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Posted by locoalex
on May 8, 2013

Mont Blanc- climbing Partner

5590 miles

Activity Location: Paris  Date: Anytime

Partner to climb Mont Blanc 15 & 16 of JUNE 2013

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Posted by britany
on May 10, 2010

Climbing in Portugal

5664 miles

Activity Location: Serra de Sintra, Portugal  Date: Anytime

Hi, I will be in Portugal, in and around Lisbon March 22 - 31, and I am looking for a climbing partner for Sintra or Cascals. I am also looking for any information anyone can give me about this are...

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Posted by sebelo
on Nov 19, 2013

[ARGENTINA] Ojos del Salado (6893m) and others

5665 miles

Activity Location: Cerro Ojos del Salado, Chile  Date: Anytime

Bonjour à tous ! We are two Frenchies on a 4 months trip to South America. After weeks of trekking and climbing in Bolivia, we are now aiming at Ojos del Salado (6893m) via the permit-free Argenti...

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Posted by renown7
on May 11, 2013

France / Spain June 2013

5738 miles

Activity Location: France  Date: Anytime

Hi, I'm looking for someone to climb with June 13-24th (or just part of that period). Very flexible as to where, but thinking Verdon and/or Fontainebleu in France. The night of the 12th I'll be in ...

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Posted by Erwil
on Nov 3, 2009

South America 2010

5746 miles

Activity Location: South America  Date: Anytime

Hi, I'm planning on taking a year off, climbing in South America starting June 2010. I want to start out in Peru and do as many mountaineering peaks as I can. I'll mostly be aiming at AD-D-TD route...

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Posted by joeldavuk
on Jul 1, 2007

winter hiking/climbing in europe or scotland 08

5753 miles

Activity Location: europe  Date: After Dec 20, 2007

im looking for someone to do hiking/climbing in europe or scotland in jan-feb 08 (or whenever is appropiate) either for a few days, or a week. i have a quite a lot of experience in hiking during su...

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Posted by sbr
on Jul 30, 2008

Looking for partners

5779 miles

Activity Location: Stuttgart, Germany  Date: Anytime

Looking for new climbing partners. Mainly for weekend trips all year round. Mountaineering, Rock & Ice Climbing and Skitouring. I live in Stuttgart, Germany

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Posted by hucksquaw
on Sep 1, 2011

France/Switzerland Rock Climbing

5780 miles

Activity Location: Prety  Date: Anytime

I will be living in the western part of France (between Lyon and Dijon) for some time and am looking for some climbing partners. I'm from the trad climbing mecca of southern california so but I pre...

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Posted by mucha000
on Jan 29, 2014

Elbrus 2014

5788 miles

Activity Location: Russia, Russia  Date: Anytime

Hello Im looking for partner or partners for Elbrus. Plan is simple: go up and ski down:) Date: at the turn of April/May If You are interested in this trip do not hesitate to contact me - sooner w...

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Posted by bledl
on Aug 17, 2009

mountaineering in the alps during the week

5792 miles

Activity Location: erlangen/germany  Date: Anytime

Hey everybody! I am living in southern Germany & am looking for partners during the next 3 weeks. I would prefer to climb on working days (Mo. - Fr.) in Austria or Switzerland. I feel comfortable i...

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Posted by cinnamonletter
on Sep 15, 2013

6thousanders in the Atacama, Argentina

5794 miles

Activity Location: Ojos del Salado  Date: Anytime

Hola chicos, Trekking partners are wanted for volcano climbing in the North of Argentina (Catamarca Province). The aim is to ascend to between 1-3 volcanoes in the area, namely Incahuasi, Ojos del ...

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Posted by taschagreeneyes
on Aug 30, 2009

looking for climb partners all year round

5803 miles

Activity Location: maastricht  Date: Anytime

im looking for climb partners all year round must be adventurous and with lots of good humor :) good sleeping bag will help too see my profile. age/gender: doesnt matter. would like to do more ro...

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Posted by mariomolina
on Oct 22, 2007


5828 miles

Activity Location: Moscow,Russia  Date: Anytime

Moving to Moscow,flying out Oct 23rd,I'll be working at the US Embassy. I know Moscow is basically flat,but i can hope/imagine that there's stuff around. I've been running around the mountains for...

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Posted by PaoloCapozzi
on Nov 20, 2011

A beginner in Mountaineering

5830 miles

Activity Location: Baden, Switzerland  Date: Anytime

Hello, I'm an Italian engineer living in Switzerland for almost 3 years now. I have always been keen on hiking but from last summer the idea was to move up to the next level. I took a mountaineerin...

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Posted by matias
on Aug 23, 2006

A winter of ski touring

5832 miles

Activity Location: Geneva  Date: Anytime

I am a Geneva based moderate level ski tourer. Looking for buddy to train with and build up strength as soon as the snows start falling with ski tours in Valais, Chamonix Valley & Aosta. Hoping to ...

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Posted by Boltzman
on Sep 6, 2006

Mountain Trips Switzerland

5843 miles

Activity Location: Kanton Zurich, Switzerland  Date: Anytime

I'm looking for climbing/hiking partners on an on-going basis to do trips in Switzerland. I'm living near Zurich at the moment and am open to rock/ice climbs, mountaineering, hopefully ski touring...

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Posted by Eli
on Jan 18, 2012

Spring Vacation Partner: E.Chorro or Corsica

5843 miles

Activity Location: Kanton Zurich, Switzerland  Date: Anytime

Hi, I am looking for a partner for a spring vacation between the 7th and the 15th of April 2012. Preferably I would like to spend the time in Les Calanques, El Chorro or Corsica. But I am open of o...

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Posted by dpshepo
on May 5, 2015

Alps 2015/16

5843 miles

Activity Location: Kanton Zurich, Switzerland  Date: Anytime

Hi, Just moved to Zurich area for next 2 years. Am looking for partner for mountaineering and rock climbing. Plan to look at Eiger Mittelegi route this summer. Interested in AD/D routes. Can do wee...

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Posted by chudclaw
on Mar 27, 2012

long hikes

5844 miles

Activity Location: Wroclaw  Date: Anytime

I am interested in doing some long hikes or overnighters, probably first off in the Sudetes... but I am game to go further afield to the Alps, for example. I have a car, and gear. Looking for 1 or ...

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Posted by nuyz125
on Oct 8, 2009

Looking for climbing and skiing partners..CH,A,DE

5848 miles

Activity Location: Home base  Date: Anytime

Hey guys, Moved here to southern Germany in May, and will be here till mid 2011..Ich sprache ein bisschen Deutch und Italienisch..(und lerne noch!) as well as English obviously. I would love to me...

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