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Mount St.Elias film

i dont know how many know about it but i just found the trailer. it looks rele good. It was released in cinemas November 09

has anyone climbed Mount St. Elias? There is no trip report on sp. :cry:

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Is This An Acceptable Top Rope Anchor?

Right - straight to it.

I have an opportunity to take a cute girl ice climbing for her first time.

Problem: As I don't have access to my gear in any reasonable amount of time I can only build my anchor out of what I have in my car's boot. Which means I have one 100 foot long piece of webbing, three quick draws, six biners and five locking biners.

The only place I have ...
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Home Bouldering

This is one of the coolest home bouldering movies I've seen this far!

Route to sofa 6a+
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How thet put the rope up there.

An amazing thread that some here may find interesting. Big Wall climbing on the Captain, in winter, solo, on a very hard route - and it started and ended with this thread:


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How long of a rope?

Hey guys,

I just took SMI's snow travel class and am now looking to cheaply get a rope for short roping type stuff. For a rope team of 2 (dangerous, I know, but not on glaciated terrain) and up to maybe 5. I was thinking about using a rope that I currently have, wich would be a 60m 9.5mm rope that I already have. It is 2x dry treatment so it should be pretty good ...
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Begginer in need of help

Hay guys so since trying rock climbing in the Blue Mountains and attending an indoor climbing gym a few times this year I decided to climb Huayna Potosi in Bolivia with a guide for the first time and summited ad 07:00 am just in time for sunrise!!!

It was the most amazing experience of my life and also the hardest. I'm a fitness instructor who enjoys the intense workouts style like crossfit and gym jones ...
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Your Mountain Mentality ?

in one of my psychology courses a debate came up that people who willing engage in risky behaviors that could result in death are mentally unhealthy and suffer from some kind of childhood trauma.being stimulated by danger is also a symptom of individuals who score high on the p.t.s.i test.....after listening to my professor and some students discuss this it made me think of the mountains......i feel like all of us who really spend time ...
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Translating Mountain Grades - Problem

I have written a new book titled 'Mountaineering In Antarctica'. It is around 200 pages long with over a hundred (I think??) colour photos and new maps for each chapter. It is being translated into French right now, and will come out in English, French, German and maybe some other language, later in 2010. No, this is not an ad.

The French translator (not actually the publisher) is trying to change all the grades to ...
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Cell phones go dead

When I'm out in the wilderness... my cell phone is usually dead after 36 hours - even tho I never used the phone.

Has anyone else noticed this? I'm guessing - without proof that the phone keeps pinging out at high power to find a network.

2nd question - do rescue parties carry equipment to call lost hikers in the wilderness?
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Winter Mountaineering - your coolest 'single' ski run?

Here's mine, from Donner Summit in California's Sierra Nevada:

Life should be full of cool things and I have been lucky enough to encounter some of them.

One of the coolest:

Burl used to live at the west end of that lake 'down there.' (Donner)

As such I skied the Truckee area a lot, for a while. Got to know a lot of the bc routes there, etc.

So one day, they showed me their ...
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