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Posted by bharats
on Apr 20, 2015

Fellow summiters for 'Eyes on Everest Expedition'

2320 miles

Activity Location: India, India  Date: Mar 01, 2017 through Apr 30, 2017

Hello Friends, I am planning for a Mount Everest Summit Expedition 'Eyes on Everest' in the climbing season of 2017 in order to raise $ 1 million to fund audacious vision restoration research proje...

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Posted by Evviva38
on Jan 3, 2014


2352 miles

Activity Location: United Kingdom, United Kingdom  Date: Anytime

I am planning to go to South America (mainly Peru) end of July and for a whole August 2014 to do some mountaineering, hiking and climbing around 5000-6000m. Anyone interested to join? Please drop m...

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Posted by emmieuk
on Aug 25, 2010

Newbies looking for mountain climbers UK

2352 miles

Activity Location: United Kingdom, United Kingdom  Date: Anytime

Hi Guys, Myself and my husband Nick are both new to the world of Mountain Climbing. You will see from recent posts on the general thread that we recently climbed a mountain in Wales which was just ...

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Posted by mountaink2
on Dec 17, 2008

Alps 2008

2352 miles

Activity Location: United Kingdom, United Kingdom  Date: Anytime

Looking for partner summer 2008 routes in Alps from AD to D+. Flexible on location Cham, Zermatt, Sass Fee etc my alpine experience 26 4,000m peaks climbed routes to D+, climber with some experienc...

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Posted by jilks
on Jan 26, 2008

Cullin Ridge, Isle of Skye, Scotland

2356 miles

Activity Location: scotland  Date: Anytime

Wish to hike Cullin Ridge early this year with a view to training for bigger mountains in other countries. Also interested to try Goat fells on the Isle of Aran or any other scottish mountains. I h...

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Posted by Jimmy1
on Jan 30, 2012

Muztagh ata 2012

2366 miles

Activity Location: 55.77657° / 74.53125°  Date: Anytime

Hi: We are organizers for expedition groups in Xinjiang China. We have some plans for Muztagh ata during beginning of July and middle of August. Please join us. email:climbing@xj.cninfo.net

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Posted by pilgrim
on Aug 4, 2011

Climbing partner needed - September (India)

2370 miles

Activity Location: Ladakh  Date: Anytime

Hi, I leave for the Himalayas in 10 days. Will be trekking in to Ladakh through Zanskar - not the well-beaten trail, but one that goes through lesser frequented areas (phugtal-tantak-shade-niri sum...

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Posted by scottramsay020
on Nov 9, 2009

Looking for climbing buddies Scotland & Alps

2374 miles

Activity Location: 55.89996° / -3.1311  Date: Anytime

Hello I am Scott , based in the borders of Scotland. I am looking for climbing buddies to head up the Scottish mountains this winter. I have done quite a few this year and i am looking forward to ...

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Posted by shoummo71
on Jul 29, 2011

Stok Kangri in September.

2402 miles

Activity Location: Ladakh Range, India  Date: Anytime

Hello, I am going to climb Stok Kangri. This is a wonderful peak. I speacially choose it for its massive height 6137 m (20135 feet). And first of all it’s a trekking peak. My plan to start from L...

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Posted by dannymc1ball
on Jul 18, 2012

Alps late July / august

2424 miles

Activity Location: bray  Date: Anytime

looking to head out to the alps early august or late july .would like to climb a few 4000m peaks top of my list is the Matterhorn and mont Rosa. again i am open to ideas but if any one is thinking...

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Posted by goodwilson
on Feb 8, 2012

Looking for winter mountaineering in norway

2428 miles

Activity Location: Norway, Norway  Date: Anytime

Now, I am base in Oslo til early of MAY. And, I am already to do some winter mountaineering in Norway. If you are interested, free feel to contact me Thanks Wilson

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Posted by engelskchica
on Nov 7, 2011

Training partners in Ireland preferably Dublin

2433 miles

Activity Location: Baile Atha Cliath, Ireland  Date: Anytime

Hi, I am a 34yr old girl living in Dublin. I am just starting to train for a Denali climb next summer. Unfortunately my climbing partners don't live in Ireland/UK so I have no one to train with. ...

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Posted by Mojofilter6
on Jan 21, 2010

Cairngorms - Aviemore

2434 miles

Activity Location: Manchester  Date: Anytime

Am going to be up in Aviemore from the 26-27 of Jan. Just looking for some low grade (III/IIII's) routes and day hikes/scrambles. Also looking for people up for exploring the lakes/peaks...anywhe...

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Posted by JanVanGenk
on Feb 21, 2010

Pamirs and/or Tien Shan

2446 miles

Activity Location: Tien Shan/Pamirs  Date: After Jul 01, 2014

I love the mountains of Central-Asia. I would very much like to get off the beaten tracks, but still include one 7000 m mountain. No definite plans, I'm pretty much up for anything. Here are some ...

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Posted by BENDONALD1959
on Sep 22, 2006

Winter Hill Walking in Scotland

2449 miles

Activity Location: Scotland  Date: Anytime

Looking for buddies to try out winter hill walking in Scotland. The mountains are at their best in winter provided you get the right weather !!!!! Bonnie if you're out there please reply, Scotland...

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Posted by HonzaStedry
on Mar 5, 2012

Khan Tengri or Pik Lenin

2449 miles

Activity Location: Khan Tangiri Shyngy, Kazakhstan  Date: Anytime

Hi looking for partner to climb Khan Tengri and Pik Lenin this year 2012 season. My plan is to be in Kyrgyzstan around June and start to train. My idea is do it without mountaineering company as ...

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Posted by endo.the.timber
on Oct 19, 2015

Khan Tengri, Tian Shan in July-Aug 2016

2449 miles

Activity Location: Khan Tangiri Shyngy, Kazakhstan  Date: Anytime

I will be in the South Inylchek base camp from 2016 July 10-Aug 20. I would like to find someone to rope up with for Khan Tengri up to Camp 3 on the Progrebietsky(Classical Southern) Route. The rou...

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Posted by Rusnborg
on Mar 13, 2012

2012 Kazbek-june, Lenin peak-july, KhanTengri-aug

2449 miles

Activity Location: Khan-Tengry  Date: Anytime

Hi! I am mountain guide. I am organization expedition to national park Ala-Archa - Ak- Sai valley (training, climbing and mountaineering) - may 2012, Kazbek (classic route from Gorgia) - june ...

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Steve Pritchard

Posted by Steve Pritchard
on Jun 5, 2007

Northern India/ Delhi climbing partners

2460 miles

Activity Location: New Delhi, India  Date: Anytime

I am looking for partners to discover the rock/snow/ice climbing/ trekking/ skiing etc. with in Uttarkhand and Himchal Pradesh over the next 2 years. I lead climb at entry level (about 5-4), seco...

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Posted by chrissn
on May 7, 2009

India-Ladakh looking for partners

2461 miles

Activity Location: Ladakh Plateau, India  Date: After Oct 08, 2009

I'm looking for partners for trekking in Ladakh. I plan to fly to India around 10.08 and fly back about half of September. I have no fixed plans about route of my trekking and I'm open to any sugge...

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