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Re: SP App

Postby mvs » Wed Mar 26, 2014 2:47 am

Oh sorry Diego, I just now saw this.

I worked on the API idea with Matt, who was very supportive. But I just didn't have the time to finish it...it's basically a design document of methods to retrieve from the database, and the idea was to implement it on the server with PHP.

Here is a dump of some ideas from that:

Version 1:
Read-only. No ability to post new stuff through the API
No API around the forums.
Expose the basic data: Mountains, Routes, Trip-reports, Photos, Albums, etc.

Version 2:
Ability to post photos, trip reports, albums.
Ability to post comments on pages.
Has authorization and authentication.
The ability to post more data types probably depends on interest.
It's important at this point to get one or several apps built to validate and test the API.
The Bulk Uploader will be modified to use the API instead of it's hand-built parsing approach. Timeframes: Version 1 should be done within 3 months. Version 2 after another 6 months. Ideally, applications will grow along with the growth of version 2, and we'd share previews with app developers so they know they can count on the API.
Source-base: I would like it to be open source. There is no reason for it not to be an open source project.

If some folks with a bit of time can run with it, that is great news.
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Re: SP App

Postby Diego Sahagún » Wed Apr 02, 2014 11:55 am

Sounds very good mvs, both v1 & v2 though v1 would be right for the begining. Thanks for all
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