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Embedding table of contents using new editor

Hi all

Since using the new editor I have had the annoyance of table of contents stubbornly appearing outside of the main piece in a bit of white space at the start. It isn't a major problem - but I don't think it looks as neat as when it is discretely incorporated into the 1st section. It seems to be something to do with not being able to delete an annoying extra empty bit of ...
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Full resolution enlarged images in a piece

Hi all

I have had help from rgg with creating enlarged images in some pieces I have written - but just when I need his help again, the fellow is off climbing in the Alps...

So I need to learn how to do it myself :(

I'm not very good at HTML and don't have much time to experiment - but would the following work:

I have ...
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Can't post a photo

It's been a while (4 years to be exact!) since I've posted a photo, but I decided to try again to this page:


I was posting a big file (panorama). Tried it twice, and the upload appears to finish, but the "landing" page is blank and the file seems not to have gone through.

Any hints?

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Want to adopt Petit Griffon !

I just climbed this spire & would like to adopt the page on the condition you pull it out from under Mt Abbott.
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Wildlife Photos on SP Wildlife Photos on SP

So I would just like to bring this to attention to other members on the site. This post is spurred by the current POW..sorry Gimp

I firmly believe that close up photos of wildlife don't really add any real value to the site considering this is a climbing and hiking site designed to provide beta for mountains, routes, trails etc.
Therefore a close up photo of an animal has no value. What do others think ...
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A New Profile Theme A New Profile Theme

Now that the school quarter is wrapping up and I'm leaving soon for my next major epic, I figured I would create a new theme before I went. To see it, view my profile. It's supposed to look like this:


It uses new codes which means it's possible that on older browsers it may not display as well. Keep in mind that eventually some changes will take place on SP's ...
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Why is My Name Red?

If you look to the side you should notice that my name is in red letters. Why? On a whim I did some quick searching to see if anyone else is red, but only found my name, regardless whether they joined the forum before or after me, have more or fewer forums posts than me, or have more or fewer REI discount points than me. :-) Everyone ...
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Creating a page: Page jumps to the top Creating a page: Page jumps to the top

When I'm creating a page on SP like a new Route, Mountain or Area, the following keeps happening: (new editor)
After I finish a sentence or press Enter or space or whatsoever, the page jumps back to the top. This is really annoying :-)
Does anyone experience the same thing an can anyone help me out here? Thanks!
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Posting needing deletion

On Page 12 of the "May Day" thread in PnP, I get the following warning from Chrome:

Content from cdn.memegenerator.net, a known malware distributor, has been inserted into this web page. Visiting this page now is very likely to infect your computer with malware.

Since I am not going to go to that page, I can't tell you whose posting it is.
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Mountain and Route pages to share

Should I die or leave SP for some other reason, I don't want my pages permanently left in my ownership so I am looking for people who would like to be added to the following pages as administrators. This puts your name on the page and it only takes a few quick key clicks to change yourself to "owner". I would like someone who willing to share with the upkeep of the pages and do ...
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