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Suggestions and comments about SummitPost's features, policies, and procedures. Post bugs here.

temp password not requested

Why would summit post send me a new temp password when I did not request it?
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Hackers attack???

Since yesterday some links and forums titles has been displayed in Chinas like characters. Yesterday it was only links to the forum on the main page. Today all new forum posts (I think by cvr1) are infected, eg California, Canada and Alaska.
Read more : Hackers attack??? | Views : 1560 | Replies : 38


I can't keep up with the spam flooding the message board. We need to do something. It's ruining the forums.
Read more : Spam | Views : 497 | Replies : 1

Hits from non-members

Do the hits on any given page track page views from non-members of Summitpost? If not, wouldn't it be good to track hits from the general public, like used to be the case on Summitpost?

Read more : Hits from non-members | Views : 1073 | Replies : 25

Image Upload Issues

For some reason I'm not able to upload images anymore. I've never had a problem until recently. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Read more : Image Upload Issues | Views : 840 | Replies : 11

Annoying pop-up

There is some script embedded within an ad or something ... I keep getting this annoying pop-up call-out box:


It has happened on two different computers and two different browsers and only when on Summitpost. Please investigate. The damn thing is driving me crazy....!
Read more : Annoying pop-up | Views : 632 | Replies : 1

Can't post or see attachments


New here and I can't seem to reply to topics or see attachements.
Read more : Can't post or see attachments | Views : 588 | Replies : 1

Featured Articles

Can sp rotate in some new pages here?
Read more : Featured Articles | Views : 1070 | Replies : 8

Objections to the POTD system as it is right now

With the system as it is at present, based purely on "logarithms" that nobody can understand, POTD has become not much more than a pure lottery...You might think that I'm only saying this because today (2015-04-11) I had two photos at the top and nevertheless POTD went to someone else who had a far lower score than I did. Fact is, and you can believe me, if only I were affected, I wouldn't say a ...
Read more : Objections to the POTD system as it is right now | Views : 3522 | Replies : 49

Cache = Broken

So many members may have noticed that the site has a new 24 hour caching feature (when not logged in) which enables SP to run faster than before. This is good.

However, there is a downside. For instance, today the site was totally down for several hours (4+). During that which SP did it's new caching trick and the result is...

Broken for 24 hours! :shock:

Now ...
Read more : Cache = Broken | Views : 877 | Replies : 1


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