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Can't creat a topic in Gear Forums

I can creat a new thread it seems in any other section but the gear section. I've tried logging on/off again too. Any suggestions?
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Adding New Routes

Hey guys,

So I tried to add a new route to an existing page, Mt. Colonel Foster. When I hit submit a page came up with a whole whack of what looks like HTML computer language stuff. I though maybe that page wasn't open for route to be added, so I went to a mountain that I created, Rugged Mt. and tried to add a route there. Same thing happened, page comes up with a ...
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How do I upload photos to a new route?

Silly, I know, but I cannot figure out how to upload photos onto this site. I'll chalk this jackassness up to the midnight oil burning low, but am at a loss. I can also not figure out how to edit a photo once its on site: delete, rotate, etc...
Much thanks, yall,
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HTML help, removing white space

Can you help me combine the Table of Contents in with the first section "Mustagh Ata, China Post-Trip Reflections" of the trip report that I just created:
http://www.summitpost.org/view_object.p ... irm_post=7
Alternatively, would it be easier to add a photo in the white space to the left of the TOC? Although I don't know any HTML code, I spent a lot of time on this trip report and would like ...
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Different computers different colors?

What color do you see the borderlines of the tables on this page?


I meant them to be red (used the code Bordercolor="8000000"). On my desktop and phone I see them as red but on my two laptops they appear black. Why would the same code produce different colors on different computers?
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Blank Space above Tables

Anyone have any ideas as to why there is about 8 rows of blank space above both of the tables in this article?

http://www.summitpost.org/packing-light ... nes/866824

It is using the exact same code I have always used for these tables (as far as I can tell). Never had an issue before.

Here is the code for the first table:

<table align="center" border="1" bordercolor="#FFFFFF" BGCOLOR="#DDDDDD" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" width=90%><tr BGCOLOR="#444444"><th><font color="#FFFFFF">Item</font></th><th><font ...
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off site images

I am updating a page and would like to use an image from another site, but by linking directly to it.
can I do this? do I need special permission from the other site?
not sure how all this works.
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Embedding images in a trip report

I created a trip report and was able to attach images, but I can't figure out how to embed the images in the text. Can anyone help me out?


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sideways picture

Using a small Canon point/shoot I've noted that while the thumbnails appear correct on my computer, when submitted to sp the thumbnail appears sideways but corrects when clicked on for enlargement. Any thoughts?
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adjusting page width?

is there a code i can add that will automatically resize a page to display to the width of the monitor? i just redid the mount williamson page, and because i did it on my super huge laptop, it looked great there, but now when i view it on my work monitor, i have to scroll from side to side because my work monitor is smaller.

example here:

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