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NOOB Introduction and Getting into Mountaineering Questions

Hey All,

So I'm a 27 year old mechanical engineer living in New Orleans, LA and wanting to get into mountaineering. I've got very limited experience with climbing...due to obvious geographic limitations, but something about getting into the mountains has always appealed to me. Basically, I get into the closest climbing gym on occasion and have been sport climbing in Northern Alabama once many years ago. I thoroughly enjoy backpacking, camping, hiking etc.

Ultimately I ...
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Books beyond Freedom of the Hills

Got any recommendations of some good books that goes in depth of mountaineering/mix climbing/ice climbing beyond whats covered in FOTH?

I'll be glad to hear about them
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acclimatisation & Mont Blanc

Any ideas what I did wrong here?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euFhmLI ... e=youtu.be

The above vid shows my 2nd and 3rd days of acclimatisation for an ambitious late season attempt on Mont Blanc on days 6 & 7 of the week. On day 1 I simply spent the entire day in the Aguille du Midi complex after taking the first car up and the last one down. I did a bit of ...
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book recommendation for day hiking?

I kind of just decided that I would try to have my dog reach all of NHs 4,000 foot peaks, likely all by day hikes. She's done 6 of them. Last year I did a few before I had her. I haven't had any problems yet, but I feel very inefficient and clueless. I'm not real sure how to make best use of my poles, what the best way to hydrate is, how to minimize ...
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Let's just say... Let's just say...

I have a small (6 inch ish diameter)tree, a 5 foot long segment of rope, and 2 carabiners. How would I make a rappel anchor?
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Treating Dry, Sun Damaged Skin

Ok folks, time for a slow stroll down the metro road..

After years of outdoor abuse and neglect, I'm currently treating dry, sun-damaged skin on my arms and legs.
I've been using this homemade remedy I've worked up for several months and it seems to work very well.

A mix of:
Raw Shea Butter
http://www.amazon.com/Pack-African-Shea ... B00AU9VX3Y
http://shop.racosmetics.com/100-Pure-Sh ... z-0148.htm

Heritage Store ...
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Training and Nutrition Guide for Mt. Whitney Training and Nutrition Guide for Mt. Whitney

I've summited Mt. Whitney four times. Each summit was under 6 hours. Below is my comprehensive training and nutrition guide specifically tailored for Mt. Whitney. Please let me know if you have any questions. Happy to help.



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new film: The Search for Freedom

Howdy folks,
There's a new film out there The Search for Freedom that's pretty inspiring for outdoor athletes. Worth a watch for sure, if only for the scenery and action sequences..

The film might be especially interesting for those into Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's ideas about Flow.
Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience
http://www.amazon.com/Flow-Psychology-E ... 0061339202
Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday ...
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Crevase Rescue : Munter/Mule prussic as the ratchet point.

In more than one place I've seen a munter/mule combined with a prussic as the ratchet point in a pulley system, especially in one of my favorite books:
http://www.amazon.com/Glacier-Mountaine ... 0762748621

It's hard to make out if that red cord is actually tied as a munter on the end but I think this is an example is here:

http://www.summitpost.org/ratchet-syste ... ing/700714

But even ...
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Two person team on glacier

For those of you that do this - how is your rope-setup? Do you go for one rope with knots (if snow) One extra rope, or do you keep the ends of the knotted rope in coils for rescue?

Looking for a safe and efficient setup that we can practise and use.
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