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Pressure Breath Explanation

I've used the pressure breath before at high elevations, but I was never told exactly what is happening and how the pressure breath works. Now I'm curious. Can anyone offer an explanation of what is going on in the lungs during a pressure breath (besides the obvious increased pressure)? I've searched around but didn't find much as far as an explanation. The best I found was:

Pressure breath helps to improve gas exchange across the ...
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steve house training manual

Hey guys, as most of you will know this book (training for the new alpinism), came out last year, and just want to know what you guys who have read it and put it into practice think about it.A lot of people seem to think its more aimed at top end climbing athletes,others seem to struggle understanding and using the book.What do you think.
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Am I too old?


I'm a 30 year old British guy and I have recently quit my job in the city in pursuit of a better life. I have always been happiest in the mountains and I have done a small amount of trekking in the Austrian, Italian, and Swiss Alps. Do you think it's too late to retrain as a mountain guide? How long does it typically take? What are the costs?

Any advice would be appreciated. ...
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Training for Alpamayo - What's best to do

I want to climb Alpamayo this summer, and I have two months off right before then. I'd like to leave for Peru in early July, so that means I have May and June to train. I'm hitting Ouray for a few days this coming March, but figured I need to do some stuff at altitude afterwards. Some thoughts I have:
- Move to Utah - Pros: I know some folks there, and I like the ...
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Workout suggestiosn for getting into rock climbing?

Hey all,

I have just recently within the past year or so really wanted to get into rock climbing. At my university here in Idaho we have a rock climbing wall that I casually visit from time to time with a few buddies but I have wanted to start taking it a little more serious. I have a large frame (6'2" and about 220) and have been trying to lose some weight since I was ...
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lateral release recovery time?

Hi all. I have two bad knees and am scheduled for arthroscopic surgery with a lateral release in a few days for the first one (I can go up, but going down is a bear). I've run into a lot of people who have had the scope and were back doing non-tech day peaks (like Wheeler at Great Basin) within 3 months, but the only people I know who have had the lateral release are ...
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lingering stiff elbow lingering stiff elbow

Hello all:

I suffered a bad fall about 10 months ago and fractured my humerus badly. I had surgery where a plate was installed along with 8 screws. The fracture healed in about 12 weeks, but, I came out with a very stiff elbow and lingering fluid/inflammation in the elbow and the arm. My surgeon told me my elbow wasn't injured in the fall, just the humerus. The stiffness and fluid/inflammation has improved somewhat through ...
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Are Altitude/Hypoxic chambers unsafe?

There is much literature on permanent brain damage from high elevation -- and particularly, changes in elevation that are too rapid (i.e. not gently/properly acclimatized).

I've been considering a hypoxic chamber, for a several week use before a higher elevation climb (6000m).

However, isn't nightly sleeping in such a chamber equal to the sudden elevation change it's trying to prevent, even if gradually building up to say 3000m oxygen level?
Each morning it's a sudden ...
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High mountain


I'm not a new hiker, I did all the good hike in the est of America (I have to do mount Iberville one of these days), then I made a lot of hike in Scotland and some in Corsica. But I live in Montreal. Everything here is lower than 2000 meters ... It's now boring ... It's fun to do them, but I need more challenge.

In September, I made a three week trip in the ...
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NOOB Introduction and Getting into Mountaineering Questions

Hey All,

So I'm a 27 year old mechanical engineer living in New Orleans, LA and wanting to get into mountaineering. I've got very limited experience with climbing...due to obvious geographic limitations, but something about getting into the mountains has always appealed to me. Basically, I get into the closest climbing gym on occasion and have been sport climbing in Northern Alabama once many years ago. I thoroughly enjoy backpacking, camping, hiking etc.

Ultimately I ...
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