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Pages, fresh hot pages!

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Pages, fresh hot pages!

Postby mvs » Mon Oct 25, 2010 10:16 pm

Hi all,
I'm leaving town and want to distribute my mountains and routes. I already transferred a bundle of stuff, but I couldn't think of the right owner for these so I offer it up for group decision. PM me if you want a page, thanks!

Wetterstein - who likes the technical climbing in the Wetterstein?
Schüsselkarspitze (Wettersteingebirge) (and route) Southeast Face, "Peters/Haringer"
Bernadeinwand (Wettersteingebirge) (and route) Direkte Nordwand

Oddball route
West Ridge (Marienbergspitze) (Lukas K.?)

Dolomites - who likes the technical stuffs? Note - some of these pages are originally from kletterwebbi, so if you take them then you must agree to keep his dedication at the top of the page.
Grohmannspitze / Punta Grohmann (Saslonch / Langkofel / Sassolungo Group)
Fünffingerspitze (Punta d. Cinque Dita) (Saslonch / Langkofel / Sassolungo Group)
Spigolo Jori (Pomagagnon)
South Face (Dimai) (Grohmannspitze / Punta Grohmann)
North Ridge (Sassolungo)

High Austria
North Wall (Wildspitze)

North Ridge (Forbidden Peak)

These I'm keepin'. They have sentimental value. Lemme think about it...
The Innominata Ridge (Mont Blanc)
South Face (Dimai/Eötvös) (Tofana di Rozes)
North Face (Ortler)

ps - no drama! Decision is made! All sales are final! :lol:
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Re: Pages, fresh hot pages!

Postby mvs » Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:45 pm

I wish I could sell some of those chossy climbers logs...so many hours of my life I'd get back! :D But a few of them are priceless :)

Not worth going on about. But I'll see you around!
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