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Why am I losing pictures?

I do not usually keep track of the number of my pictures but a month ago I noted I had 7770 pictures, 2 weeks ago, I noted it had gone down to 7762 and this morning it is 7760. Where did the 10 pictures go? I do not care about losing 10 out of 7770 pictures but they might have been important route pics. How do I know which ones were lost?
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The Demise of SummitPost

I have found over the past few years that I use SummitPost less and less. I was never a big contributor - occasionally posting photos comments etc and it has been three years or so since I contributed a route description.

Today I went back on SP and realized what the problem is. It's those stupid annoying ads that flash on and off at the bottom of the page! As they flash one has to ...
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SP New Image Navigation Method SP New Image Navigation Method

I'm pleased to announce a new method of image navigation on pages. You can see it working on SummitPost. Click any of the images inside of the page and you will see a larger image inside of a lightbox.


If you hover over the larger image, arrows appear which allow you to navigate to other images. Eventually I plan on being able to display image titles below the lightbox and ...
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Posting attempts just take me to profile?

Trying to reply to my own threads or even to post here (chrome / OS X) just takes me to my profile. I had to log in using safari in order to write this.
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Pages only Guests look at

Stuck this here as it's irrelevant to most forums, and perhaps in general.

Anyway, I find it (slightly) interesting that some of my posted photos that one would think aren't all that interesting or great have thousands of views but little in the way of votes or comments. I take this to mean these views are coming from random people on the Internet looking up some terms or other rather than anything to do with ...
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Looks like MyTopo.com is down today. No response. No ping. Has anyone used that site lately? Hopefully they are still in business.
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Vorrei adottare le seguenti pagine che sarebbero da aggiornare e arricchire un po:
Trouma de Boucs, Grande Assaly e Punta Fetita.


I would like to take the following pages would be updated and enrich a little:
Trouma de Boucs, Assaly Grande and Punta Fetita.

Thank you
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Pages different if logged in vs. logged out

Ok, Elf or Elves,

Near the bottom of this page http://www.summitpost.org/washington-top-100/171584 there is an HTML table of the WA Top 100 finishers.

I added two lines for finisher nos. 50 and 51 (Phil & Al).

If you are logged into SP, these names and their completion information show up correctly .

However, if you log out, these names do not appear even though if I go into edit mode the correct names are there in ...
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User Name Change Request

Hi Josh and the Elves,

Can I change my user name to Scott Dusek? I'd love that, thanks!
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