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Post general questions and discuss issues related to climbing.

What to summit between May 18th and 27th

Hello all, I have a good amount of backpacking experience and about 6 years of sport climbing experience, fairly fit and have been training for a summit for a while, just unsure which one top attempt.

Since I am new to mountaineering I am not looking for an Everest, but I am also not looking for something simple, I am willing to push myself. Also, I am looking to use a guide since I do ...
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Backcountry.com Bait and Switch

Backcountry.com is listing the LaSportiva NEPAL EVO GTX online at a sale price of $407.96. That price even pops up today in prime time, at the top left spot in SummitPost.org's home page. But don't try to actually buy the boot for that price, because it won't happen. When you try to order online the price jumps to the $510 regular price. So then I tried calling LaSportiva. The salesperson asked me what size I ...
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chocolate that doesn't melt

Bakers changed their formula along with shooting their price much higher, and their Bittersweet chocolate may still taste as good as ever, but it melts too easily. I've relied on it for hiking and climbing since the '50s. Now what?

Any suggestions?
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Mountaineering injuries and first aid

Okay I'm Adam and basically I am basically designing a first aid kit for Mountaineers. It will be carried on the person in some way or another.

I was hoping someone could shine some light on the main injuries as in the most common ones as I don't really know much about the sport so could anyone please shed some light on this ? (volume of injuries and where on the body?)

I presume Mountaineers ...
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Question - Hypothetical Rescue Scenario

Hi folks,

long time lurker but signed up today seeking feedback on a scenario that some friends and I can't find the best solution too. Please keep the flame throwers on low heat if possible. We're just trying soak up some knowledge from the more seasoned climbers here on SP.

The hypothetical scenario: a team of 2 is climbing a relatively easy alpine route where the beta calls for one, 60m rope. The climb is ...
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nols vs yamnuska

I've done a number of searches and not found anything specific enough to satisfy my inquiry.

I want to take an extensive introductory course to mountaineering. I'm currently signed up for the nols Waddington course, but I'm also considering the yamnuska mountain semester.

I have fairly extensive backcountry and cold weather experience, but only very basic technical climbing skills. What I'm looking for in a course is an intensive acquisition of skills that would enable ...
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"Best" First Timer Glacier

I'll be taking some mountaineering classes soon as I kick around in the Adirondacks, Whites and such. But in a few years I want to travel west, and I want to see glaciers for the first time in my life. Where is a favorite spot to see glaciers? A good climb, hike or backpack trip is a requirement of course. Traversing the glaciers isn't entirely necessary, but it might be because I want to be ...
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Anyone with Experience in Mobile PPC?

Ever secretly wonder if mobile PPC ads are really as effective as their desktop counterparts? It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone. In fact, a lot of advertisers share these doubts but don’t worry, we’ll get to that later.Contact at http://www.bizrusonline.co.uk/ and get the knowledge.


Allin Donald
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Getting into Mountaineering

Hello, I am wondering if i am to old to get into mountaineering

I have done some hiking before but now would like to do some mountaineering, however I am 29yrs old, would that make it a bit difficult

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Global Permitting advice

Can anyone help with the issue of permits for those more difficult areas, for example Carstenz Pyramid. Is there a single point of contact that can assist with permitting only for expeditions. Thanks for any help.
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