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Can't search forums

When I try and forum search, it says I'm not allowed! :/

I'm trying to search for how to ad pictures to a forum post - can you direct me to how to do this as well please!

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Embedding table of contents using new editor

Hi all

Since using the new editor I have had the annoyance of table of contents stubbornly appearing outside of the main piece in a bit of white space at the start. It isn't a major problem - but I don't think it looks as neat as when it is discretely incorporated into the 1st section. It seems to be something to do with not being able to delete an annoying extra empty bit of ...
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Full resolution enlarged images in a piece

Hi all

I have had help from rgg with creating enlarged images in some pieces I have written - but just when I need his help again, the fellow is off climbing in the Alps...

So I need to learn how to do it myself :(

I'm not very good at HTML and don't have much time to experiment - but would the following work:

I have ...
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Creating a page: Page jumps to the top Creating a page: Page jumps to the top

When I'm creating a page on SP like a new Route, Mountain or Area, the following keeps happening: (new editor)
After I finish a sentence or press Enter or space or whatsoever, the page jumps back to the top. This is really annoying :-)
Does anyone experience the same thing an can anyone help me out here? Thanks!
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Can't creat a topic in Gear Forums

I can creat a new thread it seems in any other section but the gear section. I've tried logging on/off again too. Any suggestions?
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Adding New Routes

Hey guys,

So I tried to add a new route to an existing page, Mt. Colonel Foster. When I hit submit a page came up with a whole whack of what looks like HTML computer language stuff. I though maybe that page wasn't open for route to be added, so I went to a mountain that I created, Rugged Mt. and tried to add a route there. Same thing happened, page comes up with a ...
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How do I upload photos to a new route?

Silly, I know, but I cannot figure out how to upload photos onto this site. I'll chalk this jackassness up to the midnight oil burning low, but am at a loss. I can also not figure out how to edit a photo once its on site: delete, rotate, etc...
Much thanks, yall,
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HTML help, removing white space

Can you help me combine the Table of Contents in with the first section "Mustagh Ata, China Post-Trip Reflections" of the trip report that I just created:
http://www.summitpost.org/view_object.p ... irm_post=7
Alternatively, would it be easier to add a photo in the white space to the left of the TOC? Although I don't know any HTML code, I spent a lot of time on this trip report and would like ...
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Different computers different colors?

What color do you see the borderlines of the tables on this page?


I meant them to be red (used the code Bordercolor="8000000"). On my desktop and phone I see them as red but on my two laptops they appear black. Why would the same code produce different colors on different computers?
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Blank Space above Tables

Anyone have any ideas as to why there is about 8 rows of blank space above both of the tables in this article?

http://www.summitpost.org/packing-light ... nes/866824

It is using the exact same code I have always used for these tables (as far as I can tell). Never had an issue before.

Here is the code for the first table:

<table align="center" border="1" bordercolor="#FFFFFF" BGCOLOR="#DDDDDD" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" width=90%><tr BGCOLOR="#444444"><th><font color="#FFFFFF">Item</font></th><th><font ...
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