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SP Member "Guyzo" is WAY RAD

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Re: SP Member "Guyzo" is WAY RAD

Postby jesu, joy of man's desiring » Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:27 pm

charles wrote:
Steve1215 wrote:I'm sure Guyzo would not mind me mentioning California's other illustrious Stonemaster, Tobin Sorenson--the boy from Covina, California.

From the late 1970s, here are a few of Tobin Sorenson's major alpine climbing accomplishments:

FA of the Dru Couloir Direct, Chamonix, with Rick Accomazzo
First continuous ascent of the Eiger Direct, with the late Alex McIntyre
A ropeless solo ascent of the Matterhorn North Face, done in 8.5 hours
Grand Central Couloir, Mt. Kitchener, Canadian Rockies, with Jack Roberts

Sorenson later died in a fall on Mt. Alberta's North Face, during a solo attempt in 1980, at the age of 25.

Here is a photo of Tobin Sorenson from my image bank:



The only point where I could even half way relate to someone of that calibre is that I also wore EBs

It's said that he soloed the Matterhorn North Face while wearing a pair of Levi's blue jeans. How times have changed.

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jesu, joy of man's desiring

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Re: SP Member "Guyzo" is WAY RAD

Postby fatdad » Mon Dec 20, 2010 6:56 pm

There are a lot of apocryphal stories about Tobin Sorenson. He was, as you noted however, a very competent mountaineer. I'd be hard pressed to believe he'd solo the N. Face of the Matterhorn in a pair of jeans.
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