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Spell check in search

For v4, please turn off spell check in search. 90% of searches I do are proper nouns and the spell check is driving me batty.
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Different computers different colors?

What color do you see the borderlines of the tables on this page?


I meant them to be red (used the code Bordercolor="8000000"). On my desktop and phone I see them as red but on my two laptops they appear black. Why would the same code produce different colors on different computers?
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Climber's Log in Profile

For version 4, it would be cool if - in your Profile - you could see your Climber's Log entries sorted by mountain ranges . Or alternately, allow the user to sort by entry date, climb date, or range.
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Where are the images?

I cannot see any images on summitpost including my own. Does this have something to do with the new voting system on images?
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New Method for Voting on Images on Pages New Method for Voting on Images on Pages

Bob Sihler proposed the idea of having a voting bar inside of images on the pages themselves. It was certainly a neat idea, so I took it a step further and made it so that on hover mode the voting displays (so when you hover over an image, you could then vote on it). This would make voting on images a lot easier, especially on pages that use a lot of images. A demonstration can ...
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Posting replies to photo comments Posting replies to photo comments

Ok here goes, I have been a member since 2009 and have had fantastic comments on my photos, here where my dilemma begins ! when replying to comments I just re-write a headed caption on the reply to post sheet at the bottom of the page, unknown to myself until yesterday I was told that for the person to see my returned comments I have to press reply on their comment page. So if this ...
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SummitPost Version 4 in the Making SummitPost Version 4 in the Making

Starting soon, SummitPost Version 4 is planned to be in the making, and hopefully published by winter time. I'm not publishing the entire list, but here is quite a few changes that are planned/considered:


Front Page:

  • 4 Sections ...
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Profile Themes for SP Version 4 Profile Themes for SP Version 4

Coming up within the next 3 months or so is the planned release of SummitPost Version 4. I plan on making another thread sometime down the road regarding other changes. So with that in mind, the idea of profile themes is on the consideration list. If implemented, it would allow the user to select the theme (template styling) of their profile. The profile is the most personal part of the site hence what I believe ...
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Bug in the "old version" of the editor

When using the feature "add album" or any other type of page to an existing page becoming de facto parent page, we get immediately to the new editor, with the future page already being attached. When skipping to the old editor, which I continue to use for a multitude of reasons and which should in my opinion be called simply "HTML editor", the future page is not considered anymore as an attachment and is attached ...
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Send <user> E-mail

Needs to add a copy email to self option.
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