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Why is My Name Red?

If you look to the side you should notice that my name is in red letters. Why? On a whim I did some quick searching to see if anyone else is red, but only found my name, regardless whether they joined the forum before or after me, have more or fewer forums posts than me, or have more or fewer REI discount points than me. :-) Everyone ...
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Creating a page: Page jumps to the top Creating a page: Page jumps to the top

When I'm creating a page on SP like a new Route, Mountain or Area, the following keeps happening: (new editor)
After I finish a sentence or press Enter or space or whatsoever, the page jumps back to the top. This is really annoying :-)
Does anyone experience the same thing an can anyone help me out here? Thanks!
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Posting needing deletion

On Page 12 of the "May Day" thread in PnP, I get the following warning from Chrome:

Content from cdn.memegenerator.net, a known malware distributor, has been inserted into this web page. Visiting this page now is very likely to infect your computer with malware.

Since I am not going to go to that page, I can't tell you whose posting it is.
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Mountain and Route pages to share

Should I die or leave SP for some other reason, I don't want my pages permanently left in my ownership so I am looking for people who would like to be added to the following pages as administrators. This puts your name on the page and it only takes a few quick key clicks to change yourself to "owner". I would like someone who willing to share with the upkeep of the pages and do ...
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Problem finding/attaching pages

I was trying to attach my new "Round Mountain" page to Scott's "La Sal Mountains" range. When I searched for "La sal Mountains" (while trying to attach or just looking for the range) I got the message: No names match your query.

I contacted Scott and he said anything that has "La", "El" etc in its name, will not come up. You must search for "Sal" not "La Sal". He said he has posted this ...
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Want to adopt the Meteora page


Unfortunately Teo is not with us any more (read more) and Irma hasn't logged in in 6 years
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Proposal-Submitting or Adopting pages you haven't climbed.

As an elf, and after discussing it with other elves, I'd like to propose to the general membership (and let you all decide) if there should be an official rule, rather than just a guideline, that for all future adoptions and page submissions that the owner of the page must have climbed or attempted the mountain. The only valid exceptions I can see are for an active volcano that is unclimbable, but that you can ...
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Can't creat a topic in Gear Forums

I can creat a new thread it seems in any other section but the gear section. I've tried logging on/off again too. Any suggestions?
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Adding New Routes

Hey guys,

So I tried to add a new route to an existing page, Mt. Colonel Foster. When I hit submit a page came up with a whole whack of what looks like HTML computer language stuff. I though maybe that page wasn't open for route to be added, so I went to a mountain that I created, Rugged Mt. and tried to add a route there. Same thing happened, page comes up with a ...
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No UBB code txt box for universal TR posting

In 2014? Uploading photos to each and every climbing site rather than simply cutting and pasting a .txt file with UBB code links to Flickr or other photo galleries, using their one click 'share' button, is soooo 1999, baby!
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