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SummitPost Version 4 in the Making SummitPost Version 4 in the Making

Starting soon, SummitPost Version 4 is planned to be in the making, and hopefully published by winter time. I'm not publishing the entire list, but here is quite a few changes that are planned/considered:


Front Page:

  • 4 Sections ...
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Profile Themes for SP Version 4 Profile Themes for SP Version 4

Coming up within the next 3 months or so is the planned release of SummitPost Version 4. I plan on making another thread sometime down the road regarding other changes. So with that in mind, the idea of profile themes is on the consideration list. If implemented, it would allow the user to select the theme (template styling) of their profile. The profile is the most personal part of the site hence what I believe ...
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Bug in the "old version" of the editor

When using the feature "add album" or any other type of page to an existing page becoming de facto parent page, we get immediately to the new editor, with the future page already being attached. When skipping to the old editor, which I continue to use for a multitude of reasons and which should in my opinion be called simply "HTML editor", the future page is not considered anymore as an attachment and is attached ...
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Send <user> E-mail

Needs to add a copy email to self option.
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Blank Space above Tables

Anyone have any ideas as to why there is about 8 rows of blank space above both of the tables in this article?

http://www.summitpost.org/packing-light ... nes/866824

It is using the exact same code I have always used for these tables (as far as I can tell). Never had an issue before.

Here is the code for the first table:

<table align="center" border="1" bordercolor="#FFFFFF" BGCOLOR="#DDDDDD" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" width=90%><tr BGCOLOR="#444444"><th><font color="#FFFFFF">Item</font></th><th><font ...
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off site images

I am updating a page and would like to use an image from another site, but by linking directly to it.
can I do this? do I need special permission from the other site?
not sure how all this works.
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Overlapping Photo Pages

When viewing the photo pages for a mountain, I noticed that there was an overlap of about 4 photos between successive pages. Can't we get rid of this?
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"Under Construction" Pages "Under Construction" Pages

As a courtesy to other SP members and because I like to take my time on things, I use a workshop page to create my pages so that I don't dump unfinished pages on the site.

However, in a number of ways, the new editor is not friendly to copying and pasting from my workshop page.

Would it be possible to make the following two changes?

* Hide "Under Contruction" pages from the What's New ...
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Doesn't new content kind of start out "buried"?

On the home page of SP in the section for new members it says " Shape the content of the site by voting on other people's work. The bad submissions get buried, and the good stuff rises to the top."

Doesn't it kind of seem like all the new stuff sort of starts out somewhat "buried" to begin with? Unless I am missing a feature somewhere, it seems like there isn't really a place that ...
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Embedding images in a trip report

I created a trip report and was able to attach images, but I can't figure out how to embed the images in the text. Can anyone help me out?


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