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Newbie Mountaineer with an Unsolved Question

I'm just getting into mountaineering with a trip to Mt. Baker planned for the near future. We're looking at camping near the base of the Black Buttes. Several trip reports keep referring to a "Point 7242" as their place of preference. What does that mean? Is it a reference to a GPS/topographic map coordinate? Help a guy out.

Below is an example trip report and topographic map:

http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopi ... 915#718915 ...
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Abandoned gear and climbing gyms

I have to say, I've been running into alot of nice gear that's been ditched by people who got in over their heads. It's been going up exponentially with the popularity of climbing gyms. Jackpot! Who knows....I may salvage an entire rack out of the Needles tomorrow!
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Need topographical Map of Glacier for PnP Roleplaying Game

Hi everyone,

I'm leading ("mastering") a so called pen and paper roleplaying game (like Dungeons and Dragons) where player characters are hunting evil people in a snowy glacier type mountain range. Since I have no clue about hiking or climbing or anything of the sort, I need your assistance: I seek a series of maps that I can use to tell my Players "This is where you are, there are mountains and snow everywhere, where ...
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***NEW, Want To Climb Denali***

Hello, new here from the Midwest and looking to start climbing. Within two years I want to climb Denali. I have some climbing experience from my military background, but not a pro. Any suggestions? Is my goal too steep for a rookie? Looking for a thoughtful discussion of how YOU started out. THANKS!
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Grindelwald area

I have a quick weekend to spend in the Grindelwald,Switzerland area. Can anyone recommend some good low key solo climbs that would afford good views of the eiger and big mountains of the area?
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"The Plagiarism Spectrum"

I saw this poster at a library yesterday. Just thought I'd share it. Somewhat relevant to SP...

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Your Experience with Solar Panels For Multi Day Hikes

What are you guys using for solar panels when out in the bush for weeks at a time and need to charge your electronics?
What have you found to be the most durable bang-for-buck brand of panel?
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East Coast Backcountry Scrambles?

I am looking for long backcoutry scrambles (like the Flatirons, but without the traffic) that are within 2-3 hours from the NYC. I guess it can be anything up to 5.5-5.6, as long as it's long, secluded and not steep (shoulder tendinitis).

PS. There supposed to be some long slides in Harriman and on the back side of the Gunks ridge, any ideas where exactly?
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Just tackled the Ozarks

I don't know where to start this; I am vacationing up in the Ozarks this week(starting the 13th), and so far it seems like I have been getting more serious. Hiked an estimated 10 miles so far, and I'm not going back until the 20th. I may be hooked.
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Hi from Belgium!

My name is Cliff. I’m currently living in Belgium and I’m 26. In my early twenties I had the opportunity to travel a lot. Some of the places I’ve visited are China, Russia, Vietnam, South Africa, Many countries in Europe, the US… These were always road trips, hiking vacations etc. However, two years ago I started working a job and soon after started my own little business, moved out of my parents’ house… Which basically ...
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