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Orizaba Avalanche Forecast

Wondering if anyone knows where one could get a report on the snow conditions for Pico De Orizaba? Do they even have avalanche forecasting in Mexico?

It sounds like they're getting unusually heavy snow right now due to hurricane systems and it has me a bit concerned about my November 17th/18th climb. Hoping things have settled by then. I'm a bit worried about the time it will take to do snow pit tests if necessary, ...
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Ayoloco Glacier

Anyone have any recent experience? Going for a solo attempt over Memorial Day weekend. need of Orizaba beta? PM me, just got done with successful ice climb of the standard route 8)
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Jetboil fuel in Mexico City near TAPO?

Is there a place (maybe a sporting goods store) in Mexico City... hopefully near the bus station TAPO... to buy JetBoil fuel cannisters?... or a gas cannister with threads that would work?

I've read I can get fuel from Senor Reyes... but I'm going to Amecameca and Izta first... hoping to buy gas fuel in Mexico City before getting there...

Thanks in advance.
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Citlaltepetl/Orizaba - Schedule, outfitters, partners

Hi all! I'll be heading to Mexico over Christmas, for a three week visit. I'd like to take a few days to climb Citlaltepetl. I'm looking for input on various practicalities, and how I should schedule the climb, given my previous experience.

Previous high altitude experience:
My most recent and relevant experience was Kazbek in the Caucasus (5033 m / 16512 ft,, which I climbed in 2015. I ...
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Orizaba South Route

I'm considering trying Orizaba's south route this November and I'm looking for some beta. I haven't found much on SP or through my own searches so I'm hoping people can lend a hand. The key will be finding a ride to the hut from either El Ciudad Serdan or Atzinzitla (or somewhere else) and back. I plan on taking a bus from Mexico City to Puebla and then Puebla to whichever town/city offers the best ...
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Questions about Iztacchihuatl & Orizaba in Mexico...

(1) Are there electrical outlets in the huts on Izta and Orizaba?... I've read Altzomoni on Izta has an electric light, but not sure if it has an electrical plug. Wondering also about electricity at Piedra Grande hut on Orizaba.

(2) The high hut (Grupo de los Cien at 15,300') on Izta looks like an old metal trailer. I imagine that would not be a good place to wait out a storm in the night. ...
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Climbing on Curacao

Hello all,

It seems this island is not very well known for climbing - is anyone climbing there? I'm trying to get in touch with climbers on Curacao.

Any information about climbing or bouldering locations is highly appreciated as well !

Regards Stefan
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Mexico Advice

Hi! My friends and I are looking into a quick trip to Mexico to climb Pico de Fraile, Itza and just a quick jaunt up Arista de Humbolt. We are all experienced mountaineers and climbers. We are looking into a guide service to basically take away the logistics. From looking at the routes, a guide is not necessary but might be nice for some in our party. Are their any inexpensive services that will work ...
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Mexico volcanos and guides

Hi everybody,
has anyone used to hire a guide and can share their experience?
We are looking into hiring a guide for Pico de Orizaba. Suggestions?
Also, we were thinking to hike first 2 or 3 mountains between: Malinche/Izta/Sierra Negra/Nevado de Toluca.
Any favorite or less favorite among those? (Or even, other suggestions?)
And last: is it reasonable to hope to get around without a car?
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Quick Summit of Orizaba

I'm wondering if it is possible to do an Orizaba trip in only a few days. Most of the guided trips take 7-10+ days total. I just don't have that much vacation time to spare and I'm not too interested in doing the "culture" thing.

Is it possible to do something like fly in, drive to the trailhead, sleep at high camp, summit the next day, then fly out the third day?

I live ...
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