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Glossary page

Since the last layout upgrade to SP, the formatting on this page is messed up:
http://www.summitpost.org/glossary-summ ... etc/173401

Table of Contents pushes the main text way down the page; nearly all the photos are now in the wrong places; could also use some fresh photos.

Anybody want to take over? I may not have time to fix it for months.
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Backcountry skiing & Winter mountaineering

How about a Backcountry Skiing & Winter Mountaineering forum ? Telemark Tips ,a great site with almost daily updates and trip reports ,has bit the dust and so far hasn't been replaced .
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HTML help, removing white space

Can you help me combine the Table of Contents in with the first section "Mustagh Ata, China Post-Trip Reflections" of the trip report that I just created:
http://www.summitpost.org/view_object.p ... irm_post=7
Alternatively, would it be easier to add a photo in the white space to the left of the TOC? Although I don't know any HTML code, I spent a lot of time on this trip report and would like ...
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Name Variations

I am curious if it is possible to include under "Query Name" (whether you are creating a page for a mountain, trip report, photo album, etc) a second box for alternate spellings. For example, the when searching on SummitPost for the mountain "Mustagh Ata" one doesn't find anything. There is some debate about the proper spelling of the peak, and it turns out that the page exists under the name "Muztagh Ata". Maybe this is ...
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Criteria for locking a topic

I see a couple of topics this morning that have been "locked" to further edits or replies. What criteria do the elves use to "lock" a topic?
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Spell check in search

For v4, please turn off spell check in search. 90% of searches I do are proper nouns and the spell check is driving me batty.
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Different computers different colors?

What color do you see the borderlines of the tables on this page?


I meant them to be red (used the code Bordercolor="8000000"). On my desktop and phone I see them as red but on my two laptops they appear black. Why would the same code produce different colors on different computers?
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Climber's Log in Profile

For version 4, it would be cool if - in your Profile - you could see your Climber's Log entries sorted by mountain ranges . Or alternately, allow the user to sort by entry date, climb date, or range.
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Where are the images?

I cannot see any images on summitpost including my own. Does this have something to do with the new voting system on images?
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New Method for Voting on Images on Pages New Method for Voting on Images on Pages

Bob Sihler proposed the idea of having a voting bar inside of images on the pages themselves. It was certainly a neat idea, so I took it a step further and made it so that on hover mode the voting displays (so when you hover over an image, you could then vote on it). This would make voting on images a lot easier, especially on pages that use a lot of images. A demonstration can ...
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