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Western States' prominence


I was curious about how many peaks each of the various western US states contained, based on various prominence thresholds. As shown in the top half, CA and NV come out on top based on gross totals. When adjusted for the size of the state (bottom half), WA comes out on top in every category. Thought it was interesting and worth sharing if you care for such things. Happy climbing!
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Topo Maps, European Alps

Anyone have any good advice on where to purchase topo maps for European mountains... only speak English. Just moved to Germany and will be doing a lot of climbing next spring/summer. So far I have run into roadblocks trying to use non-english web pages... working on my German but not at a level where I can quickly navigate Deutsche web pages.
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Can you help identify this location?

Dear All,

A friend of my son's has a picture of an old family member from years ago. Unfortunately all the history has long since gone, but the family are left without a clue as to where in the world their forebear made it to.

All suggestions gratefully received...
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Newbie Here.

Hi All,

I've always been relatively interested in hiking and being in the mountains, but this year I want to get more serious about it. My buddy and I want to plan a trip to climb Kings Peak (We live in Bountiful, UT), but other than being in good physical conditioning we don't have much knowledge of mountaineering.

So my question for everyone is, other than Summitpost.org, what are some other good resources I can ...
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Year Long World Mountaineering Tour

Note: I don't know where else to put this since it encompasses the entire world, so i am putting it here for now.

I've been thinking recently, and this is something I really want to do but cannot find anyone who can get the time to do this. I am looking for someone to do a full year long mountaineering tour of the world, starting around new years 2017 (exactly 1 year from now) and ...
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Ostrander Yosemite vs. Kungsleden Sweden

Last year I went cross country skiing at Taumevatn in Norway and spent a week on the Kungsleden (King's Trail) in Sweden. This year I have the opportunity to ski to Ostrander hut in Yosemite. I'm a decent skier who is still building confidence (hills can get the better of me) but I haven't skied since mid-February. I'm trying to determine whether the Ostrander ski is something I'll have fun doing.

Has anyone skied ...
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Barometric Altimeter App

Greetings. This is an app that gives calibrated barometric altitude using your phone's barometer. It is currently available on Android and iOS.
Android link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... om.baroalt
iOS link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/baromet ... ?ls=1&mt=8
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Suggestions for Mountain Climbing App

Greetings to my friends. My name is Zhang Bozheng, and I am an App Developer making a mountain climbing app. What are the features that you all would like to see in such an app?

Currently I have
GPS Altitude,
Distance travelled on the ground,
Vertical speed and average vertical speed and
Ground speed.

The app will also include the ability to save your climbs.

Thank you very much ...
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Anyone experienced with Shishapangma?

Planning to go with 2016 expedition, any people experienced with this mountain here? This will be my first big mountain
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Introduction and Novice advice?

Hello All,

My name is Justin, I am a novice climber returning to the fun after almost 15 years away. My limited experience was gained in the Marine Corps in the years before 9/11 when I would spend my spare time hiking and climbing SoCal. I was trained as an assault climber by the Corps and also a HRST master, but that was many moons ago. I want to get active again and get back ...
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