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David Cole

Posted by David Cole
on May 25, 2011

HaBa Xue Shan, Yunnan China : 2012~2013

7878 miles

Activity Location: Haba Xue Shan  Date: Anytime

Looking for 1-2 partners to join this trip. If interested please send me an email directly to discuss further.

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Posted by mrbamboo
on Dec 16, 2011

Climbing in China

7879 miles

Activity Location: China  Date: Anytime

Hi, I live in China and am always looking for people to climb with. Mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing whatever. Just give me a shout!

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Posted by morgan.lloyd
on Jan 20, 2015

Mountaineering China and Kyrgyzstan 2015

7907 miles

Activity Location: Dayan, China  Date: After Feb 25, 2015

I'm looking for partners for mountaineering and backcountry trips in Yunnan from Late February 2015 until Early April. In May, I will head for Central Asia and stay in that region until Fall, 2015....

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Posted by iemmi
on Jan 24, 2014

Carstensz Pyramid 2014

7925 miles

Activity Location: Puncak Jaya, Indonesia  Date: Anytime

Carstensz Pyramid on the cheap. Looking for a group of experienced climbers to join force and tackle the peak this year.

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Posted by highhimalayas
on Jul 8, 2012

Kalindi khal Trek Sept. 2012

7959 miles

Activity Location: Uttarkashi, India  Date: Anytime

Hi, we are planning to do the Kalindi Khal trek (19678 ft), sometime (around 26th) in August 2012. Anybody else planning at around the same time?

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Posted by snowlobo
on Aug 11, 2009

central Tibet October 2009

7963 miles

Activity Location: climb  Date: Anytime

tour and climb an easy 7000m peak

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Posted by snowlobo
on Aug 9, 2009

Tibet Oct 2009

7964 miles

Activity Location: nagarze  Date: Anytime

looking partners for an easy 7000m peak in central Tibet - adventure style - light style acclimatization in the area -

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Posted by polo30
on Jul 24, 2007

Mt.Kedardome expedition(22840ft)in India

7989 miles

Activity Location: State of Uttaranchal, India  Date: After Sep 15, 2007

Myself & one of my friend are planning to climb Mt.Kedardome in Month of sept this year. If anybody is interested to join with us may contact with me.

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Posted by climbing_yogi
on Jun 3, 2006

Company for North East India + Bhutan =(Himalayas)

8040 miles

Activity Location: eastern himalaya  Date: After Jan 14, 2007

I am looking forward to exploring the Himalayan range that straddles the north east border of India, beginning in early 2007. I am more comfortable on dry rock, though I will be upgrading my snow/...

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Posted by matous
on Jul 4, 2014

manaslu - september 2014

8066 miles

Activity Location: Manaslu, Nepal  Date: Anytime

hi mountaineers!, we are planning to climb manaslu this autumn. due to high costs its better to have a larger group, but unfortunately some people canceled and we are only 4 now. so we are looking ...

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Posted by nholm
on Aug 10, 2011

Cho Oyu

8074 miles

Activity Location: Qowowuyag, China  Date: Anytime

Hey, I am looking to do Cho Oyu in 2012, but lacking climbing partners. If anyone is keen, give me a shout here and we can see if it's a fit. Not looking to join a commercial expedition. Nicklas

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Posted by Ab
on Apr 16, 2013

Cho Oyu Autumn 2013

8074 miles

Activity Location: Qowowuyag, China  Date: Anytime

Hey all I am looking for information leading to the capture of a 2013 Autumn Cho Oyu Expedition! With the goal of buying onto a permit or if anyone else is interested in coming together to lower co...

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Posted by mh5
on Jan 17, 2007

Cho Oyu April/May 2007

8074 miles

Activity Location: Qowowuyag, China  Date: Anytime

Hi all, I plan to climb Cho Oyu in pre-monsoon 2007 starting around 22 - 24 of April on the "normal" route and passing via Kathmandu, Zhangmu, Tingri. I am looking for 1) information and opinions ...

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Posted by matatu
on Jun 22, 2007


8075 miles

Activity Location: Langtang Lirung, Nepal  Date: Anytime

hi, in april 2008 i'm with an geography - expedition (organised by my prof/university) in the LANGTANG-area. do anyone have some advices for easy going tracks/mountains there????? or information/ti...

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Posted by peme
on Jul 2, 2013

Island Peak Climbing

8081 miles

Activity Location: 27.98330 / 86.93330  Date: Anytime

our itinerary and food package is given below Day 01 : Arrive Chukhung,2pm breifing check equipment, AMS lecture. Day 02 : Trek to Island Peak Base Camp(breakfast, lunch, dinner) Day 03 : Summit da...

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Posted by sanwanck
on Aug 26, 2013


8085 miles

Activity Location: Paro(starting point)  Date: Anytime

hi, i'm looking for fairly motivated partners who loves trekking, to join the SNOWMAN TREK and to explore the outer reaches of Bhutan's High Himalayas. This is the most difficult and longest trek i...

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Posted by gbvelez
on Apr 18, 2007

Manaslu next autumn (2007)

8104 miles

Activity Location: Manaslu  Date: After Aug 31, 2007

Am searching for partners or team to join to climb Manaslu next autumn (2007). Contact me: gvelez(at)rotasdovento.com

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Posted by Tsheringbhote
on Sep 30, 2007

To climb unclimbed Mountains and peaks in Himalaya

8109 miles

Activity Location: Nepal, Nepal  Date: Anytime

My Name is Tshering Pande Bhote Mountain Guide from Nepal. I climbed mt Everest 5 times from Nepal side & Tibet side, Cho-oyu 4 times, Ama Dablam 5 Times and many mountains and peaks all over the w...

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Posted by himalayaguides
on Sep 27, 2009

Ice climbing in Nepal oin 2009 & 2010

8109 miles

Activity Location: Nepal, Nepal  Date: Anytime

Himalaya Guides MD Mountain Guides Tshering Pande Bhote happy to announce those who like to do ice climbing in nepal. we do offer Ice climbing in Nepal. visit www.himalayaguides.com

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Posted by AdamsKerr
on Feb 28, 2010

Want to climb in Himalaya/Karakoram

8109 miles

Activity Location: Himalayas, Nepal  Date: Anytime

have spent the past years climbing in the rockies, san juans and cascades and am heading up Denali in a few months. However, have always had bigger dreams and am eager to climb in the Himalaya or K...

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