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Post general questions and discuss issues related to climbing.

Carabiner Coffee Company

Hey Everyone!

I'm throwing up a little post here about my coffee dreams. I started Carabiner Coffee Co. a little over a year ago in Summit county, CO out of my tiny apartment and my 71 VW van named Ol' Blue. I started it with the dream of traveling the country and meeting tons of great people out there over a cup of coffee and an adventure story or two. So far it has had ...
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A Video Tribute to my Dad

My dad loved the mountains, I too share the same passion as him. We never had a chance to share the mountains as he passed away when I was ten months old. However to climb the exact route as he did was just like climbing with him. It was like he was holding the rope for me. Now through your whole life imagine all those emotions you experienced with him. To me, all those emotions ...
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Beginner climbing gear buying advice

Hello summitpost!

I am somewhat new and still inexprienced climber. And I'm asking for your advice on buying climbing specific gear. But first allow me to write few words about myself. I'm an ex-athlete who still trains every day, I have military expirience, but climbing wise I'm quite inexpirienced. From climbing I did many of the hikes around my country, I have climbed Mont Blanc and Planjava in Slovenia.

My first goal was to get ...
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Hoping for some advice for picking a mountaineer school

Hi ladies and guys, I recently got out of the military and want to do a career with something involving the mountains,(rock climbing,skiing or mountaineering) I did some research on different schools. One of them i found was called the Mountain Training School, one thing nice about the place is that they work with the GI bill unlike alot of programs. If anyone has some advice on were to go or where not to go ...
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Mountain sports / mountaineering Mountain sports / mountaineering

I'm currently writing a PhD proposal at the University of Leuven (Belgium) about mountaineering and hiking. I have, however, a linguistic issue I cannot resolve immediately, and I'm hoping someone around here can help me with this.
I want to know what the generic term is for the collection of sports consisting of alpinism, hiking, indoor and outdoor climbing.

I always thought it to be 'mountain sports', my supervisor, however, thinks it is rather ...
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Learn to Trad Climb with NoJ/NY AMC

Climbers (or anyone interested in learning to climb),

Just posting an announcement for an introductory climbing course being offered by the AMC in the early Spring. The Appalachian Mountain Club (www.outdoors.org) is a non-profit community that is broken into regions throughout the Northeast. Within each region, there are committees that organize outdoor weekend excursions for hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking, etc. ONCE a year, the climbing committee of the ...
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MSR SuperFuel White Gas in Italy

How can I buy MSR SuperFuel White Gas in Italy?
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Info on Nuuk


I'm looking for information on Greenland. I've found information on skiing, but not much on climbing.
I am going to Nuuk for a couple of weeks in February for work. Is it worth me sticking my ice tools in my bag? Are there any easy couloirs I could solo on the mountains around or is there a climbing community in Nuuk? There is a mountain (Store Malene) on the outskirts of the town, does ...
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Article authors

Hi all,

I am starting new page related to hiking, biking and geocaching http://outdooryeti.com. Looking for authors who are willing to share their hikes, has feeling that they have something to share and they are willing to. Currently my page contains hikes from Alps, however other regions are welcome as well.

In case you are willing to publish some articles or have any questions feel free to ask.

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