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Posted by ltrevor
on Jun 29, 2008

Partner(s) Cascades, Monashees, Columbias

362 miles

Activity Location: Manning Park  Date: Anytime

I like to do a variety of trips. In summer I'm based out of Manning Park and in the winter out of Kelowna.

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Posted by Sebas770
on May 27, 2011

North cascades

367 miles

Activity Location: Bellinham  Date: Anytime

Looking for partner for climbing mountains baker, shuksan, tomahoi, ruta mountains, etc etc. I am in belinham if you aré interested i will gibe you my phone, Lets go climbing Also interested in a ...

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Posted by dharold
on Apr 17, 2010

Gannett Peak, WY June 13-20?

368 miles

Activity Location: Gannett Peak, Wyoming, United States  Date: Anytime

im trying to get a small group together, 3-5, to climb Gannett Peak in Wyoming in June. drop a line if you're interested in fun cramponing, superb camp cuisine, and lots of laughs. davidsamuelh@gm...

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Posted by raiderjlk
on Oct 23, 2007

North Cascades, Summer 2008

379 miles

Activity Location: Notth Cascades  Date: After Jun 18, 2008

I'm looking for partners for an expedition to the North Cascades. I'm thinking about Glacier Peak followed by the Picket Traverse. I chose these two objectives because they're both really remote, i...

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Posted by brendon
on May 12, 2006

Wind River Range

383 miles

Activity Location: Wind River Range  Date: Anytime

I'm intersted in lots of things in this range. I have no definite plans, but an early fall excursion would be nice. Possibilities on my list include Febbas, Downs, Fremont (done), and Temple amon...

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Posted by Roy1
on May 20, 2010

Beginner Edmonton Climber Needs Committed Partner

389 miles

Activity Location: Edmonton, Alberta  Date: Anytime

29 year old male. I have been rock climbing for about a year. Have taken two intro courses, one indoors and one outdoors. Have been trained in sport lead climbing. Also have done scrambling and low...

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Posted by CaelanM
on Aug 2, 2010

Looking for someone to climb Mt. Baring with.

389 miles

Activity Location: Mt. Baring  Date: Anytime

Hello. I am looking for a fairly experienced hiking partner to climb Mt. Baring with me. This mountain is approx. 6,000 ft. high, and has a beautiful 4,000 ft. cliff face leading down to a lake on ...

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Posted by rocket
on Jul 21, 2009

Beginner looking for partner

390 miles

Activity Location: Edmonton, Canada  Date: Anytime

I am new at this, and looking for someone to join and learn from. Quick study, in shape - and eager to learn.

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Posted by ascasson
on Mar 8, 2012

Beginner Looking for Climbing Mentors

400 miles

Activity Location: Oregon, US, Oregon, United States  Date: Anytime

Hi everyone, I'm returning to my mountaineering desires, which I have left unattended for a dozen years. Ideally, I'd like to chat with someone who has climbed some of the Northwest's taller peaks....

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Posted by garbear
on Oct 23, 2014

mountaineering in oregon July 2015

400 miles

Activity Location: Oregon, US, Oregon, United States  Date: After Jul 19, 2015

Looking for climbing partner with equal of more exp. for mid July 2015 mountaineering excursion. Mt Hood, Wash, Sisters.

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Posted by skimmy54
on Dec 27, 2012

Looking for mountaineering friends!

400 miles

Activity Location: Oregon, US, Oregon, United States  Date: Anytime

Hello! I have peaked my interest in mountaineering and will be taking a trip in a few weeks (Jan 19, 2013) to summit Mt. St Helens. I will be going with two other gentlemen and we are going to snow...

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Posted by BradBartick
on Nov 30, 2008

Cascade winter routes 08/09

400 miles

Activity Location: Oregon, US, Oregon, United States  Date: Anytime

Looking to hook up with any folks planning on doing winter routes on any of the major Cascade peaks. Moved to Portland in April of 2008 and did some great spring and summer climbs (Hood, Shasta, ...

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Posted by sadiegirl
on Feb 3, 2015

East Ridge Winds

402 miles

Activity Location: Wolfs Head, Wyoming, United States  Date: Jul 06, 2015 through Aug 21, 2015

Looking for an eager partner to climb the East Ridge in the Winds this summer. I am a super safe trad climber who is beginning to branch out into alpine adventure. I have gear, time, and a positive...

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Posted by cowtree
on Jan 3, 2012

winter cascade ascents

404 miles

Activity Location: Cascade Mountain Range  Date: Anytime

hey! I am trying to make as many winter ascents in the cascades as I can this season. I live in humboldt and will be driving up to oregon and washington often to climb. I am looking for partners,...

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Posted by lamanite
on Apr 27, 2013

Baker or Hood

406 miles

Activity Location: Mt Baker  Date: Anytime

I would say I'm somewhere between beginner and intermediate; as far as glaciated mountains go I've only climbed Rainier (multiple times) and Adams but I'd like to find a team going up Baker or Hood...

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Posted by jeffhieb
on Aug 31, 2009

climbing wind river peak

411 miles

Activity Location: Lander, Wyoming, United States  Date: After Nov 15, 2009

I would like to climb wind river peak in january or february in 2010. may be try to climb something a little closer in november or december

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Posted by KEJ
on May 28, 2008

looking for someone to go to Mt.Hood/Rainier with

412 miles

Activity Location: Mt.Rainier National park  Date: Anytime

looking for a mountaineering partner in my area that will be able to make at least one trip a year.

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Posted by TetonWyoming
on Jun 6, 2009

Wind River Range - Looking for a hiking buddy

413 miles

Activity Location: Wyoming, US, Wyoming, United States  Date: Anytime

Anyone looking for someone to hike with in the Winds or Tetons?

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Posted by elzorro32
on Aug 14, 2006

Rainier in September

414 miles

Activity Location: Paradise, Washington, United States  Date: Anytime

Anyone planning to go up Rainier in September? We tried to go up last September and had to turn back due to weather. I've been up Shasta several times solo but I am not too familiar with Rainier ...

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Posted by lordvoldemort
on Apr 28, 2011

Rainier-Kautz 2011

414 miles

Activity Location: Rainier, Mount, Washington, United States  Date: Anytime

Looking for partners to do the Kautz route on Rainier in May-June 2011. If anyone's interested shoot me an email or pm me.

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