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Discussion of medical or rescue topics related to climbing and mountaineering.

beta blockers and altitude

Hi all. I was recently diagnosed with fairly severe hypertension despite being fit and in otherwise good health. It is now well controlled with medication but one of the medications is the beta blocker carvedilol. I understand that beta blockers slow heart rate and reduce cardiac output to some degree so I am concerned about my upcoming trip to Mexico (Ixta, Orizaba) in January. I have noticed a very slight decrease in exercise stamina on ...
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EPO for altitude


Illicit use of EPO being huge in the cycling world, I'm suddenly struck that I've never really heard about it used for high altitude climbing.

I'm not a medical professional, nor am I an EPO user - I'm just a non-doping amateur athlete, and so my interest in such topics is limited to stuff I read and what I've seen. But from WHAT I know, it seems like EPO could be every bit as ...
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Overweight cal intake? Please help

Good day, I am overweight by a fair amount, 280 lbs for 5'7". I love hiking in the winter, I find it is a good way to loose weight. The weight that I would be conformable to be at would be about 180 lbs so as you can see, when I an fully geared up, it's like I have 100 lbs that I am carrying over and above my pack. Most people, when t comes ...
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Improvement Improvement

Watch out, he sets an example: http://vimeo.com/77720672 :!:
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Awesome serie about mountain rescue

I just happen to come by this when searching on youtube...

Got a certificate as paramedic myself, but these guys are just on an entire different level:

There are 6 episodes so far i think.

ps: not sure if this is worth making a topic over, but enjoy!
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Frostbite treatment clinics?

Dear all,

A friend of mine has summited Denali (solo). On the way down a member from another team fell down and broke his leg. He helped them get down, but in the process they ended up spending a night on Denali in horrific weather. Anyway, to make a long story short, he has what looks like serious frostbite on his hands, toes, and nose.

Can anybody here recommend a frostbite treatment clinic in Europe ...
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New Findings on Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness is two illnesses, according to Edinburgh scientists. From the BBC: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-edi ... e-26786483
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Extra functionality of a PLB?? (student research)

Good morning,

I’m looking for a few opinions here to help with research for a project I’m currently doing. I am an industrial Design student from Loughborough University- the idea for the project is to make a Personal Locator beacon which can self-activate when the user becomes incapable of activating it themselves.

Although I am a keen climber and mountaineer, I haven’t ever been in a situation which I feel would warrant carrying a PLB, ...
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Ear ringing after MRI noise

On October 5, 2013 I had an MRI of my right wrist and left hand for joint pain. No abnormality was noted and the pain is almost gone but I was exposed to the loud noise of the MRI machine for 1.5 hours. Headphones were given to me but these did not seem to lower the noise at all. I noted ringing in my ears (Tinnitus) as soon as I got out of the machine. ...
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Looking for Female Research Survey Participants

Looking For Female Participants For a Research Survey on Pregnancy,
Exercise and High Altitude Exposure

Very little is known about the safety of travel and exercise at high altitude during
pregnancy. Furthermore, although exercise is considered safe during pregnancy some
activities, such as downhill skiing, are discouraged and many women modify their
exercise regimes during pregnancy.

We are conducting a research project to study what kind of exercise women participate
in during pregnancy and whether ...
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