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Search called off for 2 Utah climbers missing in Pakistan

Kyle Dempster and Scott Adamson

Dempster, 33, and Adamson, 34, both of Utah, are two of the most accomplished alpinists of their generation. Dempster is a two-time winner of the coveted climbing award, Piolets d'Or. He last won in 2013 for a climb he did with others in the same area in Pakistan.

http://www.ksl.com/?sid=41336720&nid=15 ... h-climbers
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Camping out in woods etc,

Hey guys, just a question regarding camping. My brother and I are planning a 1 night hike and camping trip in Indiana or Michigan area. We both come from Marine Corps infantry backgrounds and have a odd image of camping.
We like to go off the beaten path far away from ppl and set a small impact camp in middle of nowhere. The problem I'm having is, is it legal? Could you guys just get ...
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Greetings from South Africa

Good day fellow mountaineers.

I searched but seemed not to find a greetings/introductions page on this forum, so i am posting here, if i am wrong, please show me the error of my ways.

I see there does not seem to be much on this forum from Southern Africa. I hope I can start to add some new flavour from a SA perspective. Looking forward to getting to know this forum better.

Most of my ...
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Master's Thesis Master's Thesis

Hello everyone!
I am a student at the University of South Wales doing my Master's in Abnormal and Clinical Psychology. I was wondering if you guys could help me out with my thesis by filling out the survey. My thesis is based on rock climbing and craving. The results from the survey will be put to good use. We're looking at suggesting extreme sports as a therapeutic alternative. So the survey may be lengthy, but ...
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Hey there Josh, Bob etc... it looks like you got spammed.

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Hiker/climber newbie: where to go in US/Canada?

I'm 26, recently turned to sports and hiked my first summit (Galdhoppigen in Norway, 2469 m above sea level)
I really loved it. And since I'm flying to California end of August, I would love to plan some hiking early september. I love large open spaces, amazing landscapes.. such things.
It could be basically anywhere in US and/or Canada, as long as internal flights are still not too expensive, and also that the starting ...
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Missing Person: Mt. Whitney Area

Hi All:

Not sure if this is repeated elsewhere on this forum, but there's a search going on in the Whitney area. Information and description is here:
EDIT 4PM. Better link: https://www.facebook.com/InyoCountySheriffsOffice/
We're interested in talking to people who were on the Whitney summit on Tuesday, 6/19 and, especially, anyone who was in the area of the Mountaineering Route or Whitney/Russell Col from late Monday to present. Also of ...
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Youngest female to climb lower 48 state high peaks

My name is Lucy Westlake and I am 12 years old. Does anyone know the record for youngest female to climb all of the lower 48 state high peaks? I started climbing the state high peaks at age 7. In the next week, I will hopefully complete my goal of climbing all the lower 48 state high peaks. I just climbed Gannett and Granite this week. I only have Borah and King's Peak left which ...
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Pokemon Go ...on Summits?

Two days ago I nearly crashed my bike into a teen weaving back and forth across the bike path, eyes glued to his phone, apparently searching for Pokemon with his Pokemon Go game. I salute the fact that this game is bringing kids outside, though I wish they would be a little more aware of their surroundings. Will we be seeing a new generation of 'climbers' hiking up mountains, searching for digital Pokemon, with eyes ...
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acces from aiguille du plan

Hi everyone,last year i was told a lot of rockfall was making some approaches dangerous, just wondering what the state of the approaches are now, im talking of the envers e.g du peigne,blattiere,l,m,charmoz etc,thanks for any info.
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