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cant reply to post, cant private msg to member pls help.

cant reply to post, cant private msg to member pls help.
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Points change

I seem to have lost a lot of points overnight. Did the formula change for power point calculations?
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Inserting a video clip into a TR


I am writing a TR at the moment and I have a less than 30 second video clip taken on my son's smart phone that I would like to include. I have searched for past forum posts on this issue but all that I found seemed to be before the new editor came out last year (and I didn't understand the discussions either!). And I couldn't find anything about video in Montana matt's new ...
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Only my SP DINARIC ALPS page hakers-attacked on SP, any help


When I try to open my Dinaric Alps page (the other function well) i get information that there is a malware and that over one web-page that belongs to one Bosnia mountain club (their page also doesnot function) the hackers are trying to steal passwords, credit cards numbers, etc. from my PC. The same hapens to everyone that tries to open P Dinaric Alps page - reported to me byother people and my friends.... ...
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How to sign logs?

I looked for climbing suggestions and the Page said that I have never signed a LOG. (so of course they have no way to metric me, and can't make any suggestions. I have summited 26 State High Points as well as several other mountains, how can I sign logs to begin building a profile? I looked all the places I thought were obvious on the page but did not see anything offering to let me ...
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Lake District Page up for adoption

I adopted the Lake District Page a couple months ago and realize now that I simply haven't been to enough of the area to make a sufficiently good page however the original owner has long been gone from SP.

If anyone who has frequented the area wants to adopt the page let me know. I want to focus my efforts over the next few weeks on a few other pages I recently adopted.
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All of My Pages up for Adoption

I haven't lived in SoCal for 2 years now, so I am not keeping up with maintaining my mountain/route pages. They are all up for adoption. PLEASE take them!
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Shared Owenership

The way things are now each page can only have only one "owner". The name of any "administrator" appears on the page, but administrators get no points and the page does not show on their profile page. People with editing privileges are completely anonymous to the public and even other members.

I propose that the system be changed to allow for multiple owners who would share the points and have the page show on their ...
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Can't search forums

When I try and forum search, it says I'm not allowed! :/

I'm trying to search for how to ad pictures to a forum post - can you direct me to how to do this as well please!

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Embedding table of contents using new editor

Hi all

Since using the new editor I have had the annoyance of table of contents stubbornly appearing outside of the main piece in a bit of white space at the start. It isn't a major problem - but I don't think it looks as neat as when it is discretely incorporated into the 1st section. It seems to be something to do with not being able to delete an annoying extra empty bit of ...
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