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Discussion of medical or rescue topics related to climbing and mountaineering.

Pain in my back, to the left

I went for a 7 hous hike in the snow on January 21st carrying a medium weight backpack. Probably I tightened its left stripe more than the right. That night I slept on a bed wich has no spring matress, only a table below. Since the day after that hike I've had true pains in my back just around my left shoulder-blade. I've been taken Ibuprophen, Paracetamol and Myolastan at nights. I'm also eating many ...
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Safety Requirements

Hi All;
I'm doing a little research on mountain climbing, and understand Denali has a requirement of watching a safety video before ascending--appears to be part of the check-in process everyone must go through. Do other parks have similar requirements?

Thanks, TK
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avi terrain decision making survey - help a PhD student

Received this from the Co Avalanche Information Center (CAIC):

Shay Bright is a Ph.D. candidate working on how groups of backcountry recreationalists make decisions in avalanche terrain. Please help her collect data for her dissertation by filling out a short survey. The survey will be online for one more week . Please check it out!

Your answers to the survey should come from one day when you were out ...
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Climbing after cataract surgery or other lensectomy

If you have had cataract surgery, or a lensectomy to correct your vision, please relate your recovery experiences vis-a-vis hiking and climbing. I'm particularly interested in recovery time, and whether you had any problems with altitude, or difficulty focusing on your hands, or problems with balance.

I normally wear contacts in the outdoors, but am presbyopic. Over the years I've had some tough experiences with contact lenses in the outdoors (but contacts proved far better ...
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What first aid stuff do you bring?

Hey guys,

I was recently first on scene to a possible spinal injury in the mountians, but luckuly we were very close to a ranger station, so I had help within 10 minutes. But it made me wonder, what i could have done to be more prepared. Obviously I wont be bringing a C-collar, or a spine board or a stokes, but all I had was a sleeping bag (even though i was on a ...
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Losing fingers or toes to frostbite...

I was browsing some Alpinist content on their site and saw this photo;


Which in turn lead me to wonder;

What is the recovery process when you find yourself in the unfortunate position of losing fingers or toes to frost bite?

How does it affect your climbing, might one have balance issues or require extensive physical therapy?

edit: typos
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Knee Hurt? Climb or Not?

I thought it would be fun to learn to how to descend mountains by skies. So 2 weeks ago I went to ski for the first time and I lost my left knee at resort. There is a tear in my ACL and grade 1 injury of MCL.


Then I found my teacher made 2 mistakes:
1- As It seemed that I work well he decided for me to practice in the main ...
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SAR teams - feedback wanted

I know there are at least a few members on this site who volunteer on SAR teams.

As a software engineer, it always helps to have a side project going to learn new stuff, doubly so when your day job isn't anything sexy. In order to learn about mapping APIs (and a bunch of other stuff), I created a tool to address some of the issues I've seen on searches, and I'd like to "shop ...
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Mountain Medics International

Sorry if this is not the appropriate place to post this but it is definitely relevant to the topic of mountain medicine.

Mountaineers and explorers for many decades have visited wonderful landscapes to consume with their eyes, the gorgeous scenery and/or gain glory in their respective communities with feats of strength and skill. Yet, not often have they taken a moment to pay homage to the extraordinary peoples and cultures of these regions. Rarely have ...
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Diabetic hikers and climbers

Are there any diabetic hikers or climbers here? What tips do you have for controlling blood sugar levels during long, strenuous days in the outdoors? A friend of mine who is diabetic and who maintains very tight control over his blood sugar levels shows great interest in my trips, but always declines going because he thinks he will have trouble controlling his blood sugar. I wish he could go with me, and think he might ...
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