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Posted by azrockclimber1988
on Apr 6, 2009

Grand Tetons July/early August

107 miles

Activity Location: Jackson, Wyoming, United States  Date: Anytime

I am trying to find a partner to do a few of the moderate climbs in the Grand Tetons, the dates are flexible right now, I just would like to do it July 4th and before August 20th. I am a experienc...

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Posted by Cody Finke
on Apr 26, 2013

May/June 2013, Ski Cascade Volcanoes

108 miles

Activity Location: Wilson, WY  Date: Anytime

I am planning on skiing the Cascade Ring of Fire starting in early May. I will go south to north starting at Lassen and finishing (hopefully) in Early June with Mount Baker. I currently live and sk...

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Posted by brendon
on May 12, 2006

Wind River Range

109 miles

Activity Location: Wind River Range  Date: Anytime

I'm intersted in lots of things in this range. I have no definite plans, but an early fall excursion would be nice. Possibilities on my list include Febbas, Downs, Fremont (done), and Temple amon...

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Posted by regolithe
on Sep 21, 2006

Climbing partner In the Alpine Utah area

110 miles

Activity Location: Alpine Utah  Date: Anytime

I live next to American Fork canyon, and am less than a half hour from Rock Canyon. I need to find some people to climb with in the area. I'd love to start going with someone who has a little exp...

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Posted by Ryan202
on May 2, 2010

Hiking/Mountaineering Partner

111 miles

Activity Location: Herriman  Date: Anytime

Still sort of new to SLC. I've climbed Rainier in July 2008, but that's all the experience I have (did BF Twins 7/31/10...finally). It would be more fun (and I'd feel better) going with someone t...

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Posted by dharold
on Apr 17, 2010

Gannett Peak, WY June 13-20?

111 miles

Activity Location: Gannett Peak, Wyoming, United States  Date: Anytime

im trying to get a small group together, 3-5, to climb Gannett Peak in Wyoming in June. drop a line if you're interested in fun cramponing, superb camp cuisine, and lots of laughs. davidsamuelh@gm...

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Posted by PellucidWombat
on Oct 5, 2006

Mt Timpanogos Winter Traverse

113 miles

Activity Location: Mt Timpanogos  Date: Anytime

This has been a climb that I've wanted to do for the past 3 winters - ascend to the Timpanogos massif ridgeline from Provo Canyon, and follow the ridge all the way to North Peak, descend to Mahogon...

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Posted by RobertMountain
on Dec 4, 2014

2015 - Denali West Buttres

115 miles

Activity Location: BRUMLEY CREEK, US, United States  Date: May 28, 2015 through Jun 14, 2015

Hi everybody! After reading some of the adds i felt compelled to describe this a bit better. Ok so here is the deal! This year I have lead my third group on Mt Rainier at the end of May with a 100...

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Posted by mfox79
on Jan 2, 2007

Looking for activity partners in Idaho Falls

116 miles

Activity Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States  Date: Anytime

I am moving to Idaho Falls at the end of January, I am new to the area and looking to find people interested in Climbing, Snowshoeing, peak Bagging and even gym climbing till the cold season ends. ...

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Posted by jasonkotenko
on Jul 15, 2007

Ski Mountaineering this Winter

116 miles

Activity Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States  Date: Anytime

So I desperately want to get into ski mountaineering (backcountry skiing, winter hiking/camping with skiing involved, whatever you want to call it) this winter. I was a strong skier back when I di...

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Posted by coclayton
on Jul 14, 2014

Grand Teton

124 miles

Activity Location: Grand Teton, Wyoming, United States  Date: Anytime

Climbing the grand Teton August 22/23 via the Owen Spaulding route. Looking for an experienced climber to go with.

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Posted by bbbeans
on Jun 16, 2007

Climbing in the Tetons/ Absorkas/Wind River Range

126 miles

Activity Location: The Tetons  Date: Anytime

I would love to climb something in the Tetons. I live in Bozeman and have experience rock climbing and backpacking but not a lot of technical mountaineering. I'd love to meet up with someone who's...

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Posted by ClimbbIllinois
on Oct 21, 2011

Winter Ski Mountaineering

127 miles

Activity Location: Teton Range  Date: Anytime

Looking for motivated folks to do some ski mountaineering in TNP and the surrounding area this winter. I have an ever expanding checklist and am open to any ideas involving skiing and or mountaine...

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Posted by brendon
on Jun 5, 2006

Teton West Slope

129 miles

Activity Location: Teton Range  Date: Anytime

Close to home and quick. Fossil or Bannon from the Wind Caves trailhead. Rammel Mountain. Littles from the West.

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Posted by jeffhieb
on Aug 31, 2009

climbing wind river peak

134 miles

Activity Location: Lander, Wyoming, United States  Date: After Nov 15, 2009

I would like to climb wind river peak in january or february in 2010. may be try to climb something a little closer in november or december

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Posted by brendon
on May 12, 2006

Wyoming Absarokas

163 miles

Activity Location: Absarokas  Date: Anytime

Anyone interested in the territory east of Yellowstone this fall. I'm looking at Francs, the Washakie Needles area, Eagle Peak in YNP, and easier peaks near Togwotee Pass. Anything in "Select Pea...

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Posted by coclayton
on Mar 29, 2009

Partners Needed

175 miles

Activity Location: Rangely, Colorado, United States  Date: Anytime

I live up in Rangely Colorado, land of the brown rolling hills. I have to travel to different areas to climb and hike. Because of my job I only have Mon, Tue, and Weds off. This makes finding cl...

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Posted by brendon
on May 12, 2006

Idaho 12ers and 11ers

203 miles

Activity Location: Central Idaho  Date: Anytime

I'm interested in climbing several of the Idaho 12ers. Those left on my list include: - Idaho - Leatherman - Lost River Other routes that I'm interested in exploring: - Hyndman from Wildhorse Ca...

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Posted by highice
on May 23, 2006

alpine climbs

217 miles

Activity Location: montana  Date: Anytime

I have may 31, june 1,2,3 off and am seeking a partner for some backcountry easy-moderate snow/ice or mixed rock climbs in the Madison/Beartooth regions. Long trad routes of interest too! If avy ...

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Posted by blueshade
on Dec 19, 2009

Hiking, Canyoneering, and Mountain Biking - CO/UT

222 miles

Activity Location: CO/UT  Date: Anytime

I live in Grand Junction, CO, but play all over the place, especially in Utah. I'm down for a wide range of activities, including peak bagging, canyoneering, climbing, mountain biking, road bikin...

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