters a deep sense of understanding between partners.

The stress of life threatening situations, ...
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cold weather suggestions

Never asked this b/c I keep forgetting but what do people snack/lunch on when it's really cold? I've had to break CLif bars with my multi-tool when they got really cold. Twinkies? Ding Dongs or other fluffy edibles? Bustpower bars into little pieces?
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Publishing topos in guidebooks?

This is something I've been wondering about for a while: What's the best way to get topo maps for guidebooks? Let me clarify: What's the best way to get digital topo maps for guidebooks? It seems like the NG Topo software is great software, but the maps are copyrighted, correct? So those wouldn't be an option, as I understand it... Where do guidebook authors get their maps?
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SP Butt Shots

Is that guy wearing panties?
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