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total body MRI

squishy wrote:oh I get it, you're a bot...

bad robot...go away...

I kind of like this guy, he's topical.
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A practice and a question

I want a strong training program for every day that my body is stronger.
I want my legs and lungs will be strong and firm. And volume of the wrist and abdominal muscles strong to me.
I need a strong program daily.
I am also search and rescue team and must always be ready.
And a question: :oops: What effects on semen out of breath and energy ...
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Small medical mystery

Starting a few years ago, I ran into an oddity while out hiking, where I get a tingling/numbing sensation in my fingers (to start) but soon escalates to include the whole arm, face, sometimes chest. Not a lot different from the sensation of certain drugs (N2O comes to mind).
It doesn't happen all the time (maybe three times a year), mind you, and doesn't seem to be dangerous (no loss of coordination, consciousness, or anything ...
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Subjects with HAPE history located in California needed!

UC Davis graduate student is looking for male subjects ages 18-55 who have had HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema) before. Study consists of two separate visits for a total of about 6 hours. There are no funds for travel, so anyone who is in California and close to Sacramento is needed!!! We are having an extemely hard time finding individuals who have had HAPE before, so if you know of someone PLEASE HELP!! Study will ...
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cold injury question...

today i had a close encounter in the backcountry. id rather not get into the details, but i managed to lose a glove on my way up on a climb at which point i abruptly turned around. it was pretty windy and cold and before i knew it my hand was numb. my hand was exposed for a good 20 minutes trying to climb down before my buddy let me borrow his glove and warm ...
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Black toenails and drilling

I had a black toenail from a trail run Wednesday, followed by a snowshoe Saturday. A big toe was seriously throbbing and inflamed, so today in desperation, I tried a trick that even my internist recommended: I drilled holes through the toenail.

I started with a hot paperclip (red hot initially), and when I felt the pain of the heat, I stopped and finished with a small drill bit turned by hand (after treating the ...
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Is it good trying to waken an unconscious person quickly?

I mean to a person who has lost consciousness because of a hard fall, mainly if he/she hasn't external wounds. How fast must be the awakening :?: How should it must be done :?: Methods :?:
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This morning I discovered what I believe to be a hernia. Not sure how/when it occurred; I can't recall any recent pain nor am I in pain currently. I understand hernias usually require surgery to fix. My questions:

- how urgent is it to get it looked at/fixed (am leaving today for week+ trip)?

- How long would post-op recovery take (ie how long would it limit my climbing/training)?

Thanks for any input!
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The "cons" of not being diligent with sun block...

or wearing a beard and thinking you don't need it...
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Cure for Insomnia

I was complaining to a friend about my insomnia a few months ago. (I've had it ever since I can remember)

My friend said he used to suffer from insomnia but is now cured. He told me a method for falling asleep that I thought I'd pass on, because it seems to be working for me, too.
I thought it might work well for SP'ers. So, I pass it on. Here goes:

As your falling ...
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