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Regional discussion and conditions reports for South America. Please post partners requests and trip plans in the South American Climbing Partners section.

Easy Peaks in Cordillera Blanca in early/mid May

Hi all, I am a novice here looking to climb some easy peaks (i.e. Vallunaraju, Ishinca) in Cordillera Blanca with a guide. Understood the ideal climbing season is June to August but I am only able to take time off in early-mid May this year :( . Although the local climbing company assured me these mountains can be climbed in May, I am still concerned that going ...
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Cordillera Real Logbooks/Beta?

Hello Forum,

I am involved in planning an 'expedition' of sorts to the Cordillera Real in 2017. Our main objectives are
1. Cabeza de Condor via a normal route
2. Followed by a less frequently climbed route up the NW Ridge of Huayna Potosi and
3. Ultimately a climb via the normal west face of Illampu.

What I am looking for is a logbook resource such as our own here or Peakbook that concentrates on ...
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tour operator for Bolivia trip august 2017

Hi all,

Our program for august 2017 in Bolivia is made, BUT up to now I have no clue how to go about logistics there.
Any good contacts?
Our (3 pax team so far) plan: La Paz & Isla del Sol for acclimatization, Pico Austria, Pequeno Alpamayo, Cabeza del Condor & Huaina Potosi as first block. Second block Ilimani and last but not least: Acotango or Parinacota (depending on the still available energy after having ...
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Need advice on Ecuador mountaineering trip

I will be going with a friend down to Ecuador for 2 weeks ( +/- a few days as necessary ) in the beginning of January with the intent of getting as much as we can out of the mountaineering opportunities there. Just for some background info, we're from the Northeast US and can handle ourselves with crampons and an ice axe and have technical ice/rock experience but have no high altitude experience and very ...
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Acclimatizing at Aconcagua


I'm looking forward to doing Aconcagua this season. I'm 29 years old. I've been up to 6000 meters altitute in the past. But that was more than four years ago (and that's still roughly 1000 meters less than aconcagua).

Do you think I would acclimatize well with Aconcagua given my experience.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who could advice.
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El Chalten - Easy Climb

Hi All,

My wife & I are spending 4 whole days in El Chalten & we wanted to make the most of it by climbing (hiking) an easy non-technical mountain in the area where we can get spectacular views. Are you able to recommend anything that takes one to four days to climb (guided or unguided)? We don't even mind doing multiple smaller climbs (1/2 day climbs).

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Where do you buy your topo maps??

I will be visiting the Cordillera Blanca region down in Peru this next summer and wanted to buy some big maps to start planning some stuff out. Where is the best place to buy detailed maps of that area? Or just of Peru in general?
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Possible May (2017) Peru trip

Hey all! I have long thought about going to Peru before and doing some backpacking, trad climbing, and maybe a few higher peaks down there (no high grade snow climbing). I was curious if anybody on here has ever been to Peru/wants to go to Peru and has any thoughts about a trip like this?? I just price scoped some tickets from May 6th (when I get out of college) to May 26th and its ...
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El Chalten, Patagonia? El Chalten, Patagonia?

I'm passing through El Chalten in November and some of the peaks seem fairly accessible and easy enough without me having to haul my full mountaineering kit out there. In particular, Cerro Solo, Cerro Eléctrico and Mojon Rojo. Has anyone done any of these and can advise?

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Aconcagua guide check

I'm planning on doing a guided climb up Aconcagua in 2017, but I wanted to check something out with you guys first.

Has anyone used or heard anything about a man called Gaston Oyarzun? I am being put in touch with him via a website called Explore Share:


If anyone has any info on him or the website can you reply and let me know? Thanks.
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