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Posted by forjan
on Feb 28, 2009

Weekdays outdoor climbing San Diego area

5743 miles

Activity Location: Cajon Mountain, El, California, United States  Date: After Mar 03, 2009

I was laid off last month and I'm currently unemployed with lots of time to play. I'm from Los Angeles, but I'm in San Diego nowdays Monday-Friday. I'm looking for a partner who can go rock clim...

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Posted by ldysrvyr
on Jul 18, 2008

So Cal adventures

5748 miles

Activity Location: Alpine, California, United States  Date: Anytime

Up for sierra peaks, mtn biking, roadbiking backpacking, hiking , baggin peaks ... as long as I am outdoors :o) Almost any weekend.

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Posted by johnnymdiaz
on Aug 11, 2010

Who is up for a Whitney Climb in September

5757 miles

Activity Location: San Diego  Date: Anytime

I am looking for a partner to climb Whitney sometime in September. I do not have a permit, thinking about going mid-week and seeing if I can grab one in the AM, but I am unfamiliar with this proces...

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Posted by heidibethke
on May 25, 2009

Climbing/Hiking around San Diego

5758 miles

Activity Location: East San Diego, California, United States  Date: Anytime

Hi there! I'm a moderately experienced climber/mountaineer living in the San Diego area. I'm willing to drive a bit, but I am really trying to find people who want to hike or climb around the bea...

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Posted by ridetime4
on Aug 18, 2008

Want to climb Mt. Baldy & San Gorgoino

5761 miles

Activity Location: Ocean Beach, CA  Date: Anytime

I live in ocean beach, san diego and dont have a car. I would be willing to pay for gas for car polling to climbs. I love to trail climb and have all of the nececary gear. I live in south lake taho...

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Posted by McKnight
on Jan 3, 2009

Looking for climbing partner in So Cal

5761 miles

Activity Location: San Diego, California, United States  Date: Anytime

I live in San diego and climb ALOT. I want too climb outdoors more with the rope. I have all my own gear and am comfortable with Top Ropeing, Lead Climbing, And some Trad. I boulder alot around San...

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Posted by Maris
on Oct 4, 2009

Looking for teacher

5761 miles

Activity Location: San Diego, California, United States  Date: Anytime

Hey all, I am a beginner in San Diego looking for a teacher. I have gone a couple times with a friend who was going to teach me, but our locations and schedules have made it very difficult. If an...

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Posted by Moises
on Dec 1, 2011

so cal

5761 miles

Activity Location: San Diego, California, United States  Date: Anytime

I'm looking for a partner male or female to head out to some of the local mountains. I've done some climbs up in the sierras and locally but would love to get more experience. I'm available weekend...

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Posted by alleyehave
on Mar 1, 2009

Longer Trad Routes and walls

5761 miles

Activity Location: San Diego, California, United States  Date: Anytime

Looking to expand my pool of partners. I live in San Diego but frequently climb at Tahquitz and jtree. And with a weeks notice would jump on any opportunity to hit-up the valley or red rocks. I lea...

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Posted by Omar
on Nov 21, 2008


5761 miles

Activity Location: San Diego, California, United States  Date: Anytime

Pretty much Ive got a lot of hiking experience including several big peaks and multiday trips, but only basic mountaneering skills when it comes to snow and ice and ropework. I'm training to climb ...

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Posted by tdoughty
on Jul 2, 2009

All I want to do is climb

5761 miles

Activity Location: San Diego, California, United States  Date: Anytime

Want to climb? Let me know. I'm up for local cragging, Tahquitz runs. Sierra peak bagging, and a couple of Valley grade Vs. Got the gear and 30+ years experience. Not leading strongly at thi...

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Posted by ianbrandt
on Jan 15, 2014

Looking for mountaineering partners in San Diego

5761 miles

Activity Location: San Diego, California, United States  Date: Anytime

I'm looking to connect with other San Diegans interested in mountaineering. My goals include: * Extending my regional backpacking to 4-seasons (Jacinto, Baldy, Gorgonio, Whitney). * Exploring more...

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Posted by Hernani
on Jun 17, 2014

Cordillera Blanca aug 2014

6046 miles

Activity Location: Brazil, Brazil  Date: Aug 22, 2014 through Sep 07, 2014

I planned to Climb intermediate routes in Cordillera Blanca in end of August, begin of September, and I looking for partners to climb intemediate routes like Chopicalqui, HuascarĂ¡n, Toclaraju, and...

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Posted by TRStevens
on Oct 15, 2009

El Pico de Orizaba

6279 miles

Activity Location: El Pico de Orizaba  Date: Anytime

Putting together a trip to climb Orizaba and the other 3 volcano's just south of Mexico City in early December (not Popo obviously). I'm planning 2 weeks total and am currently coordinating logist...

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Posted by dishmaster
on Jun 2, 2009


6328 miles

Activity Location: United States, United States  Date: Anytime

Anyone in the OK, TX, AR, KS, MO areas interested in sharing travel expenses to bag a growing list of state highpoints?

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John Harlin

Posted by John Harlin
on Mar 20, 2006

climbing near Oaxaca, Mexico

6410 miles

Activity Location: Oaxaca  Date: Anytime

I'm looking for partners for rock climbing near Oaxaca, Mexico. I live in San Pablo Etla and have a car. I don't speak Spanish, but my wife does and can make introductions. Home phone: 951-520-402...

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Posted by Blubrit
on Feb 19, 2010

Waialeale / Kawaikini Hike

6673 miles

Activity Location: Kauai  Date: Anytime

Looking for a partner to hike to the summit of Waialeale and Kawaikini, this is at least an overnight hike with possible bad weather. Please email me if you are interested.

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Posted by clintonkerr
on Apr 4, 2007

Hike ~700 miles around 7 Hawaiian Islands

6729 miles

Activity Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, United States  Date: After Sep 01, 2007

This is a trip I am preparing for which will involve planning and carrying into execution a route around the Hawaiian islands of Ni'ihau (~40mi), Kauai (~83mi), Oahu (~90mi), MoloKai (~70mi), Lanai...

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Posted by Rhulian
on May 2, 2013

Huaraz, Peru July 14 - Aug 09, 2013

6911 miles

Activity Location: Peru, Peru  Date: Anytime

Hi All, I should be in Huaraz around July 14 for a month and for the 4th time with a plan to climb some more technical stuff I did not have the chance to climb yet! On the wishlist almost since I f...

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Posted by olliedmills
on Mar 3, 2010

Alpamayo Oct 2010

6911 miles

Activity Location: Peru, Peru  Date: After Sep 26, 2010

I'm looking to climb Alpamayo in October 2010 and looking for others that may be around that area at that time, looking to climb it too. Let me know, Ollie Mills

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