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Post general questions and discuss issues related to climbing.

Meru Climbing Movie

Was thinking about seeing it soon. What did others think?
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Black Bear Attack

Just west of Yosemite, sad that the report states the bear will be euthanize if found.
http://abc30.com/news/man-fights-off-be ... es/927205/
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Personal Websites

http://www.summitpost.org/cardinal-pinn ... ack/949092 -- Steph Abegg -- Washington -- Cardinal Pinnacle Crack Kingdom and V8 Crack

http://cys-hiking-adventures.blogspot.c ... om-v8.html -- Cy K -- Updated

Elves - My old thread disappeared - What happened ?
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Peakbagger hacked

Peakbagger.com is down - apparently hacked. Of course, I see a lot of Chinese language characters in this forum, so it concerns me.
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How many of you use the geolocation based games INGRESS, MUNZEE, or GEOCACHING to inspire and motivate you while out hiking?

I have recently started playing INGRESS resulting in me hiking up parts of Mission Peak in Fremont, CA 3 different times now. I find the feeling of success to be a great motivator. I find that the support I get from other players in the area encourages me to do more!

I'd love to ...
Read more : INGRESS/MUNZEE/GEOCACHING while hiking | Views : 2226 | Replies : 0

The Feds

Is it time to allow the federal government to search out the dirtbag that is doing this?
Read more : The Feds | Views : 2475 | Replies : 5

First climb health related experiences at 4850mtrs

So here I am in Cusco Peru after completing the Larez trek with g adventures.
This was my first trek and just wanted to share a brief overview of my personal experiences related to the side effects ,I experienced on this trek. We landed in Cusco on day 1 and stayed there 24 hrs to help acclimatize to the 11500 ft. Or 3400mtrs. Initially we and the group were short of breath. Some handling it ...
Read more : First climb health related experiences at 4850mtrs | Views : 2820 | Replies : 11

Drones taking photos

I was wondering about the very, very few that might have used drones to take photos/videos while on your hikes? I saw a youtube video awhile back where a video was taken in the Banner/Ritter area (Calif.) and it was pretty darn cool. Obviously some hikes/climbs it wouldn't be feasible but your thoughts.....?
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Hiking/Scrambling Grade Conversion Chart

Hi all,
I'm looking for a hiking and scrambling grade conversion chart (if one exists) or help in creating one. There are plenty of examples online and in guidebooks of climbing grade conversions, but none of these go below the level of technical rock climbing to include scrambling and off-trail hiking. I've found some information about some of the commonly used grading systems such as the Swiss Alpine Club scale and the Ashton system used ...
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East Coast Vs. West Coast Hiking

I live in Utah. The majority of my experience hiking on and off trails comes from hiking peaks on Forest Service and BLM in the Mountain West region. I recently started doing the state high points and took my first trip to the East Coast this last week. I hiked Katahdin in Maine and Washington in NH and spent some time on a few other trails in the region.

My question for everyone: Have you ...
Read more : East Coast Vs. West Coast Hiking | Views : 4264 | Replies : 23


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