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Discussion of medical or rescue topics related to climbing and mountaineering.

Is it good trying to waken an unconscious person quickly?

I mean to a person who has lost consciousness because of a hard fall, mainly if he/she hasn't external wounds. How fast must be the awakening :?: How should it must be done :?: Methods :?:
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This morning I discovered what I believe to be a hernia. Not sure how/when it occurred; I can't recall any recent pain nor am I in pain currently. I understand hernias usually require surgery to fix. My questions:

- how urgent is it to get it looked at/fixed (am leaving today for week+ trip)?

- How long would post-op recovery take (ie how long would it limit my climbing/training)?

Thanks for any input!
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The "cons" of not being diligent with sun block...

or wearing a beard and thinking you don't need it...
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Cure for Insomnia

I was complaining to a friend about my insomnia a few months ago. (I've had it ever since I can remember)

My friend said he used to suffer from insomnia but is now cured. He told me a method for falling asleep that I thought I'd pass on, because it seems to be working for me, too.
I thought it might work well for SP'ers. So, I pass it on. Here goes:

As your falling ...
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Piriformis Syndrome

Over the last several weeks I've developed piriformis syndrome; which is the constriction of the sciatic nerve by a small hip muscle, the piriformis. I used to get this occasionally after snowboarding or climbing and I'd sit in the car driving for hours, but now it's non-stop. Getting out of bed is excruciating. My new job has me sitting at a computer for long periods of time which probably contributes to this if not causing ...
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Pain in my back, to the left

I went for a 7 hous hike in the snow on January 21st carrying a medium weight backpack. Probably I tightened its left stripe more than the right. That night I slept on a bed wich has no spring matress, only a table below. Since the day after that hike I've had true pains in my back just around my left shoulder-blade. I've been taken Ibuprophen, Paracetamol and Myolastan at nights. I'm also eating many ...
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Safety Requirements

Hi All;
I'm doing a little research on mountain climbing, and understand Denali has a requirement of watching a safety video before ascending--appears to be part of the check-in process everyone must go through. Do other parks have similar requirements?

Thanks, TK
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avi terrain decision making survey - help a PhD student

Received this from the Co Avalanche Information Center (CAIC):

Shay Bright is a Ph.D. candidate working on how groups of backcountry recreationalists make decisions in avalanche terrain. Please help her collect data for her dissertation by filling out a short survey. The survey will be online for one more week . Please check it out!

Your answers to the survey should come from one day when you were out ...
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Climbing after cataract surgery or other lensectomy

If you have had cataract surgery, or a lensectomy to correct your vision, please relate your recovery experiences vis-a-vis hiking and climbing. I'm particularly interested in recovery time, and whether you had any problems with altitude, or difficulty focusing on your hands, or problems with balance.

I normally wear contacts in the outdoors, but am presbyopic. Over the years I've had some tough experiences with contact lenses in the outdoors (but contacts proved far better ...
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What first aid stuff do you bring?

Hey guys,

I was recently first on scene to a possible spinal injury in the mountians, but luckuly we were very close to a ranger station, so I had help within 10 minutes. But it made me wonder, what i could have done to be more prepared. Obviously I wont be bringing a C-collar, or a spine board or a stokes, but all I had was a sleeping bag (even though i was on a ...
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