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Climbing gear in the US

Hi all,

This june I'm finally planning a trip to the US and looking forward to experience mountaineering on a different continent. I was wondering if you guys know a mountaineering store near Las Vegas and if prices are much more different from here in Europe. More in detail: do they sell La Sportiva or Scarpa mountaineering boots somewhere near Las Vegas?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Getting started, any tips?

Just looking to make climbing my life in the somewhat near future. I'm currently only 1 year active duty in the Navy, so I still have a ways to go until I can really pursue this. Hoping to get some advice on where I can start researching about how to begin the process to becoming a mountain guide. I figure the earlier I figure this out, the faster I can start training/school, even before my ...
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Dear friends,
The dreaded time has arrived. Paulo Schmidt AKA PAROFES has passed away. Knowing that the end was near, in February of this year, he asked me to write an article about him to post after he is gone. I am honored that he asked me and I will do so very soon. I know that many of you had special feelings for PAROFES, and he was thankful to have so many great friends ...
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He's gone last night...

Parofes just made his last climb...

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New member introduction

I have spent my entire adult life abusing hard drugs and living with abusive men. For the last year I have been getting my act together. I didn't think about mountains until I got clean. I grew up in the city and could have cared less about anything outside my block. When I was introduced to mountains via movies and the internet I became obsessed. When times get really hard and I think I might ...
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How well do black bears climb steep rock?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... AB9-VGIkzM

Hi folks. Imagine many of you have seen this latest video on YouTube making the rounds on major news sites of a mother Mexican black bear and cub climbing a rather significant rock wall with some scary exposure. Watching the cub is simply something to behold.

For decades some of us have been stashing our food up on cliff ledges or atop big erratics where the ...
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Are You Ready to Pay Fees Everywhere?

Greetings fellow climbers and hikers.

I'm posting this notice for those interested and concerned about the ongoing fee debacle quietly infesting all of America. They've made sure this process is done at a time when it escapes YOUR attention. Thankfully, the WSNF is on the case and appeared in Washington D.C. before Congress on YOUR behalf. Due to processes and other more important matters, the fee conspiracy will likely be detained another year, but believe ...
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Please suggest an appropriate next mountain!

Good morning everyone,

It's been rather quiet lately! I've so enjoyed the mountain climbing I've done, and am excited about continuing. SummitPost has helped me in choosing and planning each climb. Thank you!

I'd love to get some of your thoughts about the next mountains I should attempt. Thus far I have climbed:

Mt. Washington
Mt. Mitchell
Mt. Elbert
Mt. Baker (did not summit)
Ben Nevis
Humphreys Peak
Mt. Mansfield
Mt. Marcy

I'm a ...
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Suddenly I get an "oh crap" feeling when climbing.

I live in Alaska and have been climbing since before high school. I have tons of experience, it's one of my favorite hobbies.

But lately, at some point during a climb, I get...I wouldn't call it a panic attack, but at some point I get an "oh crap," sinking feeling in my stomach and I get nervous. I actually recently turned back from what I'd normally consider a cakewalk because I felt uneasy, though I'll ...
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The Eight-Thousanders The Eight-Thousanders

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