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Youngest female to climb lower 48 state high peaks

My name is Lucy Westlake and I am 12 years old. Does anyone know the record for youngest female to climb all of the lower 48 state high peaks? I started climbing the state high peaks at age 7. In the next week, I will hopefully complete my goal of climbing all the lower 48 state high peaks. I just climbed Gannett and Granite this week. I only have Borah and King's Peak left which ...
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Pokemon Go ...on Summits?

Two days ago I nearly crashed my bike into a teen weaving back and forth across the bike path, eyes glued to his phone, apparently searching for Pokemon with his Pokemon Go game. I salute the fact that this game is bringing kids outside, though I wish they would be a little more aware of their surroundings. Will we be seeing a new generation of 'climbers' hiking up mountains, searching for digital Pokemon, with eyes ...
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acces from aiguille du plan

Hi everyone,last year i was told a lot of rockfall was making some approaches dangerous, just wondering what the state of the approaches are now, im talking of the envers e.g du peigne,blattiere,l,m,charmoz etc,thanks for any info.
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BCS conditions

Hey everyone! I'll be heading up to Bear Creek Spire next week, I'm wondering what the conditions are like in the Little Lakes Valley? Does anyone have any current info or pics? Much appreciated!
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A video about a Mountain's thoughts

Hi Guys, I'm an Israeli film maker living in China, I'm not a mountaineer, though fascinated by this concept and the psychology behind it.

In this play which is called "Mountaineering" there are 2 lead actors: The Man, and The Mountain.
We hear allot what the man has to say, but what about the mountain? this is what I tried to answer in this video. Some friends of mine who are mountain climbers had very ...
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Newbie questions for camping on top of mountains


I am an experience backpacking but have no climbing experiences. I am trying to learn how to camp on top mountains after class 2 or 3 climbing. My motive is to take sunrise and sunset photos. After tons of research, camping on top seems to be the only way to avoid climbing at dark. I know there are many other things I need to learn. So I am looking for some help. I want ...
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Adventure Pass Gone & Park Free within 1/2 mi of TH

Good news on the fee front for California hikers and climbers that may be interested. Courtesy of the Western Slope No-Fee Coalition, which notified its members via email. Below is the text of that email announcement received June 27. Six California hiker groups sued and the FS settled. A huge win for The People! :D

VIEW THE ANNOUNCEMENT AT THE WSNFS SITE HERE: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1103044050286&ca=37e28bf1-db53-497c-ae92-54e4eff84830.

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6a climbing by 4 year old in gym


(2:30 Min)

He has no trainer or training group. What do you think?
Now he is 5, should he have training? or should he just continue climbing without somebody who is helping him?

Its a video for my son with his favorite song. We watched a football-soccer video by a young talented player and he wanted a video too :) ...
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Enough training?

So I'm planning on hiking Harney Peak in SD. I've been running 200 miles per week, doing 3,000 vertical a day on a treadmill, swimming 20 miles a week, bench press 400 lbs, and am covered head to toe in Columbia gear. Is this enough?
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