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Posted by huba
on May 17, 2009

Climbing/Skiing in Europe

5760 miles

Activity Location: Budapest, Hungary  Date: Anytime

After over a decade in CA I am back in Europe, in Hungary now for at least a couple of years. I am looking for partners to climb and back country ski in Europe (Tatras, Alps, etc.) Weekends, but I...

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Posted by SiggiSoleyjar
on Jun 25, 2009

Looking for Mountaineers based in Argentina

5765 miles

Activity Location: Buenos Aires  Date: Anytime

Hi guys, I am always looking for partners to journey with and do a bit of mountaineering. I do a lot of solo trips, out of necessity more than interest – because the true nomad is a rare animal....

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Posted by dharold
on Jun 25, 2010

Patagonia, Bariloche oct/nov 2010

5771 miles

Activity Location: San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina  Date: Anytime

hey climbers... i'll be in in Bariloche doing spanish intensive this october and november and would love to find some folks for some fun climbing, treking, food, brews and laughs. i'm 32, live in ...

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Posted by CGabrielli
on Oct 4, 2011

South America Partners 2011/12

5813 miles

Activity Location: Patagonia  Date: Anytime

Heading to South America for 6 months solo and looking for partners to get into the mountains with... I'm mostly geared towards trekking although i'll be taking crampons, axe, and harness, as well ...

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Posted by mountaindog
on Aug 25, 2007

Mountaineering in Gran Sasso NP, Italy

5827 miles

Activity Location: Assergi, Italy  Date: Anytime

Looking for partners for year-round mountaineering on the Gran Sasso in the central Appenines and rock climbing along the west coast of Italy (Sperlonga, Gaeta, Amalfi Coast).

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Posted by busybeealex
on Mar 15, 2008

hiker in croatia looking for partners

5876 miles

Activity Location: Croatia, Croatia  Date: Anytime

Canadian living in Croatia, looking for hiking partners to accompany me on hikes, research for editorial, possibly share car/rentals. but most importantly share t he vistas! I will be here all spri...

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Posted by trajektman
on Nov 1, 2009

Island Vis

5890 miles

Activity Location: Otok Vis, Croatia  Date: Anytime

Will go from Split to Vis (check http://www.trajekti.info/ ) Island Vis, the beauty of limpid waters and protected submarine world rich with sunken ships and magic marine images that has been hidde...

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Posted by Ducky
on Jan 11, 2009

Aconcagua in February, 2009

5968 miles

Activity Location: Argentina, Argentina  Date: Anytime

Hi, I'm thinking of going down to Argentina next month. I don't want to hike alone, just incase there's a problem, but I feel like it's not totally necessary to join a commercial unit. Anyone els...

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Posted by missslbell
on Jan 22, 2009

Aconcagua Feb 09

5968 miles

Activity Location: Argentina, Argentina  Date: After Feb 08, 2009

Interested in forming a group for summitting normal route Feb 09 Thanks

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Posted by SiggiSoleyjar
on Jun 20, 2011

Argentina - seeking partners in crime

5968 miles

Activity Location: Argentina, Argentina  Date: Anytime

Hi guys, Well, looks like I am going to be in Argentina for a bit longer. I am still looking for partners to climb with in South America, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and such, interested in an...

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Posted by greekhero13
on Aug 30, 2013

Aconcagua 2014

5968 miles

Activity Location: Argentina, Argentina  Date: Anytime

I am about to climb aconcagua on february 2014 Anyone is welcome Contact me in marioskardaris13@gmail.com

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Posted by SheffieldMtnGuides
on Dec 10, 2008

Argentina , Mendoza

5968 miles

Activity Location: Argentina, Argentina  Date: Anytime

will be in Argentina , Mendoza from the 24th December. Climbing Aconcagua on the 8th Jan but looking for other trips before. Tupungato, Meredario or Tronador and bariloche. Anyone interested in joi...

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Posted by slideandride
on Sep 14, 2013

El Chalten

5968 miles

Activity Location: Argentina, Argentina  Date: Anytime

I have been planning a trip to El Chalten in Feb. 2014 this whole year now and I'm having a problem because the climbing partner I had in line is slowly but surely backing out on me so now I'm idle...

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Posted by dearjulian
on Mar 26, 2012

frequent hikes

5976 miles

Activity Location: Bilbor, Romania  Date: Anytime


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Posted by battenkill1
on Dec 15, 2006

partner wntd 4 patagonia , Ecuador or Sierras

5982 miles

Activity Location: patagonia  Date: Anytime

late Jan 2007, early Feb 2007. interested in moderate alpine routes in either the Sierra nevada of CA (whitney in winter, perhaps E face/buttress) or preferably a trip to Patagoina or Ecuador. I ...

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Posted by philso
on Mar 22, 2011

partners wanted in Japan

5990 miles

Activity Location: kita alps  Date: Anytime

I'm an intemediate level alpine climber. a get-up-and-get-going type on hikes & bike tours. looking to get back on the rock (trad) but after a 15 year hiatus, I may be lucky not to do a faceplant ...

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Posted by Jimmy1
on Jan 30, 2012

Muztagh ata 2012

6108 miles

Activity Location: 55.77657° / 74.53125°  Date: Anytime

Hi: We are organizers for expedition groups in Xinjiang China. We have some plans for Muztagh ata during beginning of July and middle of August. Please join us. email:climbing@xj.cninfo.net

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Posted by Nikman
on Feb 8, 2007

Cerro San Lorenzo expedition, new route N-W-face

6145 miles

Activity Location: -47.59621 -72.31133  Date: Anytime

I would like to build up a strong team for a private expedition to find a direct way up the NW-face of Cerro San Lorenzo leading over "Hombro Norte" to the mainsummit. Nobody ever did a direct line...

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Posted by jonnyb
on Feb 25, 2008

Japan partners

6183 miles

Activity Location: Japan, Japan  Date: Anytime

Hi, I'm looking for climbing/hiking patners in Japan. Based in Sendai and I'm planning on being in Japan at least until September. Got a fair amount of trad/ice gear with me. Teaching English so...

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Posted by thesoloapeproject
on Jul 7, 2009

Koncheto Ridge/Vihren-Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria

6204 miles

Activity Location: Pirin Mountains  Date: Anytime

See Pirin Mountains on this site for description of hike: (http://www.summitpost.org/area/range/151879/pirin.html) , I'm hoping to find someone or a few poeple to do this in August sometime, it's ...

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