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Post general questions and discuss issues related to climbing.

Alpine courses in April (Europe or US)?


I have a few weeks free (until the end of April) and am looking to undertake an intro course to alpine mountaineering. However, most of the courses in Europe seem to run only in summer months, starting in May at the earliest. I've also looked into some of the climbing schools in the pacific northwest and again it seems to be mostly summer - June onwards. Does anyone know of a good course taking ...
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RMI vs Alpine Ascents

Hi I'm Matt,I am new to climbing and my dream is to climb the the seven summits. I am a cross country runner and I am used to running 6 miles daily. I know I have to start off small, my plan is to start with Rainier and finish with Everest. But I am having trouble finding a guide to climb with. I am deciding between RMI and Alpine Ascents. I have read good things ...
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Noob Intro From SCal

Hi all, I thought I'd post an intro, as I'll be asking a bunch of NooB questions. I'm returning to Mountaineering after a short 30 year absence, and even back then I was NooB. 30 years ago I was a member of the Sheriff's SAR for mountains and deserts. We did some pretty technical recovery/rescue stuff, but my knowledge base from that is mere memories now. Anyway, I've decided to start back into some winter ...
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Mountain id! Mountain id!

Hello guys! This glorious photo has been hanging on the office wall for ages, and it's time I knew which mount it is. Any ideas? I'd like to think it's somewhere in the Alps.


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Proof that Euros are Spoiled

Not only do you guys have some mountains that make me jelly, you guys even have fun rides that go on and on in the mountains:

Meanwhile in the United Caveman we can't even bolt a lot of great mountains and instead prefer tat liter all around. No fun alpine rides outside of a handful of ski resorts. :( Anyways, this does increase my interest in ...
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Hello Everyone,

Myself Sakil I am a new guy here and I am from Fzillion.com. I just join this forum and it’s my first post being a member of this community. I hope all senior members will like to share your ideas and knowledge with me.
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Topographic maps

Anyone know where to get maps? I'm currently looking for maps of the Black Mountains (Mt. Mitchell State Park). I've got several trips planned for this year and obviously I need several maps... But where do I get them. I'm used to the Army handing me maps saying "go here, do this, come back." Is there a place I can buy topographical maps for leisure trips? Thanks in advance.
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Cascade May 2016 : 3 weeks backcountry skiing trip


We are a couple of French skiers from the Alps and we plan to spend 3 weeks in the Cascade to make Backcountry skiing. For the moment nothing has been booked, we are at the very beginning of the trip planing. The date will be something like from the 7 to the 29 of May.

First I have a few general questions :
- Is this period is adapted to ski the volcanoes? (Judging ...
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Hi. Im new to hiking and was wondering the best item to put coordinates in so I could hike from point A to point B.
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Newbie looking for an easy climb in march

I'm a Wisconsinite looking for some beginner/easy mountaineering routes to do in March. I have experience with the basic skills, and I rock climb and ice climb during the winter here. I'm looking for a decently short route, not more than class III, in Colorado, Utah, the Southwest, or even out East that I could do with low experience. I have an ice axe and crampons, and have a partner to climb with. I'm ...
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