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Get HTML help, style input, and feedback on your pages from other SP members.

Photo's in Forum reply

What is the easiest way to insert a photo from my image gallery into a Forum reply?
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trip report

Sorry to be thick, but how do I upload a trip report? I can't find a button when I go to the trip report page. Thanks.
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copy and paste links... i think...

So is it permissible to create an album, then include other people's trip report relevant to the album with a blue link to that trip report. If so, how do you do that?
Read more : copy and paste links... i think... | Views : 1216 | Replies : 1

Just joined SP, looking for feedback

Hey all,

I've just joined summitpost after using its information for years to find routes and adventures. I did so to contribute after discovering one of my favorite peaks didn't have a page.

Looking for feedback on the page, as I discovered a lot of peaks I enjoyed as a kid back east also don't have pages, and I'll be looking to create them.

Thanks in advance:

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Image is upside down

This image on my profile is upside down.


Consequently, on my trip report the image is also flipped.


When the image is clicked it shows up correctly. Any ideas how this can be fixed. I have tried to find this issue in the help pages with no luck.
Read more : Image is upside down | Views : 1734 | Replies : 3

Sharing a page

Noondueler: http://www.summitpost.org/users/noondueler/39033 has agreed to have me share the Potato Peak page with him: http://www.summitpost.org/potato-peak/767981

How do we do that? He's still the page owner, but I would have ability to make changes.
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Pages only Guests look at

Stuck this here as it's irrelevant to most forums, and perhaps in general.

Anyway, I find it (slightly) interesting that some of my posted photos that one would think aren't all that interesting or great have thousands of views but little in the way of votes or comments. I take this to mean these views are coming from random people on the Internet looking up some terms or other rather than anything to do with ...
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Pages different if logged in vs. logged out

Ok, Elf or Elves,

Near the bottom of this page http://www.summitpost.org/washington-top-100/171584 there is an HTML table of the WA Top 100 finishers.

I added two lines for finisher nos. 50 and 51 (Phil & Al).

If you are logged into SP, these names and their completion information show up correctly .

However, if you log out, these names do not appear even though if I go into edit mode the correct names are there in ...
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Html page insertion

For the life of me I cannot get the below to work so it just displays the clickable text.
Please what am I doing wrong with the code?

Sure I may be biased but if you want the best local Tanzanian climbing company for Kilimanjaro then ask Anne-Marie Flammersfeld who chose <a href="https://trekili.com"></a> to undertake her 3 day Umbwe route acclimatisation prior to her speed record. Anne-Marie also posted a nice review on <a ...
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Cant show profile and create topic

if I try to see someone profile its redirect me to main page or my own profele! And also i created topic and send reply week ago and it still didnt show.
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