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Adding New Routes

Hey guys,

So I tried to add a new route to an existing page, Mt. Colonel Foster. When I hit submit a page came up with a whole whack of what looks like HTML computer language stuff. I though maybe that page wasn't open for route to be added, so I went to a mountain that I created, Rugged Mt. and tried to add a route there. Same thing happened, page comes up with a ...
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No UBB code txt box for universal TR posting

In 2014? Uploading photos to each and every climbing site rather than simply cutting and pasting a .txt file with UBB code links to Flickr or other photo galleries, using their one click 'share' button, is soooo 1999, baby!
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Page Adoption Guidelines

SP members and management encourage adoption of pages whose owners have lost interest in maintaining them.

If you'd like to adopt a page, standard protocol is to contact the owner by email and PM if the person has been active within the past year (check the profile for the most recent active date). Note-- you should definitely use email if that person has not been active for a few weeks, as there is a chance ...
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Problems with MyTopo

The MyTopo maps for my mountain pages now start out with a map of the entire lower 48 states plus parts of Canada and zoom into somewhere in northwest Missouri by default. As a result, the utility of the topo map feature has been considerably reduced. Is there anything that can be done about this?
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Abandoned Pages in Need of Adoption

There are lots and lots of pages on this site that have been untended for a long time and whose owners have lost interest in the site. If you see an abandoned page in need of adoption, please report it here so that others who might be qualified to adopt the page can have a chance to find out.

What is an abandoned page in need of adoption? Generally, it is safe to assume that ...
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Changes to Voting (Opinions Please) Changes to Voting (Opinions Please)

Happy New Year folks, with a new year comes new changes to SummitPost. A brand new version of SP is on the horizon which is planned to help benefit the user experience. The purpose of this thread is to gather community input on a new system of voting. Anything not related to voting goes in the other threads.

What is very likely:

A quick vote method that allows you to vote a 10 on images ...
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Re: Revert back to old versions of page

Of course there is! :) Here's an example for you Scott: http://www.summitpost.org/object_histor ... _id=150528

On the editor menu you will see an option called "View History" which is to the left of the delete link. Keep in mind that it only saves three versions.
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How do I upload photos to a new route?

Silly, I know, but I cannot figure out how to upload photos onto this site. I'll chalk this jackassness up to the midnight oil burning low, but am at a loss. I can also not figure out how to edit a photo once its on site: delete, rotate, etc...
Much thanks, yall,
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Not permitted to use "Forum Search"


I'm new here so this might have an easy fix and I just couldn't manage to locate it.
But since I registered an account here on SP I can not use the Forum Search.
When trying it just displays:

"Sorry but you are not permitted to use the search system."

If I sign-out I can search as a guest which do not really make sense and its not really convenient to have to sign-out ...
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Glossary page

Since the last layout upgrade to SP, the formatting on this page is messed up:
http://www.summitpost.org/glossary-summ ... etc/173401

Table of Contents pushes the main text way down the page; nearly all the photos are now in the wrong places; could also use some fresh photos.

Anybody want to take over? I may not have time to fix it for months.
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