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Posted by cinnamonletter
on May 20, 2016


4330 miles

Activity Location: Cordillera Blanca, Peru  Date: Anytime

Hi people, I'm looking for partners to climb Huascaran this season: July/August 2016, or possibly next year. As acclimatization, I'd like to summit the beautiful Artesonraju. Let me know if you're ...

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Posted by leejenn
on Apr 11, 2012

Climbing in Bolivia/Peru April-May 2012

4330 miles

Activity Location: Cordillera Blanca, Peru  Date: Anytime

I am headed to the Cordillera Real and Blanca April 26th-16th and I am looking for partners. I am interested in climbing Huayna Potosi, Illimani, Huascaran and Artesonraju, among others. I am inter...

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Posted by chrismarq1
on Aug 4, 2008

Cordillera Blanca

4341 miles

Activity Location: Cordillera Blanca, Peru  Date: After Aug 05, 2008

Hi Everyone, Is anyone up for climbing around Huaraz for a month or so? I just got back from Bolivia and the Cordillera Real doin a few climbs. And wanna do some more in Peru. I´m planning onn d...

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Posted by glachap
on Feb 14, 2013

Cordillera Blanca July-August 2013

4351 miles

Activity Location: Huaraz  Date: Anytime

Would like to fine partner(s) to hit some of the classic 5000 to 6000m of cordillera blanca. Start with non-technical summit (Pisco, Chopi, Urus) and see from there. I speak french and little spani...

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Posted by Oruststaffan
on May 20, 2012

Cordillera Blanca July/August 2012

4353 miles

Activity Location: Huaraz  Date: After Jul 10, 2012

Hi! I'm going to be in Huaraz, Peru from mid July and four/five weeks on. I'm looking for a climbingpartner(s) to do climbs in the PD-D range. I have been rock climbing the last 10 years, and ice/a...

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Posted by kylenw
on Jul 7, 2008


4354 miles

Activity Location: Huaraz  Date: Anytime

I'm looking for a partner(s) for mountaineering in the Cordillera Blanca (perhaps some combination of Chopi, Copa, Huascaran, Ishinca, and Pisco) or a circumnavigation of the Cordillera Huayhuash. ...

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Posted by saintlade
on Aug 15, 2009

Esfinge Cordillera Blanca

4354 miles

Activity Location: Huaraz  Date: Anytime

Hi guys, I´m trying to find anyone else who may be interested in climbing the Esfinge. I´m out in Huaraz at the moment and have done some acclimatization peaks but would like to do some big rock ...

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Posted by dishmaster
on Jun 2, 2009


4405 miles

Activity Location: United States, United States  Date: Anytime

Anyone in the OK, TX, AR, KS, MO areas interested in sharing travel expenses to bag a growing list of state highpoints?

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Posted by gunnersmith
on Dec 5, 2009

looking for partners

4643 miles

Activity Location: anywhere  Date: Anytime

I'm looking for partners for multiple climbing areas....Water Ice, Cascades, Andes, etc. I have 10 years of experience in ice, glacier, and some rock. I've climbed in the cascades, rockies, andes...

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Posted by Krumme
on Oct 3, 2007

Climbing partner in Tromsoe

4784 miles

Activity Location: Tromsø  Date: Anytime

I'm moving to Tromsø here in the begin of feb. I'll be staying there for about a half year. If anyone is interested in climbing, skiing pretty much anything in the mountains, pls pm me.

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Posted by oskar
on Jan 15, 2010

climb in ausangate range

4826 miles

Activity Location: cuzco  Date: Anytime

mountain pico tres 6010m peak in ausangate range

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Posted by goodwilson
on Feb 8, 2012

Looking for winter mountaineering in norway

4936 miles

Activity Location: Norway, Norway  Date: Anytime

Now, I am base in Oslo til early of MAY. And, I am already to do some winter mountaineering in Norway. If you are interested, free feel to contact me Thanks Wilson

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Posted by estienn
on Dec 21, 2011

Winter 2012 skiing/splitboarding in Scotland

4974 miles

Activity Location: Scotland  Date: Anytime

Hi guys, I live in the UK, I'm looking for partners to go to Scotland this Winter (Jan to March 2012) to climb and ski or snowboard/splitboard the snowy peaks. Please let me know if you wanna join....

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Posted by BENDONALD1959
on Sep 22, 2006

Winter Hill Walking in Scotland

4981 miles

Activity Location: Scotland  Date: Anytime

Looking for buddies to try out winter hill walking in Scotland. The mountains are at their best in winter provided you get the right weather !!!!! Bonnie if you're out there please reply, Scotland...

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Posted by Mojofilter6
on Jan 21, 2010

Cairngorms - Aviemore

4989 miles

Activity Location: Manchester  Date: Anytime

Am going to be up in Aviemore from the 26-27 of Jan. Just looking for some low grade (III/IIII's) routes and day hikes/scrambles. Also looking for people up for exploring the lakes/peaks...anywhe...

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Posted by marty1133
on Mar 6, 2011

Mountaineering partner (Europe)

4992 miles

Activity Location: City of Derry, United Kingdom  Date: Anytime

Hi all, I am Marty, 30 from Northern Ireland and am looking to find a partner to do a bit of mountaineering in Europe. Have been mountaineering in Ireland for about the last 7 years and think it is...

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Posted by scottramsay020
on Nov 9, 2009

Looking for climbing buddies Scotland & Alps

5070 miles

Activity Location: 55.89996° / -3.1311  Date: Anytime

Hello I am Scott , based in the borders of Scotland. I am looking for climbing buddies to head up the Scottish mountains this winter. I have done quite a few this year and i am looking forward to ...

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Posted by matthiaszingg
on Oct 3, 2012

Peru 18.11-28.11.2012

5076 miles

Activity Location: Arequipa, Peru  Date: Anytime

Hi there! I'm going to stay in Peru for 10 days in the upcoming november. I plan to climb Coropuna and Ampato. I'm an intermidiate to advanced climber from Switzerland and will be acclimatized well...

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Posted by engelskchica
on Nov 7, 2011

Training partners in Ireland preferably Dublin

5099 miles

Activity Location: Baile Atha Cliath, Ireland  Date: Anytime

Hi, I am a 34yr old girl living in Dublin. I am just starting to train for a Denali climb next summer. Unfortunately my climbing partners don't live in Ireland/UK so I have no one to train with. ...

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Posted by jilks
on Jan 26, 2008

Cullin Ridge, Isle of Skye, Scotland

5103 miles

Activity Location: scotland  Date: Anytime

Wish to hike Cullin Ridge early this year with a view to training for bigger mountains in other countries. Also interested to try Goat fells on the Isle of Aran or any other scottish mountains. I h...

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